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Every online business and especially e-commerce stores need to have great service.

It’s not a wonder that customer service provides for 75% of work online.

What’s customer service? How does one become a customer service agent online as a Kenyan? Which degree do I need to work in the field of customer service? What is the expected pay range for online customer service providers?

Would you love to know how to acquire this very marketable online skill as a Kenyan seeking online work?

What are the most marketable skills needed to work online as a Kenyan? A YouTube subscriber asked me.

Would you love to have one marketable skill so you can start your work online?

There are numerous skills required before you start working online in Kenya depending on your passion.

And one of the most demanding skills online is that of Customer Service. 

And most of these skills recur on the Online Jobs Board I created for Kenyans seeking Genuine Work Online.

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The most needed skills to work online is available here.

We’ll analyse one after the other the skills required to work online as a Kenyan according to the most popular skills which are:

Customer Service


Graphic Designer

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Game Developers

Mobile App Creators

Sales Specialists

People Manager


Data Analysts


Video Production.

Which one is your interest in the skills above?

I’ll provide in-depth research material which I’ll keep updating so you can enlighten yourself or get your feet wet before you begin your work online journey as a Kenyan.

When you think of customer service what comes to mind?


In this article, you’re going to:

Know who a customer service agent is.

Qualities of an excellent customer service agent.

If you need training and where to get the training and how much the training will cost.

Related customer service fields.

Tips for a Kenyan to getting hired as a customer service agent online.

How to market yourself online as a customer service agent.

What are the expected earning range for customer service agents?

Can you be a self-employed customer service agent?.

Know who a customer service agent is.

An individual providing front office solution by interacting with customers on a day to day basis.

These individuals also handle customer complaints, provide some basic technical support to customers.

Qualities of a customer service

Have you ever walked into an office and felt like slapping the customer service agent who talked to you?

Or have you walked into a local shop where the shopkeeper has a customer but they’re busy asking you, ”Sema” while attending to another customer?

Or have you ever walked out from an office declaring you’re never going back and just want to tell the whole world about it? 

That’s what bad customer service does, that’s how I felt about Jumia four years ago – I couldn’t wait to share my opinion about it.

Bad customer service ruins an image of a business, it impairs your trust in a brand leaving you with a bad taste in the mouth.

I ONLY check Jumia when comparing prices.

Imagine if a customer walks into your brand, what would you love for them to keep saying?

Here are the Key Qualities required to be an Excellent Customer Service Provider

1. Listen

Have you ever pretended to listen to your kids’ stories and they caught you?

I know I’m guilty of pretend listening and pretend listening involves:

Typing away at a keyboard while nodding profusely or being so engrossed on a Netflix movie you say yes then gasping, ”Yes, I heard you”.

Those are gimmicks you play with your children and raise them into bitter un-attentive adults.

It feels bad to be ignored even worst when you’re pretending to listen.

Actively pay attention to what the customer is saying because active listening enables you to give proper responses.

Active listening keeps the customer happy because they’re assured of your total and sincere concern.

And active listening helps bring a brand closer to the customer’s heart where they spread the message, ”At company X, there’s listen to your needs”.

2. Time Management Skills.

If a customer walks into your store complaining about a product or service which displeased them,

Do you go over and beyond your way

or do you transfer them to a manager who can best provide the answer or a customer tech support specialist who knows the software better than you?

Those are some lingering questions when stating out as a customer starting service agent.

Mostly, when a complaint is too hard for you, it’s best if you call someone else.

Ensure to use a transfer tone that makes the customer feel re-assured and attended to genuinely.

Don’t go on breathing hard or exclaiming or murmuring this makes the customer uncomfortable and a situation unbearable.

3. Knowledge of product.

Some companies fail to provide sufficient training to a customer service agent or even steps on resolving conflict in their shops.

Ending in a complete waste of time and resources – for example, abandoning an investor meeting to answer to a customer complaint because the customer wants to speak to the Manager ONLY.

Or risk losing your customer because the customer agent didn’t have enough information about a product.

4. A calming presence.

A customer service agent MUST remain still in adversity like a soldier in the battle field where gunshots are flaring.

Stay calm and don’t attempt to answer back at your customer when they’re angry.

It’s considered rude to respond, only do so when prompted or by supporting your claims of how best you did.

But put yourself in the customer’s shoes by accepting your mistakes.

5. Empathetic:

Put yourslef in the shoes of your customers by asking yourself, ”How would I handle react if it was me?”.

6. Psychology.

Play into the Psychology of your customers always by being a mind reader.

Not to mean that you guess products for them.

If dealing with a complaint, readily accept your mistake but change the problem because you don’t want them to meet you in the same condition tomorrow.

Offer them an incentive for complaining and you putting them in a difficult situation, it’s not easy to talk angrily.

7. Patience

Have patience when dealing with a customer and avoid pushing them aside before you’re done with the first customer.

Don’t be in a rush because you spotted your buddy on the queue of a shopping mall and quickly serve the rest just to greet your buddy.

Not every customer is in a hurry to leave some love to ask as many questions.

Sometimes, I have felt a little undeserving sitting at a desk being served because I felt I needed to rush out fast.

The customer agent showed signs of tiredness or boredom their face simply says, ”When will this one leave so I can have my lunch break?”.

8. Clear Communication Skills.

There’s no space for ambiguity when dealing with customers.

You cannot tell customers A when you mean B and vice versa.

Don’t leave your customers with more questions than answers.

Don’t leave them to fill in the blanks because most blanks become minsinterpreted.

9. Willingness to Learn

If your customer service agent isn’t open to learning don’t employ them.

They’ll ruin your image as a business.

Encourage them to enroll in online programmes for customer agents or take Psychology courses to better understand humans and business interactions.

Also, they must be willing to learn about new products you release in your shop otherwise how would they market?

Persuasion Skills.

There’s no point of employing a customer service agent who doesn’t know how to retain and maintain a customer for you.

They should have strong people presence and sales skills as well.

For example, by calmly explaining to a customer the importance of a product and how it’d help them grow their business or improve their lives, a customer may be a converted buyer.

In conclusion, being a good customer service agent requires for you to be a people person with strong sales skills.

An individual who engages with a customer beyond a product and make them a paying customer.

One who helps provides solutions to customers and make them come back.

Educate yourself properly on a given product.

Do you need training and where to get the training and how much the training will cost?

You need school. That was during the old days.

Nowadays, you need experience and dealing with people needs a skill for making people comfortable to express ttheir needs without feeling judged.

But, it’s good to have some training before handling customers.

You can take the training online or offline depending.

On Udemy, for example, there are several customer service courses created.

But, if you’re thinking of certification, it’s better to check your local colleges or universities.

Also, be assured that the amount you’re willing to spend pays you in the end by you offering excellent service and meeting people.

You can earn as much or as little as you want.

If you want to be an online customer service agent, it’s advisable to take short online courses and you can check on the Free Universities for Kenyans willing to work online here.

Related customer service fields

Customer service fields are always inter-related with other areas of study.

Don’t miss a job opportunity just because you studied:






Human Resource.

Because all these fields are related to serving the customer and working with humans.

Tips for a Kenyan to get hired as a customer service agent online

What are some of the qualifications needed to work online as a customer service agent include:

  1. Have the qualities that make a good customer service agent.


persuasion skills,


good and clear communication skills,

be able to manage time.

2. Check and apply on Online Jobs Board hiring because they’re always hiring customer service agents.

3. Know the search related term for working as a customer service agent including:

Technical Support

Support Technician

Virtual Assistant

Because all these terms means; good with people business.

  1. Check LinkedIn for online businesses offer them or establish yourself as a leader in customer service.

  1. Write customer service content by creating a blog.

Working online doesn’t mean relying on agencies to hire you, establish a business by providing solutions.

How to market yourself online as a customer service agent

Customer service agents are needed every where in the online space.

Sometimes, it can be hard to identify exactly what your services are and who for.

It’s good to create and have a niche from the beginning.

For example, a Customer Service Agent providing Technical Support.

When you narrow down your expertise, it becomes easier to beware and define your roles more specifically helping you identify yourself as the go-to person.

So hop onto LinkedIn after identifying your role and start networking it’s where businesses are located.

On Facebook and Instagram as well.

And businesses you love to shop at can offer opportunities, so cold call them, pitch and ask if they’d care for your expertise.

The worst answer you can have is a ”NO” and that’s good.

Expected earning ranges for Kenyan online customer service agents

Most customer service job offers I see have pay ranges are from $10 – 30 an hour.

Not bad if you work 25hrs/week.

And from home, that means Ksh25,000/week better than the shitty day job with tarmacking hours especially if you live in Nairobi.

But you don’t have to stop at $1000/month from the experience.

Keep scaling by offering what you have learnt to small business and even big business owners.

Can you be a self-employed customer service agent?

Of course. I have talked extensively about working as a customer service agent in Kenya when I made topics like this one 

A Virtual Assistant is so diverse and a multi-talented individual who must also have a niche.

For example, I called myself a Customer Service Virtual Assistant.

Nowadays, I help businesses improve their customer service by identifying and rectifying their customer service.

I’m called the Customer Service Specialist: Grow your business by creating kick-ass customer experience. Let your customers leave your store feeling a million dollars richer and not poorer.

When you are a self-employed customer service agent, you can earn up to six figures depending on your area of expertise.

Comment or ask questions about working online as a customer service agent.




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