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Last Updated on 22 February 2019 by Gertrude

Are you frequently feeling like you are thirsty? Well, I am not saying this a proven water that quenches thirst, but this does it Kenyan style. While growing up, there were lots of strong chamas that my parents belonged to. My dad is a very global man, he loved to live, sometimes. During one of those times he would slaughter a goat, cow or sheep for his men pals and their wives. Because we had this huge compound, he would of course invite them over. He was the master chef, he was taught the art of preparing head-soup by one of his pals, Mr. Wamugunda, until his demise, I loved him very much, like my second dad. Well, I might not remember how they crafted soup, but I saw the two men roasting the head to rid off the hairs. Slowly sipping their Tusker and Pilsner pleasantries. Us kids we would enjoy goody goody, a type of sticky sweet gum that we were bought for in cartons. Women on the other hand, used their crafty hands as well as mouths to carve out the best for their hubbies tummy as well as monkey kids.

We would celebrate for a week sometimes, the activities would revolve around the men and even women travelling and exploring Africa, Kenya and the world. I reminisce those days. While I was so socialised back then I grew into a person who loves to be herself, her own, mostly. Only once in a while do I love engaging in little little group escapades. So I decided to explore, and I was led to believe that I know, though, I don’t.

I bought some bones, which took quite some few weeks before arrival. Light the coal jiko, well my sister did it as I told her I was busy reading for Psychology examinations. Adding the bones to a sufuria full of water from the tap. Some parsley, pepper and onions, if you like, you have soup as it is sold in the butcheries. That together with bread became lunch, Monday, 1 st December, 2014. Meat is the source of calcium and some other minerals I don’t know about. Meat has the power to make you have fragile bones too. But why should you throw away bones, a kilo of bones is 100 depending on where you buy yours from. Some sell at 80 shillings others fifty.

Why not try this traditional way of making a simple fast additional nutritive meal, with no fat or spices, you can add some spices if you like too. Some add some leafy greens in such meals, others like me, are too simple, we add some little this and that. Before you go to sleep, what more than a cup of bone soup than coffee or tea or soda for some sweetened mouths like us. Sometime, I will check to see if the bone soup has nutritional value.  By the way, no need to drink all of it at once. You can leave some stored and covered in the sufuria, those big ones that you don’t often use. It doesn’t steal quickly or easily as you keep boiling over and over. Don’t over-boil your soup, how long do you cook your meat? Yes, that’s the minimum time to boil this soup. If you don’t think it’s done, add some more time. I, we, for example, cook our meat for forty five minutes, the soup can boil for an hour.  This is instant energy. Years later, I am reliving my dad’s ways of turning ‘useless’ things like heads and bones into energising meals. My mum says, ”Oh well grand-daughter, this soup makes children very healthy”. I concur.

Enjoy your soup. What creative ways have you used to make this traditional Kenyan soup? Have you tried making soup like chicken or goat or any other animal this way? How did you make it? You know I never get tired of hearing from you!.






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