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There’s a lot of money online but unless you know how to put it in your pocket, you don’t have it. What are the business ideas that can earn a Kenyan a $1000 or more online in 2019 and beyond? 

Making money online isn’t in black and white because not many Kenyans know how to utilise online to make money. Or if they are, they share less of how they make money online. The following work online ideas will enable you to earn a $1000 online or start your online business.

They include: 

  1. Freelance Writer 

You can start a freelance writing career on content milling sites like Upwork or Freelancer. Though I don’t like content mills, according to Laura Pennington, Upwork is an employer. And she has a course where she enlightens other would-be freelancers. 

Check Laura’s courses on Freelance Writing on Upwork. 

Apart from Laura, there are other freelance writing courses and advice like that from Sophie Lizard’s blog where there’s a jobs board for you to get jobs. 

        2. Build Websites / Website Development 

Building websites requires a lot of knowledge on CSS, Javascript and HTML coding languages among others. You can easily make $1000 from one website or more.

 Even with the invention of website builders like Divi, Elementor or the invention of already made websites like Wix or Squarespace, building a professional website requires the knowledge and expertise of a website builder. 

You can learn how to build websites from Code University, Coursera or from Ferdy, a YouTube personality teaching how to build websites with WordPress. He’s called the WordPress King. Nowadays, when building a website ensure it’s mobile optimised because people view websites from their mobile. 

  3. Network Marketing 

Network Marketing is a model of business known as a scam. But it doesn’t have to be. If you can sell or are a good salesperson making money as a network marketer can net you $1000 from a single sale.

 You have to practice Network Marketing best practices so as not to come across as a scam artist. Gear to educate your customers on the products you are marketing instead of selling. 

Network Marketing involves, buying inventory upfront at reduced or subsidised costs then reselling them to customers. 

Best companies for network marketing include: 

  1. Scentsy
  2. YoungLiving 
  3. Plexus among others. 

Always do your due diligence or find a niche for your network marketing business. 

      4. Affiliate Marketing

A lot has been said about affiliate marketing as the best way to make money online. It’s easy and fast. And for bloggers, the best way to make money with little to no traffic. Just like Network Marketing, you promote products to others according to your recommendations, then you earn a commission. 

Be sure to recommend products which you use and don’t exaggerate the value of the products. 

Most popular Affiliate Marketing Companies are:


Click Banks 

Click Funnels



       5. SEO Writer 

An SEO Copywriter writes sales copy for your blog. A content writer who does keyword research and content marketing. Without excellent copy, Google will never find your blog or content. That’s why there are keyword research and SEO writing companies.

If you want to be an SEO Writer take this course by Inkwell Editorial. 

       6. Copywriter 

A copywriter writes great content either to rank on Google or by using keyword research making them SEO Copywriter. A copywriter helps you advertise your business by writing sales copy. For example, after writing an ebook, how do you expect to build hype around the book? Or before introducing a new product in the market, how do you convince subscribers to buy the book? Copywriters don’t work for blogs alone but create advertisement or billboard advertising white papers. 

7. Sell Things 

What do you have lying around which you can sell? Home goods like furniture and old electronic goods or clothes? Declutter your home the KonMari Way by selling or giving items which you don’t love or those which don’t spark joy. 

8. Become a Graphic Designer 

Do you enjoy creating exciting visuals for your brands? You can become a graphic designer by using Canva 





Among other graphic design companies. 

9. Virtual Assistant 

Virtual Assistants act like online secretaries. You can start your online business or work with industries that hire virtual assistants. Virtual Assistants are the Jane and Jack of all trades. To beat the over-saturation in the virtual assistance industry, find a niche. 

Virtual Assistant companies include: 

10. Transcriptionist

Do you like coding? Coding for solving puzzles. Transcriptionists do these, listen to messages over the phone/laptop then type down what the person said. They type what the speaker said rather than write what they think about. 

Depending on the company you work for, it’s easy to make $1000 per month or more if you are a fast typist. 

Transcription companies include:


11. Airbnb Host 

Do you have a home? Is it vacant when you travel? Well, you’re losing out in the Airbnb hosting market. You can make $1000 hosting either through home-sharing or leasing your property for long-term renting.  

How do you use your home? Have you heard about home-sharing and how to make money welcoming visitors from all around the world? If you don’t know how to utilise your home, I have an eBook to help guide you through scaling your Airbnb business. With a max of 20 bookings a month for $50 a night, you already have $1000 plus per night. 

To scale your business to give you more than ‘’survival’’ money per month, learn in my ebook:

  1. How to take professional-looking photos with your smartphone. 
  2. How to check-in guests like a 7-star resort. 
  3. Why choosing a niche Airbnb market will enable you to maximise on your bookings. 

Among other topics. 

Grab the book on Amazon and read.  Or simply, call me to come to help you show you how to create a listing with immediate booking. Or email me on GERTRUDE DOT AKINYIATGMAILDOTCOM to find out about my Airbnb Services to Kenyan Home-Owners.

12. Publisher

Do you have stories to share? Are they romantic, crime, horror, sci-fi or comics or fictional? Readers are looking for info-product or entertaining books to immerse themselves in. 

Do you know how to write a story that captures the human heart? Can you design book covers which turn heads? And are you ready to market and sit at your desk for hours typing away with no social life? 

Well, according to Inkwell Editorial, you can make as much as $2500 from a single romantic ebook if you’re consistent. Or you can employ a ghostwriter to write for you or speak the words the way you’d want them to appear in the ebook (audible books). Then give a transcriber to type away. 

Or you could start a publishing company. 

13. Dropship 

Have you ever run an online store where you sell things without inventory? Rather, you research hotcake items for sale then resell them to your customers at a profit. Is this a model of business you’d be interested in?

There are a ton of videos on YouTube (Wholesale Ted) which explores how to run a successful dropshipping company. And which products are hotcake? 

14. Save 

As cheesy as it may seem, saving is a form of making money. You need to have money to save. Sometimes, whatever you earn, you can scale your budget down to have an income you want or desire. Saving is an empowerment ritual. Save more. 

15. Sell on Facebook and Instagram 

It’s very easy to start a selling business if you know what you’re doing. On Facebook, you can sell anything from used household items, electronics or drop-shipped items.

16. Become a Camera Girl/Boy 

I won’t recommend this mode of earning money but if you are not camera-shy why not? You are harming no one. The job entails ‘modelling’ nude in front of ‘hungry men’. This mode of work equals working for the porn industry which I don’t recommend unless you are into the adult industry. 

17. Start a Blogging Business 

A blog takes time to grow. You also need a lot of traffic, advertising and years of hard work to get to where you want your business to get to. A blog needs a niche and some blogging niches include: 

Financial Blogs, 

Lifestyle Blogs,

Luxury Blog,

Technology Blog. 

18. Start a Hobby Business 

A hobby business is a talent business. What you do without feeling coerced or forced to earn money. What comes naturally to you?. Examples include: 




Would you love to begin a hobby business the right way? And turn from a hobby business into a money-minting machine? Read the article about a hobby business here and begin your successful hobby business. 




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