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Last Updated on 30 April 2020 by Gertrude

These online jobs not only make the best money for Kenyans online but give freedom for any Kenyan interested in working from home. You don’t need to come out from your home, so no traffic snarl-ups, yelling or shouting or commuting. You can choose to work part-time or fulltime on these jobs and you will still make more than $1000 dollars. 


What’s blogging and why must you blog? I created an article about why Kenyan businesses need a blog or how to use a blog to create passive income. I started blogging in 2012 when I was still fresh working online. It was a way of dealing with the setbacks of working online. Few months after plunging into blogging I got a big break working online. I ended up treating my blog as a hobby rather than a business, I didn’t even think a blog could be a business!. I abandoned so many blogs afterwards to focus on this blog but even then kept treating it as a hobby. I would blog here and there and felt frustrated looking at my numbers up to 100 readers a day. It feels so discouraging when your numbers are too little yet you want thousands or even millions. I kept going until 2015 when I came upon Linda Ikeji, her story or rise with her blog. It felt right so I looked around for ways to make money with a blog and started taking free to paid courses. None of the methods worked because I failed to implement the strategies and somehow, I was focused on the money than the content. I gave up on the courses until 2017 when I read a piece on smart-blogger/copy-blogger if you like by John Morrow, he’s paraplegic, paralysed from the neck down but creates content. He said I am paraphrasing him, ‘Don’t take a course to learn how to blog, create value’. And those words changed me. I blogged here and there, month after month in 2017, didn’t do research on my content but a spark for the blog grew. I decided to focus on the blog in 2020, let’s see how by June 2020 it’ll be. To change a blog from a hobby to business hasn’t been easy, I had to create time which sometimes doesn’t avail itself. But you need to understand this, make your blog your baby, care and nurture it. Build a readership and the rest will fall easy. Many people ask me how does a blog make money? There are many ways and they include affiliate marketing, which is what Michelle Schroeder does, sponsored posts and ad placements which is how Linda Ikeji earns her billions. Please note: for a company to place ads on your website, say Safaricom, your blog must be an authority and bringing in hundreds of thousands of traffic or millions. The pay’s good because you decide how much you want. I always say no matter what, work with brands you love and would recommend to others. You need commitment, dedication, a niche focus to make your blog earn money for you. Out of the millions of topics out there choose one which there’s an audience and you love. I have learnt at the beginning of any blogging, have at least 100 blog posts to get going. Then establish a frequency. Remember, create value. then, choose a social media platform to promote your blog’s content. Do you want to learn more about blogging and how to make money?  

My greatest inspiration is Linda Ikeji, a Nigerian Billionaire entertainment blogger.  Michelle Shroeder, the blogger at Making Sense of Cents who uses Affiliate Marketing to create an income from her personal finance blog. I love Holly from Work from Home Woman as well and Anna Thurman from realwaystoearnmoneyonline, a blog I reference all the time when looking for employment opportunities for the Kenyan Online Jobs Board.  

Facebooks Ads

Honestly, the negative reviews I have read about Facebook ads, especially from beginner businessmen/women, makes me not want to write this as a great online job for Kenyans. But, those entrepreneurs didn’t know how to use Facebook ads to promote their businesses. Most of the entrepreneurs complaining have done Facebook ads by boosting their posts. To succeed with Facebook ads, you need to know your target audience and how to market to them. You must know about their demography, psychography and geography. You must also set an ad budget. You must be willing to do trial and error, to see what ads work. You must know what materials your audience engages with and at what time. Honestly, there are a lot of things to learn, I took a course on Facebook Ads from Udemy, will link all the best courses in a separate blog post. If you know how to Facebook ads, you can create a clean income of 100,000 shillings a month if you manage one Facebook account, imagine if you manage 10, that’s 1M shillings!. You will manage the ads for businesses, let businesses turn a profit, turn their cold traffic into buying traffic. If Facebook ads get used well, then businesses can benefit. You don’t have to stop at Fb Ads, get into Google ads to increase your revenue. Businesses are coming on Google at an all-time rate. Get started by taking a course by Bobby Hoyt 


Everything I have learnt online has been through trial and error. After failing to grow my blog to where it should be, I thought all online courses are trash. It’s in fact my lack of effort in my part and dedication. When I look back it’s because I failed to pay attention and get out of my comfort zone. It’s what happened when I came across FBA, I thought, what the hell? Another person trying to sniff me off my money. FBA in simple terms means finding the best selling product in a niche, sourcing it out on Alibaba or Aliexpress or another supplier or manufacturer buying it for cheaps then sending the product to Amazon warehouses. When a customer orders the product, they believe it’s from you but it’s direct from Amazon. You must research well to know what products sell well, check Amazon Bestseller, Google Trends to get acquainted. So, this isn’t another gimmick it’s a genuine way of earning an income online. 

Jessica Larrew from the Selling Family or the Amazon Selling Machine does this so well. Check their websites out. 

You are going to learn what FBAis how to choose what to buy and sell, earning expectations and positives of selling on Amazon 

Teach English online 

Teaching English is for left for the native speakers, don’t fret, if you know English like the dictionary you can earn money so easily online. Most English lessons online are for the Japenese and Chinese kids. Their parents though want their kids to have an accent (American, British) because they’ll sound fancier. A native English speaker doesn’t have the expertise of teaching English like you a non-native, especially teaching English as a Second Language. They don’t know the struggles. Here’s where you don’t have to rely on platforms but creating your own English classes online for those interested to polish their English, know how to interact because they met an English speaking spouse. A platform like Teachable, Thinkific will help you host your courses. Now check VIPKID and what it does and what’s left out to help bring more students on your platform. Price per tier. 


Tutors are needed for everything in our lives and online. Tutors are needed to show how to cook, sew, overcome an obstacle. When people hear about a tutor, they believe that they must be a professor. I disagree, what do you know that your neighbour doesn’t or is struggling with? Is it Mathematics (calculus, algebra, construction)? Is it how to deal with stress? You can choose a platform like iTalk or create courses. A good tutor makes learning fun, easier and simplifies the material. To stand out, teach on Udemy then create your own courses. 


When I got my first job online, I got asked, do you know how to work as a secretary online? After I dozing off, feeling inadequate the interviewer still staring from his laptop screen, I said NO. I had never worked in as a secretary in my life, only as a customer service representative/manager. He said, ‘yes, that’ exactly what I wanted’. I couldn’t turn off the job because in 2012, 40k meant a lot to me and it was online! I later learnt this role was called the Virtual Assistant, I went on to create a very viral blog post in 2015, that trended for several years until it disappeared from Google. You know, this blog was still a hobby, hahaha. A VA has several roles from simple ones like organising the boss’ schedule, the role I did for a week before my boss discovered I could write and went on to ghostwrite a lot of articles for him. To very complex roles as SEO Copywriting, Technical writing, social media manager, content marketer and strategist among other roles. The Queen of VA Gina Horkey has 150 roles a VA does. I discovered though, you must begin from a niche. Choose your area of specification. Even Upwork rejects VA profiles, they say the field is oversaturated. Narrow down what you do to stand out. There are platforms like contemporary VAs and Worldwide 101 which employ VAs worldwide, you can apply to get started or your feet wet in the industry. 

Check courses n 10k VA  topics include best tips for being a VA, steps to become a VA, finding first VA job 

Pinterest VA 

A Pinterest VA manages the Pinterest accounts of businesses. Like Facebook ads, you must be well-versed with how Pinterest and its Pins work. You must know how to schedule Pinterest posts with scheduling masters like Tailwind, and also manual post. You must know how to create appealing Pinterest visuals with Canva, a design tool. Then bring in traffic and conversion to a business’. Start from YouTube school where there are many free classes. I’ll link their names when I find them, I forget. 

Ebook writing 

I was so nervous when I jumped into the world of self-publishing, but I did it anyway. Unlike my other endeavours. I thought os the idea, Airbnb, I have so much information, yes, I am going ahead and writing it. I sold a few copies of the book off of Amazon but I have learnt something with ebook writing from authorprenuer ELITE by Raza, research your category, market your book, outline your book. Don’t stop at one book and stick to a niche, popularise your name by creating raving fans. Some authors earn as much as 1M from ebook writing. You must read blogfrombook by Alyssa to get started. And Kindlepreneur blog to keep advancing your knowledge. 

eCommerce  niche store/dropshipping 

When you think of e-commerce as a Kenyan, you only think Jumia, Kilimall, Masoko among other giants dominating the online shopping frenzy. No, you mustn’t think like this. Think to start small, from selling kitchen accessories then expanding your niche. You may think starting small will make you have no customers, but have you seen Jumia’s a loss-making company? You have money or time for working small then building into success, right? They say, start small think big. You don’t have to start with inventory, it’s how Amazon got started by dropshipping. An e-commerce method where you list items for sale then the manufacturer ships the product to the customer directly. Sometimes, I get confused as to how it works, so I stopped asking but this is how to simply explain dropshipping. Find products which are evergreen to stay safe or find profitable niches. Remember you can narrow down your business like this, a single household product like the portable blender is what you sell, that’s niching. So, what popular product can do you see its potential and customers really want it? Instead of jumping into Facebook ads to get customers, create posts about your products and its potential, use a single platform then spread yourself out after you find success from a single platform. Remember again, the aim, get 1000 true fans. 

Make money flipping 

I made an article about flipping, it’s like dropshipping but mostly involve vintage products, second-hand items. Easy to flip products include clothes, furniture, electronics in great working conditions or vintage collectables/rarely found. You must know how to take great photos to appeal to your customers, use keywords so your items are found. And how to use eBay, the King of selling rare products. 


A freelancer is a self-employed individual. When people hear freelancer, they believe it’s a freelance writer. While it’s one of the most popular online jobs because it’s easy to call oneself a writer, a freelancer can be in any industry including travel, graphic design, photography, video editing. What do you do offline and create a business out of online? I made a video turning into an article soon how to become a freelancer in Kenya. Check it out on YouTube. Know what your skills are, how to market yourself and network. A freelancer is resilient, committed and dedicated, qualities which many people don’t have. You must the basics like internet connection and laptop to start your freelance journey. 


I will confess, I sometimes hate re-reading my blog posts, it’s a tedious process. When this blog makes an income, I will employ someone to go over the posts and make corrections again. A proofreader makes paragraphs and sentences flow. Caitlyn Pyle from Proofread Anywhere has great courses about Proofreading. You need to love the English language and just have a pet peeve of seeing badly constructed sentences. Check her website out. 

Transcriptionist e.g medical transcriptionist 

I tried a transcription job when I was desperate from GoTranscript, which employs workers worldwide and failed the test miserably. Those times I always called myself a failure every day because nothing was working. I learnt that transcription jobs need you to pay attention to detail, have a great pair of headsets and a quiet place to work. You need to take lots of tests to become accurate. And keep learning after landing your job. To get started into the most lucrative sub-category of transcription, medical transcription, kindly take courses on Careerstep. They guarantee you work after graduating. 

Customer service 

Includes working at a call centre, chat agent, offer technical support, virtual assistant tasks, work as a travel agent. I have always loved to serve people no wonder in my before life I wanted to become an air hostess, a career my father crashed for me. That never left me, service to all. Do you love people? Do people feel attracted to you because to you everyone is all equal? You’re going to calm grumpy and cursing customers down, you must have patience and a positive attitude. Most importantly, a great listener and never ever argue with your customer. There are several customer service opportunities online even apple hires tech support staff online all the time, giving you an example. 

Sell stock photography 

I have a million-plus photo and categorising them for sale is taking longer. Categories like landscape, cute animals sell well all the time. There are other niches of unique places. You get paid 45 cents or less depending. In the stock photography world, we say, the volume matters plus customers download these photos as many times as they can. You can sell licences which pay more, for example, a commercial licence at $200to sell your baby photographs up to 500 print. You set the price. You can start your website or sell on websites like Adobe Stock or Shutterstock among others. Know how to edit your photos and don’t forget to use smart keywords.  


Means editing transcripts for court reporters 

This job opportunity resembles transcription but it’s more or less the same. Have you ever seen baboons grooming, that’s what a Scopist does. You’re combing that fur, to make a little fun, to find the errors left by the former groomer. You’re checking for errors left by court reporters. This is a gig that surprisingly pays a lot of money. You must be very keen on details. 

Technical writing 

Writing user guides. There’s nothing fun in writing description manuals but if you love to write step by step processes or breaking down information, a tech writer will suit you. Have you ever grabbed a manual for a bought product and felt like you could smash the heads of writers. There is nothing as agonising as buying a sewing machine with instructions that don’t match up, I learnt this lesson firsthand. You must know about the product very well, then write its guidelines for use. Technical writing pays so much and is one of the high paying writing jobs after SEO Copywriting. 

Create a course 

What do you know a lot about that you can help others learn for free or as paid classes? When people ask me about what they must do online and are stuck I ask this question time and again. You need to know a lot about the topic, like a research professor, the simplify the content into materials that your students understand, like a teacher. Don’t stop there though, create course tiers where beginners to advanced learners can benefit from. You can host your course on Udemy or Thinkific, Teachable. 

Web developer 

Web developers earn more than designers. Web developers are conversant with programming or coding languages like JavaScript, Python and HTML, web designers too. To succeed as a  web developer know a coding language used for WordPress, Squarespace, Wix. Market yourself or create your own WordPress or Wix.  

Social media manager 

Social media disrupted the way businesses are done, I agree. With the disruption came the need for individuals who know how to work with different social media, for example, Instagram. How does one create a business on Instagram? Instead of just sharing photos and videos, share a business. As a social media manager, you need to know about a platform ins and outs. How to increase viewership for the business, how to use Instagram ads, how to engage with followers. They say on social media nowadays, it’s not about the numbers it’s the engagement that matters. Because people are vanity-pressed with numbers, Instagram realised this and started their pilot project removing ‘likes’. Use your social media expertise to build a business, see this article on Instagram businesses to start.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing includes social media marketing, content marketing etc. Do you know how to make a business rank on Google’s page 1? Offer the services of an SEO expert then of a social media expert.   

Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is recommending products created by others to your followers. You can do an affiliate marketing business on social media or blog, that’s how bloggers make money. This method of doing business makes millions and billions for others. Only recommend products you love or would use from companies you trust

Etsy owner / DIY business 

I love to sew my clothes, make my pillows that’s why I created a pillow post of how I made hundreds of thousands of shillings in 3 months. Any craft or DIY business you start from your hobby, making it easier to make great profits. You can create courses on Udemy, CreativeLive and other platforms or host the course on platforms like teachable. You can start from YouTube for free then use your platform to market your paid classes. 

SEO Consultant 

Do you want to make money ranking businesses for others on Google, Bing, Yahoo?

E.g learn more on Moz, Search Engine Land, SEO roundtable 

Voiceover artist 

Do you have a raspy bass voice suited for radio? That’s a cliche I know but voice-over artists know how to imitate voices or accents. 


Do you love to write sales copy or advertisements? Copywriting is about creating business messages that leave the product buyers with no choice but to make purchases. So, are you a writer that knows how to hoodwink buyers? Use the psychology of marketing. 

Always choose a niche, it’s very important to be specific. Don’t choose a niche too narrow that your customers are non-existent. For example, the portable blender is something everyone wants. Remember there’s an advantage in that because you can advertise or market your product to your customers. You know the ins and outs of the products. This product is too narrow though, your customers need more. Know when to expand a niche, ask your customers and loyal followers. 

I have included these online jobs as businesses, a business is a job too, don’t forget. A job that you love to do. Plus, it’s better to create entrepreneurs online than job seekers, what do you think? 

To succeed in working online in these best jobs, don’t forget to brand yourself. Branding includes knowing your vision, mission, marketing messages. Read more about branding here to get more insight on what to pay attention to. Remember you’re creating an online brand movement not just making money for short-term sustainability but leaving a legacy. 

Which of the best earning online jobs will make you quit your day job or 9-5 as a Kenyan? 




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