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It’s not easy to get a job even after studying for four years at the University.

It’s becoming harder and harder to secure a well-paying job. Many graduands struggle with what to do after university because the reality sets in when your degree is ‘oversaturated’ and everyone scored a first-class.

Jobs You Can Get With Any Degree as a Kenyan

You don’t have to shriek in fear and say your degree is useless, there are some jobs which you can get with any degree you choose as long as you have the skills, attitude and extracurricular interests to match.

Also, the lack of jobs comes because many Kenyans in the university are idle or just won’t do any job.

I remember, washing dishes for no money, but that experience taught me resilience and how the hospitality industry works.

Though I got trained as a teacher, the hospitality industry is where my heart is. 

Jobs for Any Degree for Unemployed Graduates in Kenya 

Are you an unemployed graduate living in Kenya? The following jobs don’t choose which degree you pursued, these degrees look for skills, attitude, and extracurricular activities, and they include: 


Whatever degree you pursued, I have learnt that teaching is one of the best ‘falling back on’ type of degrees.

You can teach anything and these days, you don’t have to limit yourself to the classroom because there are online classes. What was your major?

Something they told you couldn’t get you a job because it’s not a ‘highly valued degree?’.

What subject did you love the most when in school? It pays to begin teaching from what you love then grow from there.

For example, I love making money online and the idea makes me wiggle in bed, I love to teach it on YouTube, then I have come to love e-commerce businesses and affiliate marketing, which I’m teaching as I go.

You will find yourself spending hours upon hours of research to keep enhancing your knowledge. 


As a graduate, this is a no-brainer. I mean, you spent time researching content all the time.

You took short notes and scribbled ideas somewhere all the time. Online researchers earn up to $100 an hour depending on the expertise.

Because a lot of people are researchers, this field is oversaturated, but you cannot beat niching out or working super fast in your early career beginnings. 


Advertising is good for people with wild imaginations like creatives. Don’t limit yourself if you don’t love how advertisements are written or displayed.

I love reading billboards and pointing out the mistakes. This is one job you learn while on the job or you become self-taught.

You have to be organised, think outside the box, have brand awareness meaning knowing the brand voice and simply and importantly, think creatively.

An extremely diverse industry where you can work with anyone you want. 


Think the police, the C.I.D or criminal investigation department, the KDF or Kenya Defence Forces.

You must have good interpersonal skills or good socialisation skills, and be emotionally intelligent.

Emotional intelligence means the capacity of awareness to control and express one’s emotions and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically according to Wikipedia.

Elements of emotional intelligence include self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

All traits which most individuals in the C.I.D, the police and KDF lack. If you love solving puzzles surrounding human behaviour, this is one career that will pay off.

Don’t get riddled with corruption and injustice as is the case. 

PR and marketing 

A Public relations officer is a problem solver who loves to socialise and network.

You must love writing because it’s the intricate part of the work. And your writing must ‘hit points/nerves’, be a great communicator because most of the time, you will be riddled with questions from the media about your boss.

Think about working for the company’s president, the president of the nation.

You must also be confident because all the words you ooze out of your mouth are open to scrutiny or criticism, I mean, it’s a business of taking a stand. 

Civil service 

After finishing secondary school, my dad tried getting me a job to work with the ministry of health as a clerk.

At the time, you didn’t need a graduate degree, which you don’t need even now. No wonder the civil servants in lower job groups get little pay. It’s a start though.

If you’re a graduate, you can earn an upwards of $300 or more depending on your ministry.

The perks of working with the civil service are the loans you get and the flexible working schedules, so you can study, work and get paid, the idea my dad wanted me to follow.

The jobs in the civil service are so competitive and unless you know someone who knows someone, then it’s not easy to get the job.

Also, some civil servants are ghost workers, who retired years ago but still earn, a lot from the government.

Like everything in the world today, it depends on who you know to get a job even as a clerk in the civil service. 


Do you love maths or playing with numbers? Then you can get yourself a job as an accountant with any degree.

You must get trained in CPAs, to be a certified accountant in Kenya. A well-known online opportunity which isn’t similar to accounting is bookkeeping and it pays good money.

The goodness with bookkeeping you get to earn at least $20 an hour for a less tedious job. 

Work at a start-up

Start-ups are always looking for talented individuals to help complete their workforce.

Startups won’t pay you a lot like established companies but you get experience to help you begin your own company or work for a bigger corporation.

At startups they don’t look at your degree, they value your skills, abilities and talents. 

Human resources 

I remember when my dad told me to complete my degree in education then take a short course in human resource.

A human resource is a great communicator and listener because you work with your boss to help them find the next big shot or employee of the company. 


Lawyers are resilient, pay attention to details like eye communication or body language and you must have good communication skills.

Good communication so you can tell or advise clients in simple languages or interpret the law to them as in civil litigation or sometimes in criminal. You can work as a paralegal.

I worked in a law firm even though I hadn’t completed my law education or I was a sneaking student.

You won’t stand in court but will gain lots of knowledge. I researched a lot of cases and case laws. When you gain lots of knowledge you can go to Kenya School of Law to become a lawyer.

The pay is good especially when you win lots of money and you have a generous boss. 

These jobs though you can get with any degree, are so hard to come by. Either because of corruption or because of many applicants.

To stand out in a sea of applications have extracurricular activities which your boss will be tempted to call you, like for example, travelling the world during the gap year to teach English or a foreign language of choice, volunteer to work with animals, or a local farm, start your own internet business or an on-campus business, become a freelance translator for students international students, or the best one get involved in student politics, see how Mr Babu Owino got ahead? 

Are you a recent stranded graduate not knowing what job you want to do?

I was once there with my teaching degree because I didn’t want to become a teacher.

Choose one of the professions or better yet, become a small business owner.  




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