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Make a $100 a Day Online in Kenya

Earning money online in Kenya and lots of it per day doesn’t seem like an achievable task. Yet with legit business ideas in mind, it’s easy to make money from the comfort of your home. 

The following business ideas will steer you clear to the path of a millionaire if done well. And the businesses include 

  1. Affiliate Marketing

The best-tried method to make money online. And some affiliate marketing industries to watch out for in 2019 include Saas Companies like Clickfunnels. 

Digital Products 

Online Courses

Creating online courses is the answer to making money with your talents. What talent do you have? What talent would you love to showcase to the world? You can make as much as $100 to thousands of dollars per course. You can begin by teaching on Udemy, for example.

Would you love to know how to create an Online Course that brings in the money?


Airbnb is an answer to home-owners and realtors in Kenya, isn’t it? Making money with a property you’d otherwise neglect is getting easier with home-sharing.

You need a few clever strategies though to make big bucks though. And it’s imperative you Master Airbnb and scale your business to your dream business.

Master Airbnb for Kenyans by grabbing this ebook with a lot of action help. Like How to Take Professional Home Photos with Your Smartphone Without Needing The Help of a Photographer and so many topics within the ebook.

Grab the book here. If you need more help with Airbnb, kindly contact me or check my Airbnb Services Rates.


Perfect content/ content without errors is a writer’s dream come true. But, we don’t always nail it. So, a proofreaders job is here to stay. Proofreaders make your writing seamless and readable if not fantastic. And this gig pays up to thousands of dollars for others or it may create a million-dollar empire like Caitlyn Pyle

Peer Lending 

Owing money isn’t a faint joke and often after losing an income if you’re a freelancer. You can fall back on lenders but make sure to repay. Because you don’t want to be blacklisted on CRB or made ”not creditworthy” among your peers.

Making a $100 a day lending money comes from interest charged during repayment. And ensure to collect some collateral, just in case the borrower doesn’t pay back or is in some financial mess.

Sell Stuff Online 

With Facebook Marketplaces like Soko ya 1000 Boob or Less, selling stuff online has never been easier. You sell anything from furniture, clothes, electronic accessories, hair products, fitness products like shapewear and baby toys like Slime.

I always recommend to find a niche and sell to your niche if looking for a long term sustainable income. You can sell without a niche but have a store.

Pinterest VA 

Mastering Pinterest is every blogger’s dream but it’s not easy. Finding a Pinterest bad-ass is a dream come true. You can make more than a $100 dollars per day managing Pinterest accounts. Understand Pinterest algorithms, take courses on Pinterest, have to warn you though, courses cost $1000 or more. But you can pore on YouTube finding Pinterest Master, I have lessened the burden for you by finding you one Pinterest Guru.

If you’re to make a dime online, don’t be scared of the dollar signs. Be ready to invest and invest big.

Pet Sitting 

Do you love the company of animals? Remember pet sitting doesn’t involve animals only but also finding a connection with nature and appreciation of the free things in it. Animals are therapy, they don’t judge you and they listen to you. Travel/reconnect with nature sitting animals. And they don’t have to be dogs only. You can organise a trip to the farm where you sit horses, cows, goats and sheep. Learn your way around the farm by tending to the crops and the animals’ feed. This is very rewarding. And you earn money doing what you love most, money can range from $0 (if you are home swapping) to $100s of dollars, depending on the number of stays and how labour intensive the pet sitting is.

Complete Fiverr Tasks 

As a beginner freelancer, Fiverr is a free answer to working online. You complete $5 tasks then you get paid. Fiverr isn’t a place for meagre salary or mediocre work, you’re wrong if you think this way. In fact, as a beginner freelancer, Fiverr is a place to earn gigs you love by being proactive. Answer questions, complete tasks as requested and get paid. Make your name by establishing your credibility, completing tasks. Master Fiverr by joining in the conversation on YouTube channel and enrolling in the $40 course. Also, remember to have tiers ( where you upsell your products/services). Learn to upsell always.

Sponsored Posts

If you have a lot of traffic on your blog, you’re going to have sponsors come knocking. Because you have traffic and they’d love to use your visibility to get their brand message across. I used to abhor this kind of ads in my blog, but since turning my blog into a business, I welcome the idea. On my way to creating a million dollar blogging brand in Kenya. And then getting them Sponsored Posts. If you have a large following on social media, you can get gigs or contracts to keep getting your brand out there. You can reach out to the brands as well and show them what you can do for them. You know brands love it when they know what you’re bringing to the table.

Freelance Writing 

Copywriting is the richest niche in freelance writing. Take a copywriting course and start making money tonight, today, this afternoon. Copywriters are needed but don’t stop there. Freelance Writing is broader, you can be a blogger. Now, don’t just be a blogger be a Finance Copyblogger, Be a Luxury Blog Writer, you see the drift? Writing is lucrative and there are so many unexplored writing niches in Kenya and you can get the list on this page.


What obstacles have you faced in creating your glory? What challenges have you been able to overcome over the years? I know I have overcome the guilt of being shy in front of the camera. While I may overlook that as a phase that passed, some of you may be wondering how to conquer or face their fear. Eleanor Roosevelt realised the things that made her the weakest during the day were actually her strengths. That’s what a coach does, he/she helps you over the fears, the self-limiting beliefs and scarcity mentalities and propel you to greater heights you dreamt. I’m a Mental Health Fitness Coach, A Positive Mind Instructor. Helping you to overcome your mind.

Lead Generations 

Are you a good salesperson? It’s not easy being a salesperson and facing rejections all the time, is it? But you have learnt a tactic

Physical Products

Sometimes, you don’t want to make money online. You sell physical products and physical products include clothes, shoes, handbags, greeting cards, t-shirts, hoodies, pillows.

Brand Sponsorships

Like Sponsorships above, brands either reach out to you or you to them. Choose to work with brands which speak you. Don’t be greedy for brands whose products you wouldn’t recommend or buy. And also, know and charge your worth when a brand approaches you. Don’t under-charge, know your time and effort are valuable. Brand Sponsorships earn more than $100 or more per day, depending on your influence.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a beast to master. What if you take a course then become a social media manager and create ads that convert for your customers. A Facebook Ads course is available for you to register. The downside is that you have to be on a waitlist. You can learn the basics of Facebook Ads by perusing various YouTube aisles. You can make as much as $6000 a month managing Facebook pages or groups and creating ads.

Teach English

Some kids live in non-English speaking countries. What are you waiting for with all your English knowledge language? You make more with your degree teaching English online than you’d ever do in a classroom as a teacher. Sites like VIP Kids pay $15 per hour.


Deliver Food

Sell Photos 

Sell Clothes


Display Ads 

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