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How well do you know Maths?

Did you know that most students struggle with Maths a lot?

Well, if you know a lot about Geometry, Pre-Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, Probability a company called YUP is hiring Maths teachers for K-12 students and it is hiring worldwide.

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Hiring for Worldwide this Week. 

I get my jobs from Indeed.com, and realwaystoearnmoneyonline.com website.

I have been following Ana Thurman’s blog for years now(realwaystoearnmoneyonline ) and it has helped me get jobs a lot plus offered me a lot of inside knowledge about making money online.


Help students with Maths and work anywhere anytime.

Set your own schedule.

Go Fluent

Teach English or as they state on their website: ”Improve your employees English Communication and Professional Skills with one of the world’s most trusted business English training companies.


A jobs board offering you a selection of flexible jobs as the name suggests.

Most of the jobs listed are always technology jobs but you can find a list of other selections like virtual assistance.

Find jobs that have been indicated, ”anywhere” jobs and it’s a paying subscription service just like I plan on turning our jobs board too.

They run a lot of sales always.

Plus there are a lot of real companies hiring on Flexjobs.

Nice Talk

Share your language with the world.

So it doesn’t matter which language you’re about to teach.

Time to put Swahili on the map.

Screen Rant 

If you’re a writer that loves writing for the entertainment industry then this is for you.

I have seen movie reviews and celebrity stories.

I believe you have to really love or be in tune or do a lot of research here.


They offer to learn in 3 categories:

In-centre learning with English, Science, SATs and Maths, Intenet based tutoring for tests preparation for students worldwide and Software and Content Licensing where you manage your own tutor centre.


Teach English online or turn your home into a classroom.


At the time of gathering this info read hiring for copywriters but on checking the page – it was hiring for virtual assistants in the US.

But including it in the list just in case update in the comment section down below.

Stella and Dot

An MLM for selling jewellery so if you’re a Kenyan woman interested in jewellery selling but don’t have the time to make your own, you can build your name here.

If you’re interested in learning about MLMs for Kenyans and what exactly they are, don’t forget to subscribe because I have a collection of MLMs and the best to join the industry.


                                                 Intriguing Employer of the Week:

  1. Apple is hiring College Support Agents pay is 10-14 hrs a week but only for North America.

2. WWE is hiring for Video Logging.


Why I include Employer of the Week even though the hiring is outside of Kenya:

  1. I highlight the Employer of the Week because it’s good to know and see Fortune 500 companies embracing work online.

2. It’s also good to realise that the world is rooting for flexible jobs.

3. The Employer of the Week also helps highlight to you the critical skills employers are looking for when hiring a candidate online.


Employer Tips for Getting Hired ASAP Online for Kenyan Job Seeker. 

  1. Always have a skill set of two or more marketable skills.

If you’re a virtual assistant be a writer or graphic designer or a graphic designer and web designer, you get the drift?

2. Get a certified course

A course helps validates you as a guru in the field of work you’re applying to.

There are a lot of free universities or (MOOCS) for Kenyans to get their required skills to work online and I provided a massive list.

3. Most popular jobs each week include writing, transcription, customer service/support and sales. 

Get acquainted in one of those courses or apply for jobs in one of the niches above.

Need more courses other than free universities for the courses above?

4. Be professional and ready to work online. 

Have a proper online connection free from outages or have a back-up plan( wifi) has become affordable.

Be prepared for electricity outages and how you’re going to compensate for time missed. Or better yet, buy a back-up plan.

Tutors need to equip their working rooms with webcams, microphones and good laptops which don’t have hitches.

Will make a list for you.

5. Market your skills on social media. 

I failed to market myself and sometimes struggled with getting work no wonder I resorted to employing myself.

You need to put yourself out there and talk to every person about what it is that you do.

6. Be competitive not a copycat. 

Many Kenyans love to copy what someone else is doing yet wonder why they don’t last in the industry.

Be inspired but not steal.

7. Learn basic computer skills. 

Microsoft Office Products like Microsoft Word, for example.

8. Don’t limit your opportunities. 

These are just 10 jobs each day( Monday, Wednesday and Friday) a total of 30.

You cannot rely on 30.

If you don’t have a skill, capitalise on learning one before you get hired.

Start a blog or a YouTube to document your journey as I do with this hobby blog turned business.

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