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make money selling party decorations online in Kenya

Have you ever been to a wedding, birthday or graduation party and wondered, how did they achieve this magnificence?

What is a Party Decorations Business and How Does it Work? 

A party decorations business helps you improve the decor of parties and make them more creative, appealing and festive.

You need party decoration materials to be able to accomplish this for your clients.

You will decorate parties like graduation parties, wedding parties, birthday parties, holiday parties and even corporate events.

Your clients will then pay you for the party decorations services based on how you charge them. 

If you have ever hosted a party before, then you know how it can be a tough job for anyone who doesn’t have the patience for it.

Right from planning, all the way to decorate your party for the special occasion.

A party decorations business is recession-proof.

No matter how Covid ravaged our lives and continues to, people didn’t stop throwing parties.

If you love planning, working with different clientele, turning spaces into magical places, then a party decorations business is for you.

You will invest money in getting the supplies needed for a party.

Your money will go into buying centrepieces, flatware (spoons, forks, knives), crockery (plates, serving bowls, fruit bowls and dishes of all kinds).

You can start by hiring party decor items for every event you want to decorate.

You must also get a team that will help you work effortlessly.

You have to focus your effort on coming up with a marketing strategy for your party decorations business to keep growing.

Offer the best and top-notch customer service in order for your services to spread through word of mouth.

Don’t forget to market your party decorations services on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or TikTok by showing behind the scenes how you run your business or moving places from boring to places of celebrations.

To make more money in your party decorations business, sell party decorations items or hire your party decorations items.

You can start a blog or YouTube channel and start getting paid for your party decoration money.

The more side hustles you have inside your party decorations business, the more money you make in a month, so the income varies depending on what you offer.

Is a Party Decorations Business Profitable?

Yes, a party decorations business is highly profitable. You can make a lot of money by decorating people’s parties and events.

The party decorations industry business is growing every day and party decorations services are in high demand.

This means that you serve a wide customer base, from birthday parties to corporate events.

You can start a party decorations business as a side job and make a passive income or get into this business full time and earn a living out of it.

A party decorations business is a viable investment and any entrepreneur should think about starting this business, especially with the current rise.

How to Start a Profitable Party Decorations Business

You have decided to start a party decorations business.

The next thing you have to think about is how you can build your party decorations business from scratch.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can start a stable party decorations business. 

Do market research

Before you start any business, study your market and do a thorough analysis.

Who are your competitors?

What are they doing?

How are they pricing their party decorations services?

How are they marketing their business?

What can you do to gain a competitive advantage over them?

What about your target audience? Who are they?

What party decorations services do they need?

What are they lacking?

Where are they located?

Understanding your market is important if you want to have a clear perspective going into this business.

You will also identify any potential challenges that you will face before you start your party decorations business. 

Find a niche

The next thing you want to do is to find an area to specialise.

You do not want to be overwhelmed when you are starting this business.

Moreover, people are more trusting to party decorations business owners who have expertise in a particular niche.

After you have hired your skills, you can diversify your talent.

Some of the best niches you can choose from include decorating children’s parties, wedding parties, gender reveal and baby shower parties, holiday parties or baby shower parties.

Choose well and go where the money is at.

Register your business

As you start your party decorations business, you have to make sure that your business is in full compliance with the law.

You do not want to start a business and risk having it shut down or paying heavy fines for not meeting all legal requirements. 

Build your portfolio

You have to build your party decorations business portfolio that you are going to show clients who are interested in your party decorations services.

Take good pictures and share them on your website or have an album where you can keep them.

Your portfolio will create a first impression with your clients and this will determine if they seek your party decorations services or not.

Plan your meeting place

You have to start thinking about where you are going to meet your clients to discuss business.

Oftentimes, this can be done on phone or over the Internet, but a face to face interaction is a good way to build rapport with your clients.

You will also get to check out the area you are going to decorate and discuss the budgeting expenses.

Some of the best places to hold these meetings are home offices or restaurants.

Market your business

Your first clients create a base for you to get more clients.

You have to employ good marketing strategies so that you can reach both online and offline clients who will want your video editing business.

Remember, without clients, you have no business.

Have a plan

Come up with a strategy on how you are going to find your clients, meet them, get the party decorations and give them your services.

Your party decorations business will run smoothly when you have a plan.

Keep a proper budget

Make a list of the things you need and the expenses that you are going to incur when you cater for these needs.

Having a budget will guide you on how to invest in the things that you need for a successful party decorations business.

Improve your party decorating skills

You cannot always rely on what you know today to satisfy new clients in the future.

Learn new ways how to decorate parties so that you can give a wide offering.

Keep up with trends

Make sure you follow what is currently happening in the party decorations industry so that you can give your clients the latest party decoration ideas.

They will be more stratified this way and they will seek your services again.

Invest in the right decorations

Only buy what you need.

Do not go for cheap party decorations, but invest in high-quality ones if you want to avoid damages or loss. 

Market your business

Do extensive marketing both online and offline for your party decorations business.

You will find more clients that you need to run a successful party decorations business.

A Day in the Life of a Party Decor Business Owner

There are certain things that you will be doing on any typical day in your party decorations business. It is good to know what you will be handling so that you do not fall short in your business activities.

  • Meeting with clients
  • Getting client’s details on how they want they party to be decorated
  • Getting the necessary party decorations 
  • Decorating client’s parties
  • Marketing your party decorations business 
  • Responding to client’s call and emails
  • Checking to make sure you have fulfilled client’s needs and make any adjustments if necessary 

What Do I Need to Start a Party Decorations Business?

This is what you need to start a party decorations business. 

  • Party decorations 
  • Physical space to store party decorations 
  • A business website 
  • Business license
  • Business insurance 

What are the Expenses for Starting a Party Decorations Business?

When you are starting a party decorations business, you have to know the initial startup costs and the ongoing expenses that you will incur.

You do not want to end up falling short in your startup budget as you create your business plan.

The following are expenses for starting a party decorations business and they include:

  1. Cost for buying party decorations 
  1. Website costs
  1. Licensing fees
  1. Insurance premiums
  1. Phone services 
  1. Rent expenses and utility bills 
  1. Marketing expenses 

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Party Decorations Business?

The amount of money it will cost you to start a party decorations business will depend on the projects you handle.

If you are going to start party decorations for big events and projects, you will need to incur large capital costs than simpler projects like birthday party decorations.

Expect startup costs of Ksh. 20,000 or more to start a party decorations business.

Only invest in high-quality party decor items.

How Do I Make Money With a Party Decorations Business?

When you start a party decorations business, you will make money by decorating parties for your clients.

This is the most basic dynamic of a party decorations business.

You can also make money by selling your decorations at a profit or renting out your party decorations at a fee.

You can make more money as a party decorator by offering catering, cake decorating services, a balloon decor service or selling party venues.

How Much Should I Charge Customers for Party Decorations?

The amount of money you charge your customers will depend on the following factors. 

  1. Competition. Look at what your competitors are charging when they decorate similar parties to you. Check the industry standards they have set and use this as the base for which you will start charging your customers.
  1. Location type. Check the location for which you are going to decorate a party. High affluent places have people who are more willing to pay for your party decorations services. 

You can charge your customers by the hour or give them a flat rate.

Most customers will prefer to pay you on a flat rate basis because it is the better option for both of you.

You can charge your clients Ksh. 30,000 or more to decorate parties for them.

Make sure that you use a fair and competitive pricing model and one that is still going to make you profits.

How Much Money Can I Make With a Party Decorations Business?

You can make a lot of money with a party decorations business.

The amount of money you make will be dependent on the type and the number of parties you decorate.

You have to channel all your efforts towards marketing if you want to find more clients for your business.

You can make Ksh. 40,000 or more from a single party decorations service.

Legal Requirements for Starting a Party Decorations Business

When you are starting an agency for your party decorations business, you have to make sure you are in full compliance with the law so that you will not end up paying heavy fines or get your business shut down. These are the necessary permits and licenses you need to start a party decorations business.

  • Business license 
  • Business insurance for General Liability 
  • A service contract on the terms of service and payment. 

What Skills Do I Need to Start a Party Decorations Business?

There are some skills and qualities that you need to have to start a party decorations business.

  1. Networking skills. You need to show up to the community party and events if you are invited and network with other party decorations business owners. It will widen your scope and you will learn a few things from your competitors. 
  1. Interpersonal skills. With a party decorations business, you must learn to connect well with people if you are going to work together to come up with the best party decor. In the process, you will be forming meaningful long term relationships with your clients.
  1. Customer service.  Practice good customer service and make sure that your clients get the best experience from your party decorations services. You will know this through the feedback that you will get.
  1. Creativity. Creativity goes a long way in a party decorations business. You need to come up with new and unique party decorations ideas so that you may give your clients the best of what there is.
  1. Communication skills. It is essential to be a good communicator especially if you are running your own business. You have to build rapport with your clients and understand their needs before you get busy with decorating.
  1. Time management. Get your client’s event ready before the d-day. There are some party decorators who will wait until the last minute to do the party decorations then. Your clients will not look for you again.

Who are the Target Market for a Party Decorations Business?

Your target customers are people who are throwing parties for a special occasion and they need a party decorator to improve the outlook of the party.

They could literally be anyone.

Getting your clients is quite easy.

How to Promote a Party Decorations Business

After getting the first clients for your party decorations business,  do not stop there. Widen your scope.

If you want to grow your business, you have to promote yourself and your party decorations business.

This will allow you to find more customers.

Here is what you can do to promote your party decorations business. 

Ask for referrals

Have a referral program, whereby if a client is satisfied with your work, they can recommend someone else to seek and obtain your party decorations services. 

Have a website

Go online and showcase your party decorations projects.

Take time to optimise your website for SEO and also build content.

Your website will create a first impression on your customers and this will determine if they seek your services or not.

Social Media

Leverage the connections you have on social media and use that to showcase your party decorations projects on Facebook and Instagram.

Take good pictures of your work and share them on various social media platforms if you want to generate more leads.


Start doing quality work for people and build your brand through that. It is easier to get more clients this way.

When people can acknowledge how great your services are, they will tell people who you are and how they can get in touch with you for your services.

Ask for referrals and testimonials to get more clients.


Connect with other party decorations industry experts participate in local and community events and meet new people. You will get more clients and leads in this way.

Postcards / Flyers / Door Hangers

You can promote your party decorations business in your local area by using postcards and flyers with good branding, details and contact information. This will increase your chances of being hired.

Make your party decorations business available on sites such as Google or Yelp so that people can come online and search for your services easily

Create a business profile, showcase your projects and ask for customer reviews if you want to make it to these directories.

Business cards

Have a business card with good branding, business details and contact information so that your clients will know how to reach you when they need your party decorations services.

Survey customers

Examine the prospective customers that you have and prepare survey questions for them. This will allow you to generate new leads.

What are the Advantages of a Party Decorations Business?

These are some of the benefits you will have when you start a party decorations business. 

  1. Low startup costs. A party decorations business has low capital costs because you do not need to open a storefront to operate your business. You can fund clients and carry out your party decorations business online or in your home office.
  1. Passive income. You can start a party decorations business as a side job and earn passive income or do this business full time. A party decorations business is a good way to supplement your income.
  1. Wider market. A party decoration business has a wide customer base. People throw parties all year round and you can easily find more clients from the parties that you decorate. Your customers are either online or offline, so you need to market extensively on both ends
  1. Meaningful relationships. With a party decorations business, you will be able to interact and connect with people from all walks of life. You will build trust, loyalty and meaningful long term relationships with your clients.
  1. Boost creativity. In order to decorate a party, you have to have creative skills and ideas. I believe everyone is creative. You will tap into your creativity levels and come up with the  best parties for your clients.

Downsides of a Party Decorations Business

These are the problems and challenges you will face when you start a party decorations business.

  1. You will need training.  You can or just start decorating parties from the get go. You need a good foundation on party decorations. You can get training or educate yourself on how to decorate parties. No client will trust you if you don’t have credible work to show.
  1. High stress levels. Decorating parties is stressful because sometimes you may have to meet crazy deadlines and deal with difficult clients. You really have to have the patience for it.
  1. Long working hours. Sometimes you may need to work overtime, especially if you are decorating a party for a big event. You may find yourself working late in the night or waking up early to get the place finished up for the party 
  1. There may be damages. There may be a few accidents or damages in your party decorations, for example balloons may burst. You want to invest in quality decorations and always have backups. This can be expensive. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Party Decorations Business

To operate a successful party decorations business, avoid the following mistakes and they include:

  1. Poor budgeting. Failure to budget well for your business will have you running short of things you need for your party decorations business. You do not want to buy things that you do not need or run out of money before you have accomplished a task.
  1. Ignoring competition. Ignoring competition means that you will not be aware of the current changes and trends in party decorations. You will also not know how to price your services and stay competitive. If you cannot gain a competitive advantage over other party decorations businesses, your business will fail. 
  1. Decorating how you want. Do not do what you want in a party decorations business. You want to get your client’s direction, views and opinions for a more personal touch. If you only focus on what you think is best for your clients, they will not want to hire your party decorations services again.
  1. Getting the wrong decorations. Make sure you invest in high quality party decorations for your business. Check the industry trends to find out what decorations are currently being used. If you do not supply your clients with the latest decorations for their parties, they will seek their services elsewhere. 
  1. Failure to market your business. The party decorations industry is very competitive. You need to promote your business if you want to find more clients. Without clients, you may be forced to shut down your business.

6. Providing poor customer service.

7. Not delivering your promises.

8. Ignoring the power of social media marketing.

Unique Party Deocrations Business Ideas

Going into party decorations, you want to come up with unique niches that not so many people are into.

You want to do more than just decorate parties for your clients. I will give you some creative party decoration business ideas that you can start your business with today.

Here are some party decorations businesses you should think about starting today.

  • Start a food catering business 
  • Start a party decorations rental business 
  • Start a virtual events business
  • Supply light and sound equipment 
  • Start a cleaning service 
  • Start a blog on party decorations 
  • Start a balloon decor business
  • Start a gift wrapping service 
  • Become a cake decorator 

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FAQs on Starting a Party Decorations Business in Kenya

The following are the most asked questions on starting a party decorating business in Kenya and they include:

1. How do I start my own event decorating business?

Pick a niche for example wedding, convention, conference decorator, birthday party themes, decorating for family, bachelorette party decorator.

Develop a website to showcase your services.

Have a portfolio of your work to show to clients

Advertise/market your party decor services on social media and offline

Find additional opportunities like selling party decor items, starting a blog, starting a YouTube channel, becoming a party decor influencer

2. How do party planners charge?

15 – 20 per cent of the total cost of an event.

This amount depends on the complexity of the program, the amount of time it takes to plan and execute.

3. What’s the difference between an event planner and an event decorator?

Event decorator = creative side/turning spaces into magic

Event planner= organisation (from lighting, drapes, centrepieces, entertainment, furniture)

A party decorations business is a good side hustle for planners.

You get to run your business from the comfort of your home while working or engaging in other chores.

The more you market yourself as a party decorator, the more customers you get.

Take your time to collaborate with other party decorators.

Collaborations mean, sharing or getting referrals or never missing out on a lead because you didn’t have the supplies needed to decorate a party.

You can start your party decoration business as a niche, for example, become known as the kids birthday party decorator in Nairobi county.

As your reputation grows, you can branch on other niches.

Remember parties are recession-proof businesses and the earning potentials are limited by your own imagination.

A party decorations business allows you to earn passive income, full-time income or earn money as a side hustle.

Are you interested in becoming a party decorator?

Or are you a party decorator wondering how to make more money from your business?

What challenges do you meet as a party decorator?

Share your experiences.




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