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Last Updated on 30 April 2020 by Gertrude

It’ll be an interesting day in history when non-seasoned freelancers in Kenya begin working for $20 an hour.

It’s a long pain thinking about the $2 an hour jobs beginner freelancers are willing to do.

To succeed online and begin earning $20 or more an hour working online you have to get skills or learn a new skill that’s profitable.

Kenyans have been sold the idea that working online is for scam-artist where you have to click a link and you earn $200 a day or 20k a day!

No, working online, on the contrary, is working offline, the only difference is you work from your home utilising technology.

So, how do you earn 2,000 shillings an hour working online and what jobs pay you that kind of money?

Imagine earning 2000 an hour and you work 40/hrs per week then make the calculations for a month!.

As I leave you to ponder on the amount you’ll earn per month, let’s dive into the best jobs paying 2000 shillings an hour and don’t need experience. 

Best Jobs Paying $20 an Hour Requiring No Experience / Degree for Kenyans

The following are the best jobs to earn 2,000 shillings or more an hour and the best part, don’t need a degree for you to take as a Kenyan.

I don’t just write about these jobs, I have worked in some of them like the VA, earning $30 an hour, but you have to choose a niche.

I also want you to get as competitive as possible, that means have the correct skills, niche and knowing and charging your worth. 

The jobs include the following:


I have talked a lot about proofreading, in fact, it bores me to death to go through my work. I use Grammarly all the time for proofreading.

They say a good writer must proofread. If you have great grammar, a knack for sentence structure, then this field earns you $20 or more dollars an hour.

You can get your feet wet on Fiverr and do the 5 dollars or rather 4 dollar jobs then upsell. Make sure to get yourself on Proofread Anywhere, the website that shows you how to be a great proofreader.

The owner, Caitlin Pyle, earns six-figures or more per year. I think the website advertises for jobs as well, check it out.  


I enjoyed tutoring but I have never wanted to tutor English online because I never passed my Language classes.

Those were the most agonising classes in my life, I never wanted to be a teacher anyway.

Some tutoring websites require for you to have a degree others don’t mind as long as you can speak excellent English.

You don’t have to limit yourself to tutoring English though, there are other subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and there is tutoring for SATs or IGCSE. The pay on the websites ranges from $15-35.

You don’t have to rely on websites, you can create content for yourself. Remember, you must have a computer with a great internet connection and a pair of headsets. 

Freelance writing 

If you want to make more than $20 an hour as a freelance writer, choose a niche. I was once in a position where I wrote everything for everyone. I got paid pennies but peanuts are pricey!

I chose to go for SEO Copywriting and technical writing and my life changed.

I have chosen to bring the knowledge on this blog. It takes time to decide what writer you are or good at but it doesn’t have to take a long time.

A great writer writes every day, my God, the hardest chore yet that I try to do. I find myself writing over 200k words a week and not wanting to write ever again until two weeks later. I beat myself often.

So, choose a time that works well for you and grab that computer and start getting paid as a freelance writer.

Remember, to learn the skills of a copywriter on Kopywriting Kourse, it’s the only blog that doesn’t speak a  lot of B.S and it’s easier to understand what a copywriter is needed to do.

Practice makes perfect writers. 


When I got approached to work as an online secretary in 2012, I thought, no way, I can’t do that.

I got paid 40k a month and I was over the moon before long I got another client paying me 40k so, I was bringing in 80k and I was content.

My role included basic office work like booking and searching for flights, creating emails and responding to queries for my boss.

Nowadays, I would advise a VA to find a niche, there are so many roles to fulfil as a VA but you cannot do them all.

The most paid VA are the SEO VA, programmer VA and digital marketers. If you don’t have skills in this field, go get them for free on YouTube or enrol in a course on Udemy or Coursera. 

Medical transcription 

If you can ‘decipher’ messages as they’re read by medical personalities earning $20 an hour or more online will be easy.

Before beginning, get certified by taking CareerStep courses.

On CareerStep, they even promise you a job after course completion. The fees there are quite steep but doable if you’re willing to learn medical transcription.

The medical field has opportunities all the time for those willing to learn. 

Real estate agent 

Real estate agents don’t know how to market their houses to whet Kenyans appetite but we’re getting there.

We want aerial views of properties plus what’s inside the house to make us come in.

This is where you as a real estate agent who knows this comes in, teach these agencies how to compete. 


You don’t see many landscapers earning lots of money in Kenya, you can set yourself apart. Have all the tools, brand and advertise your business.

To make more money, make sure you introduce other money-minting services like plumbing and electrician services. Have the tools for landscaping and mow the lawns like a pro. 

Airbnb/Uber Driver 

The ride-sharing and house sharing economy changed how we travel.

Having an Airbnb business isn’t about making ‘soft money’ meaning 0-50 dollars a night, it’s competing with hotels and resorts in your neighbourhood.

For example, do you know how to make money with Airbnb and become a millionaire in Kenya?

You must choose or start from a niche, know what kind of travellers there are and how to cater to them.

Location doesn’t matter when running an Airbnb business, so, compensate your location by offering excellent customer experience.

Something many Airbnb hosts forget about. Why must a guest choose your location?

Now, read and keep yourself more informed about Airbnb business by reading my book about operating a successful Airbnb business. 

Ridesharing, on the other hand, is about making customers feel comfortable using your car.

Be available for your customers, talk to them well and collect as many contacts as possible from them.

It’s possible to earn more than $20 with great customer service.

Know about the peak hours and go to the extent of being reliable to pick kids from school. 


Photography is considered a high paying business not only for professionals but amateurs.

You know you don’t have to take great photos these days. People are going for the authentic look, so do you have a smartphone?

Learn how to take great photos with your smartphone then sell your photos as stock photos.

To make more money, sell licences for your photos. And if you use correct keywords, you are bound to make more than 2k shillings an hour. 

Fitness instructors 

If you are a fitness fanatic earning 2,000 shillings an hour is easy.

Create online courses where your students join in and take each session. It pays if you know what your clients are looking for, for example, the best exercises for losing belly fat after giving birth or fat arm loss.

It pays well when you start from a niche then expand from there. 


These days it isn’t a must for women to know how to cook, right?

Women are in the workforce now more than ever, I mean, we started knowing our rights. That’s where you come in as a chef.

It depends on your culinary skills and marketing abilities.

If you know a little more about preparing five-minute healthy meals or how to keto or paleo or vegetarian, prepare for your clients.

Most busy families are in need of personal chefs. 


The handyman business pays well all the time whether recession hits or not, handymen are always needed.

Because men have been defeated to work as handymen, handywomen come in handy.

If you want to make a killer living as a handyman, brand your business and advertise about your services. 


Like plumbers above, electricians are needed all the time to fix faulty electricity lines. 


A paralegal does work as the lawyer orders. In Kenya, you need a diploma in law studies to become a paralegal.

It’s a great career path of learning how the law in Kenya works.

You can bring your expertise online by consulting for Kenyans, who most don’t know why they need a lawyer or how to find a great lawyer. 

Foodservice managers 

The food industry needs qualified people to verify the quality of food coming into the country.

A food service manager can set up consulting online for food companies, industry or hotels.

You have to be certified to earn $20 or more dollars an hour and know more about preservatives added to foods. 

Elevator repair 

Nowadays, apartments spring up every day in Kenya but who does the repair work on these lifts?

Because elevator repairers are few, it’s a great way of earning more as a Kenyan.

You need to have worked with lots of elevators by installing them, know about electricity and balance. A lot of physics is needed!

Funeral director 

I watched a Netflix documentary about a funeral director earning a six-figure income and I wasn’t appalled.

He’s flamboyant yet caring, empathetic, all qualities you need as a funeral director. You need to have a ‘thing’ for dead bodies and know how to console plus counsel families on loss.

The director also talked about organising burial ceremonies according to traditions, high-end clientele. In other words, know who your clients are. 

Truck driving 

When I watched Netflix documentary about Outback Truckers, I wasn’t prepared to see what the truck drivers undergo while trying to deliver basic needs to their clients.

They drive through the hardest roads, face the harshest obstacles.

To earn more money as a truck driver, be willing to go where others can’t go, think of war-torn areas, areas with impassable roads. 

Medical coder 

This is about the classification of medical documents. You have to train for at least a year or two to become a medical coder. 

IT technicians 

IT technicians are needed to help with software updates, deleting of malware. IT is the fastest-growing profession in the world and in Kenya right now. 

Criminal Investigator 

There are crimes committed in Kenya every day and not much happens in terms of the investigation.

The most common crimes are armed robbery and rape.

Criminal investigators aren’t the CSI we see on TV., rather it’s an extensive work needing a lot of learning and practice. You can set up your own private practice. 

Mobile app developer 

I have talked a lot about mobile app developers, with marketers realising the increase of mobile marketing, this is where you come in.

Get paid more if you can develop apps like delivery apps or you earn more if the platform you create becomes popular.

Think of popular apps like Airbnb, Uber, Glovo, don’t come up with something similar.

To come up with something unique, read their reviews to find out what’s missing then next develop an app with the features customers want. 


Jesus was a carpenter and carpenters are regarded as poor/humble man jobs.

But come to think about it, if it were not for the carpenter, would you sleep on your cosy rich bed or use your fancy dining table?

These jobs pay more when you can come up with unique designs or by reusing wood-like pallet woods to create original pieces.

The best places to market your work would be Pinterest or Instagram. You can sell plans for your work (printable downloads) to make money without working at all (passive income)

Auto body repair 

Have you seen how auto body repair shows are popular on Netflix? Think of rusted cars being brought to life by skilled mechanics.

This shows you how people cherish their cars, if you can bring an old rusted metal into something to be used for years to come, you’re bound to make more money.

Some car restoration yards report six-figure or more earnings, meaning millions of shillings in profit per year. 

Film /video editor 

Since YouTube, video marketing has become the best way to market products.

Doesn’t mean written words are lost but with video, we’re able to see the product manufacturer or the process it took to create an item.

This is why film editors are needed to trim, cut, add, or create scenes appealing to the intended buyer.

A skill, not every creator has and pays a lot, check for works on Fiverr, Upwork to get started or directly contact YouTube channel owners for gigs. 

Fashion designer 

Fashion designers honed in their craft earn more than $20 an hour, that’s for the newbies.

If you can come up with unique, elegant designs you can make millions from this business.

Check out Tiannah’s Empire to understand why a fashion designer must stand out.

She has styled Nigerian and International celebrities and personalities. You must love fashion, colour and glam your clients up.

The fashion industry thrives on great customer service and providing customer excellence.  


Beauticians are needed right now more than ever because of the increase in awareness of free make-up faces.

Also, no teen wants to walk out with an acne breakout even if it’s a natural life direction. Or no one wants to age.

Get the training needed to work as an esthetician and come up with natural solutions for ageing, acne or hyperpigmentation.

You must try out a lot of natural products to make a great income or more than $20 an hour. 

Customer representatives

I thrive in the industry of customer representatives.

In fact, when I conducted a survey of my customers in my pillow shop, they said they felt more appreciated than any store they have ever stepped into. I always want to own a physical store again.

You must be a great listener, put the needs of your customers first before your needs and know their complaints matter.

If you listen carefully, you will improve your business more than you know.

Now, customer reps are needed in all industries because they make the face of the business.

Most customer reps get paid $250 or less per month in Kenya but not online.

If you establish yourself well, you can earn that $20 per hour. You get to work in call centres, tech support. The customer reps working in tech support earn more. 

In conclusion, the jobs paying $20 an hour requiring no experience or degree need you to actually train to earn more money, the only catch, you don’t need a degree to work in these fields nor experience. 

These $20 an hour jobs are a perfect example of sticking to a job for years. Using the years of experience to establish yourself a credible consultant then setting up a business to keep making money.

Also, you need to niche out. That means, narrow down your expertise to enable you to make more money. The more an expert you are in a field, the more in demand you make yourself. 

Remember, keep learning. Don’t ever stop learning. 

Which of these high-paying jobs at $20 an hour requiring no experience or degree will you as a Kenyan do? 




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