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Entry-level jobs are jobs for beginners. Most entry-level jobs don’t pay good money, that’s why your offline experience/skills matter when choosing an online job.

The following work from home jobs require you to begin with your offline experience plus the pay is good and the jobs include:

  1. Airbnb 

I relied on no experience to become an Airbnb host. But, I used my customer service experience working in a hotel to welcome my guests. My guests made me dive deeper and asked myself what must I do to make more money? That’s when I decided to branch out of Airbnb and write a book about being an Airbnb guest. The book opened my eyes because apart from my experience I had to research a lot. If you want to earn more than $25 a night as a Kenyan host, you must read my Airbnb book. 

2. Ridesharing 

The gig economy has made it possible for Kenyans to earn more than their 9-5, for those who utilise the ride-sharing platforms well. Meaning, starting early in the platform, being the best in customer service provision and ensuring customer excellence. 

3. Fiverr 

Micro tasks website like Taskrabbit, Amazon M-Turk, Clickworker is a legit example that a Kenyan can work online and make at least $500 a month. But there are strategies for succeeding on microtasks websites like Fiverr and they include: knowing what gigs are popular, how to market your gigs with social Fiverr and generally understanding what Fiverr is and going from a beginner to a pro seller on the platform. 

4. Tutor 

If you want to be a tutor online in Kenya, first teach free online classes which are on-demand. A lot of Kenyan kids sit for their national exams, you can help them know how to navigate the KCPE/KCSE questions. You must have access to trial papers in the previous or current years. You don’t have to rely on the national exams, there are tertiary colleges which offer KNEC exams, help the students answer the questions as well. You can provide for free but ensure you monetise by either subscription method where you tier your classes from beginner to advanced. Also, if you’re an English pro, tutor English to kids all over the world who would want to master the language. 

5. Influencer 

The day of the influencer was influenced by social media. There were no influencers back in 2012 when I started working online. An influencer needs to have a huge social media following then you get in touch with brands who sponsor you to advertise their products for free samples or a small fee. I prefer the influencer who gets approached by brands because you have an edge, meaning you can ask for as much money as you want. Don’t be a hungry influencer though, those who buy subscribers or dormant followers or those who accept products or endorse companies which don’t mean a thing to them or companies they don’t agree with for the sake of money. A proper influencer is like an affiliate marketer, you test the product or recommend according to reviews. And not to be mistaken you don’t need a million followers or subscribers to get started, the only difference, you won’t get paid a lot with a smaller following. Build an engaged following before thinking of becoming an influencer. 

6. Event planning 

You don’t need a degree to begin an event planning business, you need great organisation skills, to begin with, and a keen eye to organise events. The events range from kids birthday parties, graduation, wedding ceremonies and coming of age parties. A great event planner chooses their niche, what party do you have knowledge of and you are known for? 

7. Flipping 

Did you know you can flip anything online from clothes, shoes, handbags, tools(farming, makeup, or any expensive specialised tool not available in the country)? Think of flipping like the gig sharing economy, you have to have some planning before flipping. Are you going to sell or are you going to rent out your stuff?  

8. Sales Rep 

Sales representative are needed in all businesses online and offline, making sales rep a great beginner’s opportunity. 

9. Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant performs easy tasks like booking flights to more specialised tasks including being a VA in charge of increasing an Airbnb booking, VA in Sales or an SEO VA. The more specialised you’re as a VA, the more money you earn. 

10. Writer 

You can write for websites like Contena which has very high paying jobs for writers. Contena doesn’t work in Kenya but the jobs advertised are offered on Flexjobs. A writer’s job is coming up with content for a blog, corporation and some of the work you get include writing reports, case studies, SEO writing. A successful writer goes where the most are and these niches report writing, case studies, SEO or technical writing are among the high paying for writers. Importantly, a successful writer keeps practising, takes courses to improve on their writing. You don’t need a degree to begin writing and that’s why it’s an oversaturated industry online but if you get specialised the competition wavers. 

11. Mystery Shopping 

I first of mystery shopping from the penny hoarder website. It’s being a spy shopper simply. You must have money to spend on goods because you must give a report about the services in the supermarket, hotel, airport. You help companies improve on their customer service, checking out or products on the shelves. There are a number of apps allowing mystery shopping, I am not sure they work in the Kenyan market but beware of scams. 

12. Search Engine Evaluation 

Companies like Lionbridge, LeapForce, Zerochaos, Appen employ people (worldwide) to do search engine evaluation. As a search engine evaluator, you don’t need a degree but it’s a way of making side hustle income. The work includes checking speeds of the websites, if their websites are mobile optimised, article relevancy. There are tests you must pass before working as a search engine evaluator. The pay isn’t a lot to live off of but a great way to begin a work from home online as a Kenyan. Remember, because some search engine evaluating companies advertise worldwide, the competition is fierce. Make sure to take tests or learn all there is about search engine evaluation. 

13. Chat Agent 

Chat agents must be great customer service providers, meaning excellent listeners. You will help customers with queries through chat. The most in-demand chat agents are those in tech support because of helping customers reboot computers, deal with any technology headache. 

14. Website Testing 

For website testers, you must have a great microphone and a webcam. The work entails testing websites for their speeds, their article relevancy and if they are mobile optimised. The work is similar to that of search evaluators only that you will be dealing with search engines which for websites it’s for individual websites. You’re required to give your thoughts about the test after the test is done. You can start checking Usertesting or WhatUsersDo for gigs. If they don’t work in Kenya, see how you can introduce web testing in Kenya. 

15. Customer Service 

Another lucrative beginner entry-level job for a Kenyan to do online is that of a customer service provider. You must be a great listener and communicator. While working online, ambiguity must be avoided, meaning, don’t leave your customers with a bad opinion about your products or services. There are lots of companies who hire customer service reps online but the work is competitive. To stand out, make sure you know something or two about sales or SEO. 

16. Transcription 

Transcription jobs are the easiest ones to do after writing for most Kenyans seeking online work opportunities. Ou can apply for jobs on websites like Rev, GoTranscript, Accutran Global among others who employ worldwide. Transcription jobs need someone who pays attention to details and follows instructions to a T. There are tests on each of these websites to do before getting accepted. You must have a great pair of headsets or noise-cancelling microphones, to begin with. It pays to transcribe lots of messages before seeking a transcription work. The high paying transcription work is those in the medical and legal fields. You must get trained before working in the two from a reputable company like CareerStep which offers medical transcription training. A transcriptionist writes exactly what they heard and doesn’t change a word of the speaker. I tried taking the tests for transcription but failed miserably back in 2014 with Rev and GoTranscript. 

17. Moderator 

Have you ever been to a forum with lots of engagement? If you enjoy moderating or simply making people behave well or stick to guidelines, then an online moderator may suit you. You can work as a social media moderator or forum moderator, even though most forums died with the invention of social media. You must be able to control people or know when to sanction them. 

18. Online Researcher 

I love finding content for myself online before committing to a paid course. When you look closely at online courses most are online researches and not necessarily done from experience. You must know how to find information and what information resonates with the people. For example, it became easier to spy on blog competition using services like Ahrefs, Google Trends or SEMRush. Begin from these tools. You must be an avid reader and great information organiser. You will get paid according to the knowledge you sell and you can research e-commerce products, book researches or medical researches. The more complex and unique your researches, the higher paid it is.  

19. Translator 

I have said how I thought I was a great translator until I couldn’t meet the deadline as provided by my employer. The money was too good, translate a 1000 technical article to Swahili for students learning Swahili in the USA. And I felt, $100 was too good to be true, it was because I wasn’t winning any jobs online. The nightmare started when even with Google Translate some words never made sense I had to walk to the library to get help and pay the librarian. Though the employer was impressed, it was the hardest job I ever did. So, are you multilingual or bilingual and know about your second or third language well? Translation job doesn’t need a degree only a thorough knowledge of a language. And with borders getting smaller, it’s time you acquaint yourself with a second language because this gig pays a lot depending on your language fluency, marketing and branding. 

Take Serious Note: The websites I provide may not work in Kenya, but I do provide them so you can see how it works or for you to read more and provide a service. I’m a firm believer that if something is working in another country, there’s a way of making it work here as well. Remember to start a service offered abroad, you must have marketing money and get ready to provide lots of education. 

Working on an entry-level position means expanding your knowledge, expertise and experience. It’s time to know what you’re great at and focus on that. It’s also a way of getting your feet wet on how the online world works. Learning how to charge your worth and what’s there in the Kenyan market and how you can fill the gap. 

Which of these beginner entry-level online jobs earning $500 or more and anyone in Kenya can do will you be doing and why? 




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please let me have a job

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    What kind of job?

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