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What’s Black Friday and how is Black Friday in Kenya marked?.

Black Friday is marked in Kenya mostly by Jumia Black Friday deals/discounts and offers on mobile phones and other electronics.

How do you attract online shoppers to your Kenyan store online on Black Friday?

Do Kenyan shoppers recognise what Black Friday is or will you need to educate them first?

How does a Kenyan business prepare for this shopping frenzy and where did it originate from?. 

Why is it important for a Kenyan online business to get into the black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping madness. 

Black Friday will be celebrated on 29th November 2019 and Cyber Monday on the 2nd of November 2019.

Read more about why Black Friday is called Black Friday in this article and this one.

There are some online shops to pay attention to because their deals are exemplary.

For example, ever heard of shoppers walking away with televisions worth thousands of dollars but on Black Friday the TV was worth a dollar?. The shops to pay attention to on Black Friday 2019:


John Lewis 








Carphone Warehouse 


M & S



House of Fraser 

Currys PC world 


Sky Mobile 



What do these businesses that know how to create Black Friday deals do?. 

They use a few top ten strategies and these strategies you can include for your online shop or business. 

What does a Kenyan online shop need to do to prepare their shops for Black Friday? 

How Does a Kenyan Online Store Prepare Its Business for Black Friday?

  1. Start Early 

Starting early means not starting in the last week of October. Halloween and Black Friday preparations mean preparing from July. Why July. So that you have enough time to make your calculations and also so that shoppers are aware of your existence. In July means you have spent three months crafting your marketing messages and tweaking them according to customers buying habits. It also means collecting email addresses worth three months of investments for your online shop. Starting early also means having a strategy of how to engage your customers and especially if you don’t have the ads budget. You remove yourself from the competition when you start your Black Friday campaigns. Did you start your Black Friday promotions early in 2019 as a Kenyan business owner? Why or why not. 

2. Word of Mouth Advertising 

There’s nothing as powerful as word of mouth advertising. Word of mouth means customers come to you based on what their friends or family have said. Customers trust their friends and family first before they trust you. 

How do you use word of mouth advertising this Black Friday as a Kenyan entrepreneur? 

Tell your customers to share that you have deals and discounts happening. 

Advertise everywhere in your shop so that those loud advertisements speak for themselves. 

Use your car as an announcement or with stickers about your business. So that your customers can tell others about your juicy promotion offer

3. Make Use of Email Marketing 

Many businesses in Kenya don’t use email marketing as the centre of their focus. Why because they’d prefer social media than emails.

Or they don’t know the importance of emails and email marketing.

So how do you as a brand make use of email marketing during the Black Friday period? 

 Use a few of these strategies for email marketing for Black Friday

Always collect email addresses from your customers by offering great freebies.

This article on how to turn your freebie into a giant business sale will open your eyes. You’ll know how to use the power of a free product/service and convert it into a business. 

Email marketing helps you build your own community away from social media. It’s about connecting with your customers in all areas and your customers don’t hang out in one location.

Email selling becomes important because you connect with your tribe on email. Plus email marketing during Black Friday helps you get your launch of products first-hand to your products.

Releasing your products via email means customers clicking very fast to the product so as not to get by-passed with the deal.

Email marketing also becomes personal and customers love it when addressed by their first name.

When creating email marketing campaigns during Black Friday, use copywriting.

An article that reads, a deal you cannot afford to miss and deal of the hour, which deal are you most likely to click on.

Email marketing is a powerful Black Friday feature which you must utilise this Black Friday 2019 and beyond. 

4. Learn How to Upsell 

A business must know how to upsell its products and especially when customers are looking for deals.

During Black Friday, the highlight of the day is deal of the hour or flash sales.

Customers are willing to spend their money on your products.

For example, if selling phone accessories why not have a recommend plugin or an upsell app for other matching products, think, car accessories or for those customers who carry their pets in the cars.

When upselling during Black Friday, you create an appetite for customers and they are likely to buy more aligning products.

Ensure you align products according to the shopper’s buying power. Use upsell plugins wisely. 

5. Get Creative with Your Discounts 

Discounts are the highlight of Black Friday but how do you use discounts on Black Friday.

To be creative with your Black Friday discounts use the top tips below. 

Don’t just use discounts.

Tell your customers the value they are getting from the products which are on sale.

Tell your customers why a certain product is on discount. Some customers don’t buy discounted goods because they believe they have expired.

Show your customers you are not selling old valueless things, let them know they are buying the latest gadget or fashion.

Also, instead of saying, ‘’50 per cent off’’ write something like, ‘shop more, see your checkout thin out’’.

Customers love to see the use of catchy words. And offer discounts which are big enough and not a one-time trial product.

Or better yet create discounts with surveys on the back asking your customers to say why they loved that discounted product and if they’d love to see more of it and why.

Let your communication about your brand expand beyond Black Friday. 

6. Make Use of SEO 

Businesses in Kenya don’t know the power of SEO marketing and using SEO on Black Friday.

Seo is the use of creative wording, keywords and keyword phrases while providing lots of useful information about a particular product while keeping in mind ranking by google.

The use of SEO during the Black Friday season is crucial because 

Your products risk ranking on google’s page one.

Many eCommerce shop owners in Kenya don’t even know how to write product descriptions for their products.

And also using the power of video marketing to help get your products on google’s page one.

When your products and services are ranking on google page one, it’s easier for your eCommerce store to get lots of traffic and sales during Black Friday.

Always write product descriptions for your eCommerce store, and include lots of keywords to help Google understand what your products are all about.

Learn the basics of SEO from this SEO article for beginners. Or take a course from the University of California Davis, the course is on coursera.org and on-going. 

7. Have a Back-up 

Sites are likely to crash during Black Friday, make sure your site is backed up with data or use of an alternative way of ordering goods and services.

During Black Friday, if you try shopping on amazon, the site loads so slowly because everyone is trying to grab the same item, especially on flash sales, customers are hunting for goods to buy at a reduced price.

Have a site backup plan maybe a Shopify store, Woocommerce, on Etsy and other online shopping places where your customers can see your products. You don’t want to lose these crazy deal shoppers. 

8. Check Your Site’s Loading 

 Have you ever gone on a website and seen how slowly it loads you immediately click away.

That is the same way you’ll lose customers on black Friday when your site loads so slowly.

Test your eCommerce store for speeds and if they’re not up to speed, make sure you are uploading jpg photos instead of png or employ Fiverr personnel to help you know what’s happening with your site. 

9. Use Urgency Marketing 

Urgency marketing on Black Friday means rushing your customers to make a purchase. For example, ‘today’s deal only’ or other urgency terms.

When you use urgency marketing, you’re seeding your customers to make decisions faster instead of scrolling and wasting time on your store. 

10. Create and Use Gift Guides

Black Friday shoppers are looking for Christmas gifts to gift to their loved ones and family.

Do you have an eye for what product can be paired with what to make a perfect gift?

It’s a time to create content on your eCommerce blog helping shoppers make faster decisions when buying.

Gift guides also help shoppers open their eyes to what products they didn’t know of.

They’ll thank you for creating such black Friday gift guides. Make sure the gift guides are memorable and not rehashed from other sites.

Check Pinterest for inspiration and even on Instagram. Plus include mystery and gift-giving guide categories. 

In conclusion, Black Friday is a time for shop owners to have fun with their customers.

Make sure you provide excellent customer service that remains forever etched in your customer’s heart.

Also, make sure to stay on top of your gift guides so that to open your customers to other available products they didn’t know of.

Let your eCommerce shine out during 2019 black Fridays as many Kenyan shoppers embrace Black Friday and shopping online.

It’s also a time to encourage your customers to shop online, just ensure faster delivery of their goods.

The faster the delivery, the best because delays mean you are disorganised because customers want faster services. 

During Black Friday, ensure to connect with your customers as well through email marketing.

Offer discounts which speak to them and not random all-time rehashed offers by other shops.

Black Friday means standing up and being the best provider, let your uniqueness stand out as well as your profits and revenue. 




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