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Long ago,  I made a post concerning the Members of Parliament made in Kenya. They are funny, ridiculous and sometimes very sarcastic. One day in 2014, December, 18 th,  these honourable members were to pass an honourable Bill. A Bill about security matters, for the good of Kenya and Kenyans. These men and women, our mothers and fathers instead, enjoyed throwing words, punches, stones, sufurias and jembes at each other. Or were they?

Maybe, as funny as they always are, were certainly in the mood for public ridicule not them to each other. Now, trying to understand what can lead a mature legislature in this era of digital media to throw a punch, on record? You’d think they’d be very remorseful for their actions. As usual, they got to blaming each other, ”oh it was Jubilee who started, ooh it was CORD who threw the first hoe”. Now, who wants to  hear who started what, when, how, why, where and you know.  We wanted to hear a good apology, one that’s sound as genuine, instead, it was blows. ”Ooh this is for good of Kenya and Kenyans, aah, we never meant to hack each other to death, with our words and deeds. Ooh, it was so and so”.

Human nature is too general, no matter the highest position you hold, I bet human is human. One, because, we are the same. Finally, we will always be the same. We say violence begins with the Kenyan commoner who barely lives on a dollar a day. No, it starts from those leaders we proudly chose, did we? It’s such a shame in a democracy like ours, we still throw words and middle fingers at each other in the full view of ‘small fish’. How would you expect the small fish to react when faced with such a calamity?

We will definitely hack each other to small pieces and even eat the remains, yuck! I would proudly want to tell you, we will never ever follow your circus, want to fight, go to the boxing club. There are plenty of people waiting to win golds and silver, okay?

To the Speaker, Honourable Mr. Speaker Sir, I have never seen a Bill being passed in the midst of chaos. Why complain too much, isn’t this how Mr. Kibaki became President? In darkness, the ungodly hour of the day, like a tyrannical leader being sworn in the middle of a co-up? Mr. Muturi, I believe your human weakness led you to believe that whatever the CORD coalition’s claim; were useless,  illegitimate,  nonsensical remarks and outcries, but as Kenyans, we love to hear both sides of the coin before making judgement. We love to have peace, chaos a midst us, is so lethal a weapon than Hiroshima and Nagasaki destruction. This one will render us impotent.

Next time, and I mean next if you and your crew will be on board, please don’t shame us because we know better. Last time when you shamed us, we ran with cheetah speed to kill this time, kill us, we kill you, politically. Be wary. Pass Bills when calm has resonated or adjourn the whole thing declaring it null and void, go on call security and let the uncouth ‘actioneers’ be put on camera. Yes, so we bring them to justice. Next time again, don’t tell us or keep spelling, oooh and aaah,  she did, he did. We are fed up,  at least,  because we see with our own eyes. Stand up for your mistake because it’s insanely true that, stupid is the man who defends himself, for he hears not the sound of the old one.

And you expect a naive me and him to listen when you speak at a gathering? Oh, Oh Member of Parliament, why are you letting us down?






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