How do self-doubt and mindset work?

Have you been in a position where you felt confident about a project only for you to doubt it’d even be successful or why you started?

Self-doubt occurs for a number of reasons:

  1. You don’t have self-confidence

You are the one who looks for approval from others.

Or you don’t appreciate yourself and what you can do.

You don’t trust your capabilities all these characteristics bring self-doubt.

How do you improve self-confidence?

a. You have to trust your abilities.

b. Always and I mean always part yourself on the back.

c. Keep studying or learning your area of expertise to increase your knowledge about the subject.

d. Take a deep breath before your project.

e. Self-confidence is all in the head, ensure to have fun by losing yourself in the moment rather than wondering who’s checking and who’s judging you.

2. Self-belief is lacking.

Doubting myself has always been a pivotal point… I mean, I couldn’t stop doubting myself for the slightest time in my life.

If and when I create something, people would stop to ”WOW”, even ask me, ”Did you make that?”

I’d hesitate with the answer so much, then ask, ”Is it any good?”

And the one who asked the question would be like, ”Are you kidding me?”.

How to believe in yourself

I).  Affirm to yourself

Creating affirmations is a sure-fire way to strengthen your inner voice.

If you have problems in seeing the good in what you have created, how can the world see the good?

When God created the world, He stopped to praise His work and He thought everything was perfect.

See, we all marvel at the good the world(nature) has naturally.

So, stop to always see the greatness in your creations and help wade self-doubt.

II). Don’t stop believing in yourself. 

Sometimes the cure to a disease is always the question that’s disturbing you. For example, to increase self-belief, just believe.

We are always in a hurry to either judge ourselves.

Or we don’t give our ideas a long time to fruition because we either stop believing or searching for in-depth answers or we just give up because it doesn’t work.

Always give yourself or idea time to grow.

Some ideas take too long to mature not because they aren’t worth it but because you’re meant to show that you trust in the process.

You are meant to be pushed beyond your limit to show how you’d stick up for your idea.

When you’re pushed too far, don’t stop to look down keep your head high, hold on so high and keep moving.

When you doubt yourself so much you feel like an impostor -without any qualifications.

Great women leaders have spoken about self-doubt.

So, how do you deal with mindset and doubt?

You have to find(poke) your head so deep to find out what is missing.

What makes you doubt yourself?.

Has a situation in your life offered itself that created a mindset which leaves you doubting or doubt marks?

For example, constant writer rejection made me stop to write making me move from career to career.

I felt unfulfilled, I felt a surge of depression gushing my system and I cried every day for months and years.

Yet on the outside, I seemed fulfilled.

I talked about being a writer while I was writing nothing.

I thought to be a writer I needed to be writing for someone else yet  I had this blog where I could vent.

I felt energy-less, thoughtless and stopped sending any writing requests.

I even wanted to go back to school to start all over.

Rejection taught me that:

  1. I’m not enough
  2. I cannot do
  3. I’m not good.
  4. I’m a failure.
  5. I can stop

After poking your head ask yourself, despite being rejected what can I do to for example improve on my writing?

How can I keep on writing to keep my dream alive?

The story of Stephen King should be a reminder to all writers and entrepreneurs, a rejection should teach you to hang on not to disappear from your dream.

For me to stop doubting I had to change the way I think or believe about my creations:

1. I had to stop doubting

2. I kept believing I was good.

3. I perfected everything as I went because nothing’s always perfect no matter what.

4. I stopped criticising myself beyond critical, hahaha.

5. I gave myself inner strength after every creation, ”You can improve tomorrow but you have done a good job”.

I want you to develop a mindset that says you’re able and can.

Because in the mind happens everything and ends everything.

With the right mindset, you can achieve anything you ever wanted and access to anything you have desired.

Don’t go for perfection, because that, is another reason to remain stuck in the procrastination phase. And we know what procrastination can do.

That’s why involving yourself in activities which help you re-focus is a first step to getting the best, right mindset.

For example:

  1. Yoga
  2. Meditation,
  3. Talking Therapy
  4. Mind positive talking
  5. Flex your mind exercises. . . I mean, re-fix those inner thoughts.
  6. Get in tune with yourself soo much you know the desires of your heart.
  7. Get into the habit of reading affirmations.
  8. Find for yourself motivational quotes, inspiring quotes that get you in the mood.
  9. Get into podcasting… listen to uplifting speakers.
  10. Find a mentor who either lives the life you want, desire or plan to. Or one who resonates with you, or has been through what you have been through.

I emphasise on the mentor and choose a mentor who reflects what you want to see yourself as or the admirable qualities you want yourself to portray.

Choose a mentor who’s like a mirror of you or what you had envisioned your life as having.


Cast self-doubt away by engaging your mental health into a Mental Health Fitness Routine.

In this routine, you’re going to:

Track your thoughts(mind)

Track your feelings (body)

Track your words( spirit, heart, mouth)

You’ll write everything you feel, think or say for 30 Days(10 days).

Then you’ll ask yourself, Why do I say, think or feel this way?

What exactly do I want to fulfil in my life?

What do I want to achieve in my life?

At the end of this mental health fitness exercise, you’re going to:

Build a strong mental system that nothing fazes you.

Always turn those I cannot into I can.

Remind yourself that, you are capable, You can do it.

Who else will do better than you?

You’re going to be unstoppable.

Because this tool will help you uncover the giant in you by unleashing the potential you have.


Get your copy for only $15 and help cast out all the doubt you have in your mind.

Also, you can grab a set of mindset shift quotes as a wall hanging, bullet journal decor, stickers, decals so you remind yourself of how important the mind is to achieving what you want.



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