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Last Updated on 19 September 2014 by Gertrude


According to the Oxford Learners Advanced Dictionary, Violence, violent behaviour that is intended to hurt or kill somebody. Or physical or emotional force and energy : The violence of her feelings surprised him.

Do we mete or do we discipline our children in Kenya? Actually, most punishment, we spell what we what, as parents if the ‘spell’ doesn’t work, we exalt pressure, right? The society doesn’t spell how we should discipline our kiddos, does it? We can do it our way because there are no rules spelt, no rules written. Oh there is, when neighbours hear a pleading cry, they have to rush, rescue and report! That’s when we know we’ve injured our own blood, a kid we lived on the ‘mountains’ praying for after we got married. Now, we live in joy of torture and punish.

What is discipline to you, man or woman in Kenya? When you beat your child, isn’t that child abuse or to what extent do we explain child abuse? On this, I am counting your opinion, always much appreciated.

Meanwhile, what will it take to make our children be obedient to us? What is your form of ‘punishment’, discipline? When they say discipline with love, does it apply to you? Brainstorm, brain poke, will be back. Surprise Topic of the Month!.

Stay tuned, chat away. Oh, read the small speech from Astrid Lindgren, she was a Swedish author of the super-girl, Pippi Longstockings … .





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