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I tell people I meet all the time, ”It’s possible to achieve your dreams in Kenya without moving an inch to any developed nation’.

And the people look in amazement and doubt and some ask, ‘How can I achieve my dreams living in this hard country of ours?”.

Dreams are put in your heart by God and God puts in us things He knows only we can achieve.

Any time you dream of something, it’s not from you it’s from God.

My biggest dream since quitting freelance writing has been to grow this blog beyond my eyes.

My biggest dream is for Kenyans to realise how we are blessed as a nation and begin utilising the gifts we have in Kenya to turn our country around.

My dream is that we go beyond politics and tribes to seeing the differences that make us similar.

Do you know why God put dreams in us? So, that we can keep advancing His work of creation; leave the earth better than we found it.

Unfortunately, not all of us will realise our dreams.

Because some of us refuse to see the greatest we have in us and some keep postponing their ideas believing they’ll do at a later date and others refuse to take action because someone with money will steal their ideas.

Remember, ideas don’t make anyone rich or lead their dreams, actions do.

Are you wondering what’s stopping you from achieving your ideas as a Kenyan?

Are you wondering if in your wildest dreams it’s possible to achieve your dreams?

Let’s read this article and start turning our lives around by taking action.

What’s your greatest dream and do you have a plan on how to achieve it?

Is It Possible for My Dreams to Come True?

Yes, first of all, every dream worth its salt is terrifying. You find yourself wondering what happens next?

Will this idea work?

What if I fail?

Will my failure discourage me or make me different?

I prefer what Jeff Bezos said it’s better to fail than keep wondering.

So, if you are wondering if your dreams can come true, wonder no more.

There is no tried and true approach to achieving your dreams.

People usually follow their gut and cling to any opportunities that will be their one-way ticket towards making their dreams come true. 

The following are ways to make your dreams come true and they include:

  1. Believe in yourself.

The greatest secret I discovered is that if you don’t believe in yourself, there’s no way you can achieve your goals.

Importantly if you don’t believe that God chose or put this idea in you and it can transform the world, I assure you there is going nowhere.

The first step in believing in yourself is, of course, trusting your gut instinct. Instead of sitting down asking, after trust what next?

The more steps you take towards achieving the kind you live you envisioned, the more you learn, the quicker the mistakes you make and the faster you move on.

Courage, they say, isn’t the absence; rather it’s feeling the fear but doing it afraid.

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2. Write down your dreams.

There is something oddly satisfying about putting your thoughts to paper.

When you write down your dreams, they cease to be just thoughts.

You breathe life into them.

That is your first step to making your dreams a reality.

You take something that is intangible and you make it tangible.

Take a notebook, a favourite journal or a secret diary. Pen down your thoughts.

What you want to be or what you want to achieve.

If you have more than one dream, you can assign separate pages for each dream so that you might not get them mixed up or be discouraged that they are too many.

As you write, your dreams now become projects that need to be done.

If you have more than one goal, prioritize them. Rank which one comes first.

That which you are not willing to sacrifice at whatever cost.

Study shows that people who write down their goals are more likely to succeed. It is an easy 40% chance. Take it.

3. Make a plan.

Break down your dreams into manageable steps just like you would do an assignment for a school project.

Focus on how you can achieve one goal at a time.

Identify the values that you hold dear.

Assess and be true to yourself.

Making a plan is important because you feel more in charge of your future.

Choose a plan that moves you forward towards your desired goal.

If you want to get a job promotion to the executive level what do you need to do?

Report working early? Beat deadlines? Be more productive? Things like that.

When you make a plan, let it be flexible so that you can adjust it if there is a sudden change in your environment or who you become as a person.

Revise your plan over and over to make sure it best suits your needs.

4. Put your ideas to work.

Once you have created your action plan, it is now time to get started.

Use the available resources to make things work.

Are you planning to go on vacation to a major tourist attraction site?

Your action plan would be to save up or secure yourself a vacation through your job.

You can start by saving 10% of your salary monthly and accumulate enough money to sustain your trip and travel at the end of the year. You do not have to ride on the fast track.

Success does not come overnight.

It is the effort and patience that counts.

Do you want to top your class or improve your grades?

Your action plan would be to read more, be more attentive in classes, get a tutor etc.

Start spending more time in the library.

Engage your professors and classmates for assistance.

Slowly, but surely, you will start making tremendous progress in your overall performance and be one step closer toward achieving your dreams.

5. Make sacrifices and drop excuses.

People tend to think that the major reason why they fail is because of external forces. The simple truth is that you fail because you stop trying.

Increase your odds of success by making sacrifices.

When you prioritise your goals, you can know when and where to make sacrifices.

You can sacrifice your time to work on a project, your sleep to beat a certain deadline, your personal relationship with friends or your luxury.

If you would splurge on expensive clothes or shoes, you can cut costs and save on an important project.

Avoid procrastinating.

Do not say you are too busy, or you can’t handle it.

That is only detrimental to your success.

Take up responsibility if you want to achieve your goals. 

6. Track your progress.

It is important to keep the focus on your goals and not let anyone or anything sidetrack you.

Identify hurdles that are on your journey and find a way to jump over them or slide through them.

Evaluate yourself as well.

Write a report on your progress.

What changed over time?

How possible is it at this point to achieve your dreams?

If you feel that you have been giving it all that you have and the odds of realising your dreams are still not in your favour, you can take an alternative plan of action. Be flexible.

But before that, try again and again to make a difference. Do not give up.

Like we said, success is not made overnight.

You also get motivated once you see that your efforts are bearing fruits and this will get you more amped about your dreams. 

7. Visualise success.

As you go through this journey, it may seem too long, exhausting, lonely and unpromising.

Take some time away to meditate.

Focus on the good things you will enjoy once your dreams have come true.

Think about the pleasant feeling and all the benefits you will reap afterwards.

Meditating on success is important because it builds enthusiasm and keeps you motivated.

A big dream is a reason enough to get you out of bed early in the morning. 

Always ensure that you have an unquenchable burning desire to achieve your dreams.

8. Get scared

I learnt that even though David seemed fearless, he was full of fear but he went on to do afraid.

I feel afraid of taking bold steps all the time.

Sometimes, I ask myself, ‘Am I taking too much time or have I wasted a whole waiting for the courage to show up?”.

I realised overthinking steps over you, there’s no moving ahead when you overthink.

Stop wasting time for courage to show up, it never does.

9. On your way to success, you meet obstacles

Even greater dreams get challenged. Don’t give in until you achieve your dreams.

Have you heard billionaires talking about how they spent sleepless nights wondering whether their dreams will come to fruition?

No great dream ever goes unchallenged.

The challenge comes in to test if you’re truly into the dream.

10. There’s nothing new in the face of the earth, steal

Pablo Picasso said it and the richest man to ever walk the earth, King Solomon did it.

You may think that you need a new idea or are sitting on a gold mine only for you to discover that there’s nothing new you’re thinking about.

Thinking of your ideas like this means having the courage to keep moving on.

Sometimes, new ideas or ways of doing things can terrify you to the extent of believing that you need to wait for the right time. The right time to live your dream life is now.

11. I learnt from Nehemiah that we all need people to achieve our dreams

If it weren’t for people, Nehemiah wouldn’t build the temple. He needed people to help him accomplish his dreams for his people.

12. Don’t get cheated, ask God because there’s God

You hear people talking of gods and convince you that there’s no God.

The true Living God put dreams in you because He wanted/wants you to succeed.

Realising this, I knew that I cannot become a failure, I may look like a failure now or stagnant but every day I move towards getting to my goals.

I also don’t want to fail because I don’t want to let God down.

He created me to prosper. That alone is a factor for you to chase after your dreams.

Ask God for your dreams then keep taking action as you pray to Him.

Stop listening to people too much because people won’t tell you great things about yourself when they feel inadequate.

How Do I Set My Dreams?

According to success.com 7 Steps to achieve your dreams, talk about you setting your dreams to come true in 7 steps and the steps include:

  1. Dream

2. Believe

3. See/Visualise Your Success Life

4. Tell Others

5. Plan

6. Work

7. Enjoy the Success

How Do I Find My Dream?

To find your dream or what you wanted to achieve with your life,

Go back to your childhood. What did you want to become?

What makes you terrified? What makes you feel like if you don’t finish doing you cannot leave the earth yet and you ask God to prolong your life in order to meet your dreams?

Ask God for your dreams. People say ask the ones close to you.

I say ask God, He’s the one that made you and has the answers to you for what He wanted from you.

Write down. Walk around with a notebook listing things you love doing or enjoying doing or said you would one day do.

How Do I Find My Passion

You heard that passion is the driver for lots of successful people.

To find your passion ask yourself is there something you love doing?

I loved writing and spent time writing stories down all the time in my books.

What do you spend your time reading?

I find that my reading habits keep changing so I cannot reliably say that reading will help you find your passion but it may.


Brainstorm by studying yourself

Give the passion you discovered during the brainstorming a try.

Research more about your passion idea

Work to improve.

I wasn’t writing like this.

In fact, I love the older blog posts here and wonder what made me write like this? What was I thinking?

You shouldn’t think like this but it’s awesome to make fun of yourself sometimes.

But the more you work your passion, the better you become; you even discover some tips and tricks that make working fun.

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How Long Do Dreams Take Before Becoming a Reality?

Depends on when you realise your dream and how long you worked on it.

You cannot put a number to your dream, keep working and never stop.

Why Can’t I Find My Passion?

It takes time to find your passion. You have to be in tune with yourself to discover what you enjoy doing.

Don’t force yourself to discover your passion, that only frustrates you.

Let the passion come to you.

How Do I Find My Purpose?

What are your interests?

Start reading

Starting journalling

What bothers you and can’t leave your thoughts?

What do you enjoy doing or dream of doing?

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We have all dreamt of achieving something when we were young.

Perhaps you wanted to grow big in your career, your life or change something in yourself. Even as adults, we still have dreams we want to realise.

You may have one specific goal. A moon shot. You could also have many goals altogether. 

Somewhere along the way, these dreams get thrown to the back burner.

Life comes at you pretty fast.

You get caught up in the hustle and bustle of day to day life and before you realize it, all your dreams get dissipated in thin air. 

When you are going to school, working 9-5 and sometimes juggling both work and school, most times, your dreams just remain that, dreams.

If you do not have a solid plan on how you can realize these goals, you end up beating yourself up over the missed opportunities and dashed dreams.

You become unhappy.

Take a second to think about your secret dream.

What is it? What is important to you?

What do you want to achieve before you die? What is this one thing that keeps you up at night?

What ignites your soul to want to achieve more? 

We all know what we secretly want.

However, knowing what you want is not enough.

It is not enough to just dream.

You have to take action to make your dreams possible.

In their quest to achieve great success, most people have gone with different approaches. 

The road to success is quite long and it has a lot of road bumps.

When you do not know how to go about it, you give up on life and on your dreams.

There is an effective way of achieving your dreams, which is to set out a roadmap complete with a rather strict path as well as rest points.

You have to have a plan. Some people however believe in just getting started.

They say that going through the set process is a complete drag.

All in all, the secret to getting ahead is getting started.

Go through each of them with great patience, persistence and perseverance.

Nothing good comes easy. Take your time. Relax.

There are no shortcuts.

You will be living your dreams each day, instead of waiting for that one big breakthrough.

Never push aside your goals as unrealistic and unattainable.

Dream it possible!

Do you know what your dream is? What are you doing to go closer to your dreams?

Are you struggling to find what your dream is?




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