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‘I cannot do this”. ”I’m so unlucky”. ”I don’t think I’m capable of doing this”. ”I still am not confident enough”.

”This isn’t good enough, I’ll make a better one next time”.

”I won’t post this video, because it’s a stupid idea”.

When you look around you, is the word ”CAN” available?

Are you filled with a lot of negative energy that you stop yourself right in the tracks?


Have you ever had big big ideas which you held within then the same idea made someone so big and famous or became a trending issue worldwide?

How did you feel afterwards?

Like an asshole I can tell.

And you’re still beating yourself about it to this day, am I right?


Well, have you heard about the greatest planning lessons going down? The lessons that want you to be successful?

Well, these lessons are turning into a series of MINDSET CHANGE E-BOOKS!!! PRE-ORDER NOW!!!.

Day 11 of 365 Days of Planning, Questions we have dared to ask and answer: How to Maximise Your Year, Tune your Mind to Achieving Success, Happiness, Abundance, Confidence, Purpose, Manifestation, Motivation.


I’m so fond of stories – UGH!!!

Well, back in 2012-2013 I learnt the great art of crochet. 

I was taught how to knit by mum since six and I couldn’t forget. She taught me how to crochet but it was a hard art to master, I preferred knitting too. 

So, back to story. . . I took crochet lessons on YouTube when the world was still realising that YouTube is a learning space almost the same time with reknowed javellinist Mr. Yego(a Kenyan)! 

I made an awesome crochet market bag following a tutorial.

When mum saw how awesome it was she said, ”My God, You can take that bag to Nakumatt!”. (closed down unfortunately, biggest supermarket chain ever in East and Central Africa), I think I have exaggerated a bit but do I say?

”Why?”. ”Nakumatt is trying to go green”, she remarked.

And I said I’d take the bag.

A week, a month, a century passed until 2017 in August a day that will be forever etched in my memory!


Before I knew how to speak greatness to myself, I belittled myself so badly because of the things I had been told.

I know you love to know, I had been told I’d never amount to anything after giving birth to my daughter out of wedlock.

The society is very critical of single mums but never of dads, should I say.

I believed everything I was told about myself – that I’m just a lose whore.

There’s nothing as devastating as being told hard words like this when you’re so young.

You let them get so ingrained it takes so long to get over them.

I started to believe all I was told and more so the part where they said,

”I’d amount to nothing”.

You see words are so powerful like a screaming toddler inside the mum’s eardrums, when the mother is tired or trying to have some me-time.

Words are so convincing that we live by them daily that’s why we relish newspapers to this day.

WORD OF THE HOUR: Words are so enigmatic that’s why we love our bestsellers and words are the sword that strike without force but hard.

Words alone can change the water’s course and words alone make the world go round. We’re surrounded by words more than water at every single turn.

If I had listened to mum’s very encouraging sermon about belief in my product, I’d have made a fortune before the downfall of Nakumatt.

If only her words impacted me right then.

There’s a serious mistake when others see the best in you while you believe you have the worst within.

I learnt some important lessons with the Nakumatt’s story:


It’s very important and critical for the words which we take in to make sense to us, to have strong meaning and make impact.

You have to give yourself a nudge first, others can say everything they have to say but the first step comes from you.

If the words make our shoulders slumped like those of a hunchback – with strong ”No Offence” to anyone who’s a hunchback, then it’s better you start examining what exactly you take in.

So the big question usually is:

                                          VERY CRITICAL QUESTION:

How do you tune your brain in such that the only things you take in are those which are impacting, meaningful and sensible?

  1. The mind, yes this is where everything begins, we talk to ourselves from here. We make decisions based on our mind’s triggers. Not many of us use the heart, am I right?

  2. Yourself. What do you love to tell yourself? What have you been told about yourself by others that you believe?

  3. Your environment. If you grew up in a home where everything was based on negativity do you believe you can overcome, grow above the negativity?

  4. Your friends? What do these friends talk about you? Themselves?

  5. Work colleagues. Do they keep telling you that it’s impossible?

    In fact, you need to be a strong believer for you to actually rise above what others have said.


    If you create a world of impossibilities then there’s no possibilities for you.


    You need to have patience with yourself every time you make a mistake of going back.

    You need to create a path where no one influences your way of thinking unless it’s you.

    You need to create a self-belief system where doubts are cast out and big goals are what you go for.

    You need to appreciate yourself by knowing what your strengths, weaknesses, misgivings about life, fears work on them as you tune your mind.

    You need to be firm with the decisions you finally make.

    Start working for yourself and not to please others.

    In pleasing others you lose yourself in their goals for them.

    Starting being you and mind your own business.

    Stop looking for approval.

    Surround yourself with those who bring the best in you.

    And you need to grab a book called: Mental Health Fitness Challenge 2019: Unveiling the New Chapter of Thinking for Empowerment, Enrichment and Self-Growth available for 5 dollars plus other Mental Health Challenges.

    Make sure you apply all the steps because you know action speaks louder than words.

    Big Question:

    How does your brain influence your success plan?

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