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how to make money as a Kenyan student on campus

If you are a Kenyan student on campus, you know how Kenyan student life is daunting. The cost of living in Kenya isn’t as what the economists say, it’s tough.

How does a Kenyan student come up with business ideas to do and what are the best business ideas for Kenyan students to do while on campus?

  1. Essay writing 

2. Tutoring service 

3. Transport to student events 

4. Food kiosk 

5. Personal trainer 

6. Instagram influencer 

7. Mobile game development 

8. Language class for foreigners 

9. Freelance web designer 

10.  Freelance graphic designer 

11. Babysitting service 

12. Lecture transcription 

13. Freelance copywriting 

14. Students events organiser 

15. Matched betting 

16. Photography service 

17. Market research 

18. Proofreading service 

19. Dorm cleaning

20. Clothes cleaning 

21. Car cleaning 

22. CV Design service 

23. University sports coach 

24. Chatbot Creator 

25. New student guide and mentor 




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