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Jobs You Didn’t Think Could Be Done Online in Kenya

When Kenyans hear of work from home, they see ONLY the role of a writer.

And many people tell me, I don’t know how to write or didn’t pass my writing tests in school, can I still work online because I’m interested.

If you want to get paid to work online, you must develop some skills which are lucrative and will pay you.

But there are some jobs which you didn’t think, in your wildest dreams could be done online.

It could be the job you’re doing right now or you could choose from the list below.

Finding success working online means finding or specialising in a niche. Then narrowing down the niche to the specific role you want to do. 

Dream Jobs You Didn’t Think Pays Online in Kenya 

The following are dream jobs you didn’t think pays online for Kenyans and they include the following:

Interior designer 

Do you love making spaces livable and gorgeous? Well, an interior designer needs experience more than education, though education helps open you up to the possibilities. You have to love homes and the trends in the interior design industry. 


Textiles are your thing and you love to develop patterns. Pattern makers tell a story with their designs. You have to work at it every day to become an expert.

You must also know how to use Adobe Illustrator, which takes a couple of months or years to learn, depending on your dedication. 

Event planning and marketing 

Party planning is your thing and people who attended your party swear you’re the best.

Don’t limit yourself to graduations, weddings or Christmas parties. There are birthday or coming of age parties and these days, it parents wanting grand events for their kids.

Begin by showing your expertise on Instagram of how you throw these parties. 

Executive assistant 

The easiest term for an executive assistant online is the role of a virtual assistant.

You work in roles like a P.A who plans schedules for the company’s director like booking flights, appointments, researching company personalities. 

Legal director or attorney 

I see companies like LegalZoom having their attorney consultations online for their clients.

Kenyans don’t know when or how to seek a lawyer advise. You can create your legal practice online by writing blogs about criminal codes or civil cases Kenyans neglect or ignore.

We simply don’t know our rights and you can help with that from the comfort of your home. 

Project manager 

You oversee large projects, delegate tasks to people/teams. You are responsible for project timelines and seeing that projects are completed.

You must have soft skills like excellent communication, organisation, problem-solving and strategic thinking.

The role of a project manager is so needed and pays up to $100,000 per year online. You find these roles on Flexjobs, Upwork or Linkedin. Don’t limit yourself though, you can find project managing roles by networking. 

Software engineer 

This is a broad field including but not limited to mobile apps development, website development and developing software for banks. 

Product designer 

As a product designer, you will work with prototypes, sketches before developing the final product. You can comfortably do this while at home, most discussions take place via Zoom, Hangout or Skype. 

Product manager 

A product manager oversees the success of a product where you work to improve the product. You will work closely with the product designer and other team members like the project manager. 


You can own your private practice and set your working rate and hours. You can work from home or rent/buy a designated working space. Accountants help clients file tax returns or consultations on the importance of filing taxes. 


An excellent salesperson, first of all, knows what products sell and why.

To make more money in sales look for B2B that means a business selling products/services to another business.

Or source for products with recurring billing like expensive software that others cannot live without. E.g. internet marketers cannot live without sales landing pages, and software like Clickfunnels or Builderall plus they’re based on a monthly subscription, that means recurring income for you.

You can begin as an affiliate where you show the products/services in action then recommend these products by leaving links for the viewers/subscribers/followers. Ensure to tell them you’re using affiliate links and that you will get paid and it comes at no extra cost to them.  


A recruiter doesn’t need an office space but great networking abilities to help reach companies looking for the best hires. 

Recruiters must know what employers look for in employees and not only focus on the grades achieved but the enthusiasm in the job.

It’s easier to find recruiter jobs if you network on social networking sites like Linkedin or advertise yourself through a personal blog advising employers on how to seek employees.

Business analyst 

You work to improve the business by looking at each department, individuals and the flow of business and which areas need the most improvement. 


Your work is being specialised at something.

I remember when I strongly refused to become a teacher and was told to lecture adults, exactly, what I do with my YouTube channel and online contents.

You can teach anything under the sun from how to make love and be good at it and how to love to yoga, fitness, cooking or baking sourdough bread.

Business intelligence 

As a business intelligence, you work towards analysis data ranging from competitors, how to acquire customers and analytic thinking in the business. Your work is to provide management with areas of improvement. 

The job you’re doing 

What job are you doing right now? You could ask your boss you would love to work from home. Though not a common idea in Kenya, because you may end up getting fired or being told you suspended yourself, tread cautiously. Any job you do can turn into an online job, at least COVID-19 has proven that. 

Account manager 

You’re responsible for knowing what’s going on in the organisation in terms of finances. You give money to individuals or a company to fuel a project.

You have to be meticulous and a good financial planner knows what department deserves how much and why. 

These are the jobs you didn’t think could be done online. You need to set a strict working time though.

Working online is addictive and without strict working hours/time, you may end up overworking or underworking. 




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