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What is brand awareness and how can a digital marketer create brand awareness in order for you to capture audiences, create leads for your business?

”Kenya has gone digital”. The media, businesses, The President and Kenyans keep announcing we have gone digital.

Are businesses really utilising the digital space to bring brand awareness?

Who exactly is a digital marketer and what role does he play in bringing awareness to your brand or business of product?

We’re going to divide this article into two sections in which SECTION 1 will deal with the overall basics of what a digital marketer does.

How to hire a digital marketer as a Kenyan entrepreneur

Where a Kenyan interested in becoming a digital marketer can take courses online.

  1. Learn who a digital marketer is according to Hubspot.

  2. What are some of Digital Marketing strategies?

  3. Digital Marketing strategies to employ as a business.

  4. Qualities to search for when employing a digital marketer

  5. Why you shouldn’t use one digital marketing channel

  6. Where can one learn how to be a digital marketer in Kenya?

  7. How to get a job as a digital marketer in Kenya

  8. What are some of the courses to take as a Kenyan digital marketer

  9. Where’s digital marketing required?

SECTION 2: How a Digital Marketer Creates Brand Awareness. 

  1. What’s brand awareness?
  2. Strategies a digital marketer uses to create brand awareness

According to Hubspot.com Digital Marketing encompasses the use of an electronic device or the internet example including search engine, social media, email marketing and websites or blogs.

There’s often confusion about who a digital marketer is, content marketer and social media marketer while these roles inter-section they’re under the umbrella of digital marketing.

What are some of the digital marketing strategies?

When looking to employ a digital marketing strategy in your business, there’s need to incorporate not one but various strategies and some of them include

SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) which you can do using your websites, blogs and infographics.

You can create content for the sole purpose of education or bringing awareness to your business.

Tips for employing powerful SEO strategy within your business in Kenya.

When creating a content strategy for your blog, how do you ensure that the content reaches an audience you want?

The following SEO tips will help you:

1. Know the current SEO trends of 2019 which include how to effectively use featured snippets or the use of Google Voice for search.

2. Keyword placement wisely and naturally in your posts so that Google doesn’t mark your content as spam.

3. Keyword research and how to analyse your data on, for example, Google Console for those posts which are ranking well on Google.

4. Become your own Public Relations Agency meaning how to write SEO copywriting – a very valuable skill.

5. Write content that is long enough from about 1600+ or long form blog posts( tutorials) packed with information. Because they help the keyword concentration plus offers more traction. Learn how to make blog posts which are engaging no matter the length.

6. Write something that people care about within your niche. For example, I realised a gap in learning how to make money online in Kenya, how to start an online business as a Kenyan and decided to fill it in.

7. SEO writing takes time to get a hang of, don’t beat yourself up. Like everything else, learning how Google works isn’t the easiest job out there. Have fun and don’t write for the ranking.

8. Always edit your work. Or hire a proofreader to help improve your copy.

9. Make your blog or website SEO friendly by using a theme which is mobile friendly, for example.

Infographics are a good way to utilise SEO without over-doing it especially use them for data – showing numbers.

Content Marketing

A content marketer deals with sharing creating the copy on your blog and sharing it to sponsors, readers or creating awareness.

How do you find a good content marketer as a Kenyan business owner?

Hire an SEO copywriter to help you bring your eyes to the people.

Who is a copywriter?

Think a salesman good at writing then think how a salesman makes a customer buy.

A copywriter engages your community and makes them click on the button to read or sign in for your marketing campaigns.

A content marketer helps bring awareness by creating helpful blog posts surrounding a product you’re launching, for example. They help write ”how to” articles or info-product.

Lead generation.

With great content, comes eyeballs who wants more and more. Readers don’t just want to be enticed to buy but to grow and a content marketer brings awareness with a product.

Content marketing strategy can include the use of blog posts, e-books, for example, guidebooks or manuals, white papers email marketing messages about promoting a product, conducting surveys so that the marketing team can beware how to word their marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketer.

A social media marketer is often confused with a digital marketer who does all the branding, promotion and creating and often runs as an agency while a social media marketer may run as an agency his/her roles differ.

They use social media platforms to bring brand awareness by engaging followers or readers on forums, Facebook discussions, Instagram to engage followers and build a lifestyle product around it.

Or engage in Pinterest Marketing which is quite underutilised in Kenyan space.

Email Marketer.

Engages your readers or followers by subscribing to an incentive you offer on your blog or newsletter around a product.

An email list is effective when used in launches, connecting with your brand followers and would-be customers.

It also helps in keeping your customers in the loop about the going-ins of your business.

Pay Per Click

which means paying the publisher like Facebook or Instagram or Twitter each time an ad is clicked on.

A digital marketer is in charge of knowing the content that will make a customer click to buy. In charge of the budget that the marketing campaign will use to bring in more customers to the eyeballs of many other target audience.

A digital marketer can be an affiliate marketer.

Being in charge of helping a business sell or promote other business’ offers like Amazon products, online courses or services like travel agency or hotel or helicopter drop-offs.

In most cases, you have to have a large following to successfully mint on the affiliate marketing area as it’s quite lucrative.

How to effectively employ digital marketing strategies as a business

When starting an offline business, you have to consider the power of the digital world by marketing to online customers.

Though most Kenyans visit the digital space for music, sports and news it doesn’t mean the 25-40 per cent are idling on the net.

In fact, most Kenyans are eager to learn how to make money online.

How a Kenyan Business Benefits by Employing a Digital Marketer for Brand Awareness

The Kenyan market lacks in its provision of digital products. For example, there’s never sufficient information about how to use a product other than a phone call and a maintenance worker coming to the rescue. Which takes time

What if Kenyan businesses started providing information or enthusiasm about a product the way Apple does to its online customers?

“Traditional” fashion luxury retailers never provided their info or products online or their prices because that’s the experience – offering a unique service.

That has changed with Chanel or Fendi showing their luxury lines plus the attached prices or Victoria Beckham Fashion House showing her luxury collection of glasses, purses and belts.

To bring more Kenyan businesses online, we need to see Magazines, travel agencies embracing the use of digital marketing space to be available not only to Kenya but the entire world.

Though the product is made in Kenya, does it mean the bulk of the Kenyan population only lives in Kenya? Think about it.

Your business needs these digital tools to be successful and create a sense of global appeal.

These are the types of content a digital marketer create for your business.


Email Marketing

Mobile phones


Creating courses


Research reports

Case studies

White papers

Qualities to search for when employing a digital marketer

A digital marketer is mostly an agency who can deal with all the digital strategies you’d love to have in your digital business.

Look for qualities like:


Data Analysis

SEO knowledge

Lead generation

Brand awareness.

Why you must never use one digital marketing strategy

When creating a campaign to bring lots of customers or raise brand awareness online don’t rely on social media ONLY or blogging ONLY.

Readers, viewers are interested in your product are scattered across all social platforms and what appeals to one may not be appealing to another.

Also, consider your target audience maybe you’re selling a family planning product to 25-45-year-old women, how do you think they each receive their messages?

Those between the ages of 25-31 will be intrigued with videos and lifestyle showcase of the product on a platform like Instagram while those above 31-45 may be interested in a more in-depth connection to your product.

And may need an online guide or manual plus the video to better understand and learn how to utilise the family planning product, for, example.

Customers don’t look for products online in the same way. Some may use blogs, social media a website, contacting via emails and or learning from an affiliate.

What is the current trend for your demographics? And where do they live?

Where online do they hang out?

The statistics say 60 % of Instagram is towards the younger generation 16-28.

Is that where your target audience hangs out, What appeals to those in that age gap? How do you get the message across to them?

Mark you Kenya is a youth nation, so Instagram is a cool place for social media marketing. But Facebook too for audiences of all nations.

Pinterest for visual marketing and LinkedIn for business.

How do you optimise or make your mobile users be happy to use your services as a digital marketer is that the majority of traffic online comes from mobile users?

Optimise your site by making it mobile friendly.

Where can one learn to be a digital marketer in Kenya?

There are various online free open universities where you can learn from world-class leaders on how to be a digital marketer.

The places are Coursera, an open free university offering courses in all fields or brush-up skills.

Find the list of all the free universities which offer digital marketing courses and Kenyans can take here. I created a list of over 20+ Universities.

On Udemy, which has a collection of over a million courses and digital marketing is one of them.

You pay to learn on Udemy but sometimes, there are free or on sale for half the price.

You can check the ranking of the tutor to know his teaching method or the lesson plan and if what you want to learn is provided.

Skillshare. Just like Udemy, there are courses on digital marketing you pay a monthly membership to access the classes.

After you learn, you can also be a teacher on Skillshare or Udemy.

There are some Kenyan colleges where you can learn digital marketing too and they include:

I recommend taking a class online because your job will be online therefore you’ll have experience on how time management and discipline are important while working online as well.

Learn how to be productive online and save time amidst social media distractions.

What are some of the courses to take as a Kenyan digital marketer.

Incorporate other study areas when you want to be a digital marketer because diversity secures you a higher paying job.

By the way, the pay is rather good for a digital marketer from KSHS 100,000 + depending on your experience and how you negotiate your terms of work.

You can showcase experience by starting a blog, and creating SEO content, social media marketing your product or a friend’s on Facebook forums.

The other courses to pursue in line with digital marketing are:

SEO copywriting – you learn on the job by writing and also taking courses on Coursera like I did a few years back on the Basics of SEO at the University of California, Davis.

Though I got bored and didn’t pursue a certificate course, it opened my eyes to what SEO and SERPs are.

SEO is a learning process because it keeps changing.

Content Marketing.

Another writing opportunity which you can learn by establishing a niche blog like teaching businesses how to effectively use content marketing and how to employ a content marketer.


An individual who thoroughly enjoys marketing and the throes of winning a customer by converting them into paying buyers.


Most online skills require someone with expertise in writing.

There are various niches you can look out for as a business like writers writing SEO copywriters like this one and their rates.

Or writers interested in white papers or sales pages or writing long-form blog posts (tutorials).

Data analysts.

Someone who knows how to interpret data as presented for example on Google Console.

Who knows what email open rate means and how to make customers either open them more plus buy or even dare check what’s inside the email newsletter.

How to get a job as a Kenyan digital marketer.

Start from where you’re online.

I started working online by thinking about how to use Facebook to make money now that was even before individuals starting off doing it.

Though it took me years to learn I finally did and it’s my happy place.

Use Facebook and search for advertisers looking for digital marketers.

You don’t have to limit in Kenya because most digital marketers work remotely.

But you can narrow the search by searching, jobs for online digital marketers in Nairobi for example. Or digital marketer jobs in Kenya.

The rule of winning a job on Facebook:

Don’t Inbox without permission ask in the comments section if it’s okay to have a chat or something for the position advertised.

Also, most advertisers on Facebook search for short-term workers not that it’s bad but keep that in mind.

Start your own digital marketing agency.

When you’re self-employed you have the liberty to make your business big or small or employ a team(very advisable)

. You also need to have a strong reputation like known for bringing in the results you’re projecting and not just a gimmick.

In charge of pay decision for your team which can sometimes be hectic, so write a business plan and include all the information about running a digital marketing business entail.

Start a blog.

You are going to be the go-to person when your blog advises businesses on how to properly use the digital space in Kenya.

Research and write materials centring on digital marketing, creating leads, providing SEO services or copywriting services.

A blog proves your prowess and is used as an experience.


Make sure to connect the content you shared on your blog about your digital marketing business on LinkedIn.

Linkedin is a social networking site and a job search engine.

Educate your readers(business owners) of the importance of a digital marketer.

Show them the value a digital marketer adds to business while also connecting with businesses. You never know a referral may just happen.

Where’s digital marketing required?

A strange misconception in the Kenyan Elite Digital Space is that you have to have an e-commerce business to employ the services of a digital marketer.

When running an offline successful store, think about a customer of yours who is a fan of online shopping and would love to enjoy your incredible service online.

So every business in this century needs a digital marketer and don’t wonder why your business isn’t performing well. There’s a section of customers you aren’t catering to.

So digital marketing is required in areas like the following:

B2B in cases where you want to learn about a distributor or wholesaler or you’d love to connect with them about a product you’d love to be distributed or sold at a wholesale price.

You can create content or build brand awareness surrounding the product.

You’ll be successful on LinkedIn because you’ll want to talk to a salesperson and not necessarily a customer as in B2C below.

B2C Business to Customer digital marketing includes the use of social media tools like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Video Marketing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo or Daily Motion.

You’re going to have to use a strong call to action messages like for example by offering free samples, freebies on your product or course.

What are the Benefits of a Digital Marketer in your Business?

Bringing in website traffic.

Content performance and lead generators they’re like the brochure for your business.

Trends analysis.

Is a digital marketer a short-term gig or long-term gig.

When employing the services of a digital marketer remember the results are varied meaning if looking to create blog posts it takes time to build a solid audience.

And for customers to entrust you with their email information.

Therefore you have to keep creating the content, share and educate for at least 6 months.

Though it takes longer with a blog, the effects are long-term think of Linda Ikeji of Kenya or Jo Goddard of America – they have been relevant for 10 plus years now and amass following every day.

It takes a lot of effort to run a blog but when done correctly, the passive income created pays.

Unlike Facebook advertising or Instagram where you see immediate results or the use of Google Adwords.

You get followers and clicks immediately if the advertising was done correctly targeting the right audience.

Beware that outsourcing for a digital marketer isn’t a walk in the park – I always encourage individuals to learn about their businesses by doing the legwork.

How does a Digital Marketer help a Business Increase Sales?

Correctly optimising a site to SEO but without a strong call to action won’t convert a would-be customer.

SO a digital marketer lives to

Create value adding blog posts

Automating the services like abandoned shopping carts and email marketing campaigns or using SEO copywriting to help bring the customers close to your product.

Using and utilising online advertising space.

How a Digital Marketer Helps Create Brand Awareness for your Kenyan Business?

Let’s defineBrand Awareness”.

It’s bringing the would-be customers close to your product by making them know how your product differs from the competition, how your product will add value in their lives or improve their well being.

It’s creating a product that customers cannot go to sleep without thinking about. It’s about your business.

How can a digital marketer increase your brand’s awareness as a Kenyan Business?

1. Guest Blogging.

Contributing information on other blogs brings visibility to your own brand.

By connecting with other brands in your niche, a digital marketer brings your business content to lots of eyeballs, fast.

Guest blogging is very lucrative when done with the following tips in mind.

Cheat sheet tips to guest blogging for digital marketers

a.  Know the blog’s voice and product well.

Don’t request to guest blog in a niche where the blog doesn’t operate.

For example, pitching a brilliant cookbook idea to a writing niche website that caters only to writers.

Means you didn’t connect well with the brand and may lead to an automatic deletion or lack of consideration.

Sometimes, not knowing the ”voice” may hinder you from getting a guest blogging post for example, being humorous in a rather serious, business-related blog.

b. Follow the blog for a while.

In order for you to be considered for a guest blogging gig, why don’t you ”stalk” the blog for a while.

So that when you address the blogger, you’re actually pitching using their name.

It also helps build a rapport, voice and knowing the product, plus the pitch’s angle.

c. Not following guest blogging procedures.

Some blogs have included guidelines for and how guest bloggers should follow and even include topics for discussion.

Why become a lazy reader by not following simple instructions.

Inability to follow instructions is a sure sign that you don’t pay attention and are just looking for attention – for self-promotion purposes only.

d. Only applying to guest blog in one blog.

When applying for a job, we all fall short of setting sight on only one job or two.

And when you don’t hear from the target, you either give up or say it wasn’t for you.

At least I know I have this tendency.

Always apply to a million other blogs and never stop your content needs more eyeballs.

e. Be professional.

Even if you follow the blog for long or know the blogger through social media connections, always be professional in your language.

Don’t expect favours just because you’re an avid reader or follower.

And don’t stalk either.

Or lean towards self-promotion more on the blogger’s webpage.

The way to get noticed on blogs is to offer valuable information to readers ALWAYS(showing your expertise).

2. Infographics

A digital marketer can create important infographics about your topic of research, for example.

Info-graphics, as the name suggests, is the use of graphs and words to interpret data.

Info-graphics are especially useful because they use keywords, robots crawling Google love them and they’re easy to create.

Plus, many readers love them according to Neil Patel of KISSmetrics.

You can create infographics on graphic ready websites like Canva, PicMonkey or Snappa.

Or you can create them from scratch with Adobe Illustrations if you have.

Does Adobe work in Kenya?

3. Learn how to storytelling

4.  Create and offer freebies. 

5. Get in the loop with LinkedIn Publishing

6. Learn how to carve Newsletter / Email Marketing campaigns which convert.

7. Create mouth-watering contests for your products

8. Using car wraps though an offline tactic can work online too. 

9. Using paid referrals programmes for your customers or users.

10. Pay Per Click Advertising

11. Creating Controversy on your niche topics or headline news

12. Joining hands with other brands or using influencer marketing




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