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Working from home as a Kenyan opened up a few opportunities for me to explore my creative outlet.

Writing became the ”safe option”, a work from home choice. Jobs in Kenya are scarce as any part of the world. So, I asked myself, ”What can a jobless Kenyan do online and make a perfect living doing it?”.

Writing became the answer. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the job I desired for so long nor an income.

You want to hear this journey of mine about working online as a Kenyan

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As a writer, I have worked in various fields over the years.

The kinds of writings I love to do include

Personal Finance, the direction my blog is taking. I initially started my blog as an outlet to review everything Kenyan. I found my focus on Personal Finance because all my ideas geared towards money, savings and investments.

Ghostwriting. I love to write contemporary romance novels, mystery/thrillers and erotica fiction. I’m also developing my works so I can be self-employed and stop relying on client work for sustainability.

I have since published an Airbnb book since hosting/meeting people has always been a passion of mine. If you’re a host grab the Airbnb ebook on Amazon.

I also enjoy playing with Google, so, I’m learning every day how to keep being an SEO Wiz. I work as an SEO Copywriter.

I’m on course to learn Technical Writing because I love breaking down complex projects into understandable under-whelming projects. Same as I do with my Youtube channel helping as many Kenyans begin their work from home journeys.

My aim is to be a leader in the personal finance industry while tackling the mind. I realise many Kenyans get stuck in an income because they believe they don’t have the potential.

Most Kenyans have also been scammed working online I aim to demystify those beliefs.

I didn’t have an easy journey working online, in fact, I consider my online work a learning curve. So, as I teach you, I learn more every day.

I’m available for hire as an SEO Copywriter to help bring your blog or business to people’s attention on Google.

If you have any questions or would love to get a quote email me on


I use this email for everything, personal and business because it’s the only one I recall the password to.

I have written for so many companies over the years but the above areas are the ones I love. I’m always open. I have also worked as a bookkeeper and VA, which I still do. I have learnt Java programming over the years and how to design websites.

For some reason, I never find time to re-design mine. My main 2020 goal is to grow my blog to a steady income and I have a plan. I’ll share the plan with you in the YouTube channel, make sure to subscribe and say, ”hola” or subscribe to my newsletter above.

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