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Last Updated on 16 February 2019 by Gertrude

I have been quiet and very quiet. It’s very like in my nature to be a quiet person as I normally have few words to sum up conversations. I can as well be very boring, quietly. So, pardon me, won’t you?

Working on a particular venture to help kids in my county love reading. I began a library, my partner and I. At first, we wanted to start the library on-line where we could share the over a thousand books we have. We have decided against it, as a way of making money, trying to figure how to protect the books from over-sharing and sorts.

I took the idea and thought, let me begin a library for kids. Some have laughed and ridiculed me. Some have openly said they don’t want to be involved with such a venture as they aren’t sure if it would survive or not. Some have openly lauded me, gave me their blessings and even told me, ”what an exciting venture, I have lived for many years both in this area and the world and have never thought about such a thing”. Others, have remained mum.

I believe I got a mission, mine isn’t to be heard or seen but to impart and impact someone’s life. With something valuable. I don’t have food to give, but, I got books for the kids. If you feel like you have some books, or a book, torn or readable accumulating dust and or air and autumn or spring weather, please . . .

You know what comes next. Not just any type of book, not ones that’ll never help. Ones that will help improve kids’ English , or even self-help books. Most of the kids I am dealing with now are 0 to 15 years. That’s from none talking kids to class eight. It could be picture books, colouring books and so on. Doesn’t have to be books alone, educational materials.

I will put on an address here, for inquiries please, don’t hesitate to mail customerserviceva(at) gmail. com

I will add more photos to show to you what I mean. Meanwhile, spread the word about the free library, we need more of these libraries in Kenya and the third world. Eradicating illiteracy is our motto. Getting kids to read by age three, the over-rated slogan. You know, we can do this!!!

Now, you know where I was. Though, writing in a hurry, will keep updating you about the venture everyday or so. Hearing your views, suggestions for improvement and so forth would be really awesome.





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