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An Online Jobs board offering you the opportunity of applying for jobs without the hassle of searching.

It’ll have perks like free for now use until we get the buzz around.

I’d want for you to search for jobs without sweating.

I do a lot of research on these jobs, there will be competitions among yourselves but so is everything else.

I’ll weed out the best suitable jobs for Kenyans… I have subscribed to a lot of jobs board but have never been bothered to share them until recently.

This is the new direction my YouTube channel is taking.

The Sewing tutorials will be only before and after photos and if there is popular demand for how I made it.

I’m directing my energies into creating a work at home YouTube Interactive Channel and searching for those jobs takes time.

Also, I’m focusing on my e-commerce store for printables and it takes my time a lot.

As time goes by I’m certain everything will ease out and we can have as much fun as we want on YouTube.

Once in a while though I’ll create tutorials. . . so no worries.

Let’s get you a flexible work at home job in Kenya with the first of its kind for Kenyans.

There’ll also be tips, topics, interesting job finds like:

  1. How to find a work at home job in Kenya
  2. Skills one needs for work at home jobs.
  3. Equipment needed for work at home.
  4. Resume, CV companies to recruit for a professional resume.
  5. Tips for getting hired quickly in a work at home job.
  6. Free online schools, universities to study for brushing up skills for work at home.
  7. Unexplored work at home areas in Kenya.
  8. How to market oneself when working at home.
  9. How to be proactive when working online.
  10. Interesting jobs of the week.
  11. Mistakes to avoid when working at home.
  12. Among a collection of topics I have included.
  13. It’s just the beginning so jump right in.


Online Businesses/Work from Home in Kenya