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Our appearance is really important.

Our clothing is like our second skin.

It introduces us to other people right ahead of a handshake or any form of greeting.

The idea that books are not judged by their covers becomes a fallacy because how you dress will impact someone’s opinion of you the minute you cross paths.

Clothes also provide a security blanket that protects us from the weather elements.

We have individuals who for the life of them, cannot give a hoot on how they are dressed.

They wake up, pick the first pieces of clothing in their closet or crumpled up clothes on the floor and dash out.

Then again, we have this group of conscious dressers who have to go through a thought process of selecting an attire before settling for one thing. 

Does Dress Code Matter?

Why do we wear what we do? Before heading out, we think about what you are going to wear. This is typically influenced by where you are going, who you are seeing, the weather and what you are going to do. Clothes can impact psychology. Study shows that an average person who takes time to dress well ends up feeling good about themselves the entire day. If you want to be successful, you should prepare for it. For example, if you have a meeting, you prepare your notes, when you want to cook, you assemble the necessary ingredients. Similarly, appropriate clothing is important. If you don’t believe that, try running a marathon in flip flops or going for an interview in your pyjamas.

What You Wear Reflects Who You Are

You are what you wear. There is a link between personal style and identity. People are wired to immediately judge you by your mode of dressing within the first millisecond of your encounter with them. So what does your style say about you? Does it speak confidence? Does it put out your personal brand?

What is Business Attire? /What it Means to Dress Professionally

Business attire refers to appropriate clothing that employees wear to work. 

Business attires are a set of clothes required for professional settings.

Types of Business Attires 

 Business attires can be:

  • Business casual
  • Business professional 

Business professional is the most conserved form of business wear. It is embraced in a lot of companies and preferred worldwide. 

It is a more formal way of dressing for work.

Examples Of Business Attires 

There is a broad range of business attire.


The hairstyle should be sleek, neat and not messy.


Well ironed appropriate clothes are required. Nothing too showy or tight.

Clean fresh clothes are a must.


Too many jewellery pieces are discouraged as they pose as a distraction. Wear simple statement pieces to make you look sharp. Too many piercings and visible tattoos are considered inappropriate. 


Only wear mild scent perfumes. 

Why Do Most Companies Have a Dress Code?

Dress codes allow room for uniformity. Employees are put on a clean slate and the playing ground is levelled. This enables Employers and clients to be more concerned about skills and ideas and less about how people dress.

Clothes project the company’s image to the public. This reflects the values that the business upholds. 

Clothes create a great impression on clients hence more investors are attracted to the business. 

Corporate dressing helps to embrace professionalism.

How Professional Attire Can Affect Business

There is a link between dressing better and working better. Suiting up can help your leg up in work. Study shows that formal clothing enhances abstract cognitive processing. It helps you approach work in big picture thinking. Professional attire gives you a kick, that is, it makes you feel empowered. People perceive you as someone who has influence or someone who is actually important.

What Business Professionals Should Not Wear

These are cloth pieces that an employee must not wear to the workplace as they are deemed inappropriate, hence unacceptable. 

Avoid stained and crumpled up clothes. You always want to ensure you look good and put together. Always wash and press your clothes before you put them on for that fine and crisp look. Dirty and wrinkled clothes instantly scream how disorganised and unhygienic you are. This lowers your self-esteem and builds up a negative environment around your circle. 

Some companies want to adopt a casual business environment. However, some clothing items are too casual to be worn to work. For example sweatshirts, athletic footwear, tracksuits and shorts. When you are trying to go for the business casual look, add one or two quality pieces to your attire such as a nice watch, eyeglasses, quality shoes and a perfect fit clothing. This will make you look sharp. 

Women should steer clear from tight and revealing clothes. This is still considered inappropriate and disrespectful as people have sexual visual tendencies. Modesty should always be upheld in any business setting. Make sure your private parts like your back areas, thighs and cleavage and midriff are properly covered.

When in a casual environment, avoid putting on T-shirts with a lot of inappropriate graphic detail that has the potential to evoke a certain type of negative emotion from your coworkers. This can be considered a type of harassment. Plain T-shirts are preferred. 

Your shoewear is going to make or break your overall business attire. Avoid wearing open toe shoes such as flip flops or sandals for any business settings.

There is a rising trend of putting on ripped cloth items as a style. It perceives one as wild, daring and frivolous, but in the business world, it only means a person is unkempt.

Business professionals should also avoid wearing too much perfume as certain fragrances do not go well with people. Some coworkers may be having allergic reactions to them. You want to make the overall business environment conducive to your coworkers.

Women can also refrain from wearing excessive makeup and jewellery as it is destructive. 

Importance of Business Attire/Corporate Dressing

Embracing corporate dressing creates an attractive personality. People perceive you as someone who has influence or as someone who is actually important. You feel the power and look powerful unconsciously.

This attribute is important when going for an interview or negotiating and closing deals. 

Business attire gives that first impression count. Appropriate dressing means you think highly of yourself, hence influences people around you to think the same way.

Dressing well is important when you’re attending an important business meeting and also increases your chances of landing that dream job. 

Corporate dressing gives you a platform to express yourself.

In this current world where there are so many cultural diversity and personalities, it is important that you gain that cutting edge to stand out from the crowd.

This is important when you want to earn that promotion or get called to a job from an interview.

Appropriate business dressing also implies your value towards society.

For example, dressing modestly around people who follow a certain culture or religious belief points out that you care to make them comfortable around you in order to achieve the common good. 

Good corporate dressing helps to shift your mindset to a different perspective increasing work productivity.

Wearing heels or a doctor’s coat, for example, shifts one mindset to be that in power and very attentive to detail. 

Disadvantages of Dress Code in the Workplace

When a company puts up rules of what to wear in their setting, it restrains freedom of self-expression on the employees. 

Rules depict what is expected as the appropriate form of dressing hence there is no freedom to wear what you want. 

Some companies that embrace traditional wear appear less liberal to the public, especially in a world where people are becoming more open to culture and diversity. 

The overgeneralised idea that people are more productive in official clothing may be a fallacy as comfort is important to ensure work productivity. 

Because people cannot express themselves in how they dress, creativity level is reduced.

The decision to have or not to have a business attire for a company entirely rests on how it wants to be viewed by the public.

The company can also look at the needs of their employees and how these rules influence their productivity.

Generally, it is often said, dress for the job you want, not the one you have.

I am a firm believer and advocate for this. Then again, you don’t have to have a monumental occasion to dress up.

Select your wear for a good luck charm and play a little when you dress up so that you not only look good but also start off on a day full of confidence.

Business attire is core for business functionality. It helps employees achieve a formal setting and approach work in abstract thinking.

Aim to calibrate your attire to suit your business surroundings, be it casual or formal.




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