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On the 14th of February every year, the world or most of the world celebrates lovers day.

 Most people are willing to spend a lot of money for the sake of their loved ones on Valentines. 

Did you know you could make money selling popular items to lovers on Valentine’s from the comfort of your home? 

You must plan ahead because Valentine’s is a seasonal event. 

This means Valentine’s wears off from the mind of your customers by 21st February. 

You must decide, at least, by December, what you are going to sell for Valentine’s. Also, determine who your target market or ideal customer is. 

Don’t forget to sell to the singles out there. Business owners forget to cater for the singles during Valentine’s. 

To sell a lot during Valentine’s, ensure you sell items or products not available in the market. You must know who your competitors are to determine what sells the most.

 Check what your competitors sell before Valentine’s day and how they market to their customers. Ask yourself, how much are my customers willing to pay for these products and why must they choose me?  

Don’t forget to think long-term when running Valentine’s store. 

Though Valentine’s day is seasonal, love isn’t. 

People fall in love every hour, minute and any day. 

They choose to celebrate or observe Valentine’s as a day to give back to their loved ones. 

Don’t limit your shop to selling items for couples or singles, there is love from parents, pet lovers, nature lovers. 

You must determine your niche market or area of specialisation. Then ask; do I have enough products to sell to this chosen niche market? 

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Most Selling Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts to Sell in Your Shop in Kenya  

Candies and chocolate 




Evening out like walking tours sightseeing 


Baked goods like heart cupcakes 

Teddy bears plush toys 

Children toys 

Sex toys like scented condoms 


Lingeries like underwear, edible undergarments 


Electronics e.g red iPhones, iPods, laptops

Romantic novels 


Bath and body products 

Photo frames 

Decor items 

Packaging like print on demand clothes, giftbags

Sell to singles 

Greeting cards 

Gift cards 


Tips for Selling More on Valentine’s Day in Kenya

How do I sell more in my shop on Valentine’s day?

  1. Have a speciality store like floral shop, clothing, jewellery, online, small local business

Make your store a specialised store. A specialised store is a niche store selling a particular item, for example, dried flowers or jewellery. 

You want your store to stand out and to stand out, you need to be a guru in a niche.

Niching out means you know a lot about flowers; types of flowers, what are the most sort after flowers and why. 

2. Use video

I realise the power of video every time I tune into YouTube.

Companies see the value of video marketing in Kenya these days. You see banks, small businesses and even corporations using video to advertise their products.  

You need to add value to your videos. Before making a video for your Valentine’s business, ask yourself; what is the message I want my customers to receive from me?. 

Me, because you are the business. And customers tune into your channel to listen to you more than the products you sell. 

So, create videos surrounding flowers in general (using the example of flowers above).

Come up with video ideas like flowers to plant, flowers that sell the most, why flowers must be in every home in the country, how to begin a flower shop.

 See, you will talk about flowers only meaning you get recognised as a flower expert in Kenya.

 Don’t forget to add the behind the scenes footage of you in the office. 

These footages bring in a lot of viewers and those interested in the flower business will get hoodwinked. 

3. Offer discounts 

The best and easiest way to make money with Valentine’s shop is to offer discounts. 

Discounts make customers feel they are making a killing and get prompted to purchase more or spend more money because they ”saved” on one item.

 Discounts help in cross-selling and upselling.

 So, if your store (using the flower example above), isn’t so niche and you introduced something like clothing.

 You can tell customers to spend 10k on clothes and get flowers for free. Of course, when offering discounts beware that you must ensure to make a profit. 

4. Don’t leave singles out – self-love 

Shops around the world offer Valentine’s day gifts for couples and Kenya entrepreneurs follow the same route. 

They believe only couples celebrate love

Some people got divorced or dumped or will get dumped on Valentine’s day. 

How do you fill in the gap in this niche? Love is for everyone, don’t single anyone out in your shop. 

5. Donate 

Donation is the most endearing trait of business owners in this world where giving gets frowned upon or givers become fewer. 

A simple message like you help build a school or buy and build a school will warm the heart of your customers. 

Choose charities that show results.

 Don’t fall for the trick of donating to charities that don’t work or are havens for money launderers. 

Show your customers what the charity does. Take your customers behind the scenes of the charity home at work. Others with money will get prompted to contribute; you helped save a child with your business.  

Tips for Succeeding in a Valentine’s (Seasonal) Business in Kenya

Running a seasonal business is challenging and confusing. 

Some people run seasonal businesses because it’s a side hustle or they have a full-time job and don’t want to interfere with their work with a business.

 Some run a seasonal business because seasonal businesses are money-minting businesses. To run a seasonal business, like a Valentine’s store, consider the following: 

  1. Have contacts 

Collect contacts of your customers with every purchase. Kenyan business owners aren’t aware of the power of email marketing. 

We focus too much on mobile contacts forgetting the power of email. 

As more people become tech-savvy, more email addresses get opened every single day in the Kenyan market. 

Mobiles are good but they get lost all the time, emails, on the other hand, don’t get lost. 

And people aren’t likely to change their email addresses like they can their mobile phone numbers. 

Focus on collecting phone numbers and email addresses. 

This way you can keep in touch with your customers even after they lose their phone numbers. 

You can keep in touch with your email contact every two weeks so that they keep you in mind when you have a new product or introduce something new into your Valentine’s shop. 

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2. Plan ahead – stay current with market trends 

Planning ahead is equals to winning. 

Do you keep current trends on what happens throughout the year before Valentine’s and after?

 If you don’t know what lovers want you won’t know what to sell or predict the future. 

Business owners that predict or stay in the current are the leaders innovating and inventing new products keeping their customers on their toes. 

3. Do a trend analysis 

What was the hottest Valentine’s trend in 2021? Was it the singles or the indoors Valentine’s? 

What do you believe will happen next year and the year after? 

Are people beginning to get bored with valentines and how can you cater to the older ones who care not for valentines? 

Keeping a trending analysis means coming up with a potential customer. 

Businesses go through a lot of headache in acquiring and retaining customers. See what Fashion Week does? 

4. Have records 

Keeping records of your customers, the products you sell plus your business numbers means you know your business. Entrepreneurs who know their business run a healthy business. 

Knowing how your business works is crucial to developing it; you know the area (s) to improve, what works and what doesn’t. 

Keeping records helps you know about the profits, losses and expenses. You will also know the cost of running and producing goods for your business. 

You will know what will make you money and why and what won’t. Concentrate on what makes the most money for you. 

5. Don’t do last minute orders as it affects your profits you don’t want dead stocks 

If you are ordering products for Valentine’s to sell, don’t do last minute orders. If you run a dropshipping store, then, you can add as many Valentine’s products as you wish. 

Bringing in so many products to your store or warehouse at the last minute means you didn’t do a product analysis. 

You aren’t aware of what customers really want or who your customers are and what they want to buy on Valentine’s. 

Conduct surveys; ask your customers what they would love to give as gifts to their loved ones. Deadstock stalls your business.  

Also, order your products earlier.

NOTE: Don’t fret if you remain with dead stock you can sell the products at a discount or make your seasonal shop function all year round. 

6. Diversify but in the same niche 

If, for example, you want to sell flowers in your Valentine’s shop, ask yourself what other product (s) accompanies flowers? 

Is it gift bags full of chocolates and other surprises? 

The power of upselling ensures that your business never runs out of business once Valentine’s day is over.  

Or if you are interested in flowers, sell flowers of all kinds. Medicinal flowers, tea flowers, decorative, everyday flowers. Don’t sell only red flowers, sell flowers of all kinds/colours. 

Niching out doesn’t mean selling only one product. It means selling products in the same niche or related products. 

Niching out means taking a product and asking yourself what other product goes well here?.

NOTE: When selling products, go with the trend. For example, the health niche keeps rising. Can you see ‘healthy’ flowers, candies, cookies for your customers?  

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7. Advertise; have a marketing plan 

You cannot run your shop without having a marketing plan. 

Just because you run your shop seasonal shop doesn’t mean that you will make lots of money without advertising.

 I know lots of people making millions of shillings with a Christmas shop or a Valentines shop only. 

They make a killing because they advertised their businesses. 

Develop a marketing plan. 

What marketing strategies do your customers know about or do your customers use the most? Don’t forget to use social media to advertise your Valentine’s business.

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8. Ensure you have excellent quality 

Even if you run a dropshipping store, there’s no shortcut in the quality of products you want to sell. 

Ensure to test products before selling them to your customers. Testing products means you know the ins and outs of the product. 

Knowing your product means providing your customers with top-notch customer service and experience. Meaning, you have the answers to the questions customers ask about your products.  

There’s nothing wrong with knowing a little too much.

 You establish yourself as a guru of the product. Customers love business owners that know what they are selling. 

In conclusion, It’s easier to fall in love than to know what to sell for lovers. 

People have varying taste and no matter how colourful your Valentine’s shop may be, customers appreciate it when you know what they want.

 Ensure you have the best quality products in your shop and that your products get tested before selling to customers to avoid returns and refunds. 

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Don’t skimp on customer service just because you sell high-quality Valentine’s items.

Customers appreciate it when you pay extra attention to them when they patronise your shop.

A Valentine’s shop sells more because of the power of mouth marketing.

And excellent customer service and satisfaction help you achieve this.

Also, know how to extend the longevity of your Valentine’s shop. 

Stop selling only during the lovers day. 

People fall in love every single day, hour and minute. 

Don’t lose money. 

On Valentine’s, it’s a given you will make money because lovers want to spend money on their loved ones. But it doesn’t mean they won’t spend or don’t want to spend when it’s not Valentine’s day. 

Do you love Valentines and would love to make money during Valentine’s day as an entrepreneur in Kenya? 

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