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Technical or hard skills are not only highly profitable but also on high demand for any Kenyan possessing them.

Hard skills are impressive to have on the resume because employers lookout for talented individuals who can help their businesses grow.

Hard skills unlike soft are acquired.

Most hard skills are in the tech industry but applied in the tech industry, for example, customer service.

Also, you must have a combination of soft skills like organisation, creative to help balance your resume.

Start your job search on Linkedin where employers seek new and impressive talent.   

Cloud Computing 

Have you asked yourself where the digital photos you take go to? Cloud computing software like Google Photos store our photos in the cloud, then bring the photos up as memories.

Have you ever asked yourself where all the social media information you post get posted to?

Cloud computing is the ability to work with the cloud or remote servers to store and manage data.

Cloud computing has benefits like improving network speed, saving space and money on physical storage there increasing productivity.

There are other cloud computing aspects you must pay attention to like security development, advanced networking. 

  1. Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence was able to detect coronavirus, at least that’s what I know.

AI is dealing with robots and the robot brain that means software upon software to make the metals detect and do some work that humans take long to accomplish.

Before doing AI, you need a strong foundation in statistics, software design and engineering.

You also need to prime your knowledge on Machine Learning, Amazon Web Services (AWS) for developers. 

Audio Production 

Transcribers are increasing each and every day online. Because books are now audiobooks, at least according to Amazon.

Plus the increase of podcasts has enhanced audio production. Audio is good for when you have your hands full but still want to keep up with your daily schedule of workout and reading a book.

You must have a great microphone, computer, recording and editing program to get started.

Your headphones need to be studio quality but there are beginner microphones, don’t fret, costing at least $100.

It’s not the music, radio or entertainment industry alone needing audio producers but big companies like Apple, IBM, Microsoft, pilots, or the army and airforce.

The courses to take include digital audio foundation, audio recording techniques. 


The world is becoming smaller and smaller due to globalisation. Kenyans are already bi-lingual and some multi-lingual because we learn extra foreign classes during high school years or after high school to keep our minds busy.

Your translation skills will be important when translating materials for the government including ambassadors.

Your knowledge of the second or third language is important to allow you not to miscommunicate or misinform especially when dealing with asylum seekers, or espionage cases.

You can take courses like communication across cultures, developing cross-cultural intelligence.

The most common languages to translate in Kenya include Arabic, German, Spanish, French because we have a relationship with the European and Middle East nations and also some Asian countries.

You can sign up to learn these languages on DuoLingo or Babbel for free and in three months you have developed your fluency.

Other languages to consider include Japanese and Russian. 


Businesses will always need intelligent salesperson to speak about their products.

Most business owners don’t know how to hype abut their products that’s why they employ the best to deal with sales.

You can get your sales certificate from Hubspot, a recognised website for inbound sales.

As a salesperson you can work in any industry, the most lucrative ones including technology, medicine or healthcare, financial services and real estate.

Take courses in sales including sales coaching or sales management foundations to get started.

A salesperson learns and is never taught. They are resilient people who know how to use the power of their words and emotions of the customers to make it big. 

Video Production 

Since plunging myself into the world of video production via YouTube, I can say I got hooked.

And video enhanced my knowledge of making money online because I couldn’t go on camera without knowing what I was speaking about.

I cannot say the videos are NatGeo cinematic/motion pictures, but they made me crave a new art, film production.

With videos, your message gets across faster and better and you get to connect with your customers. Plus, the more you do the more confidence you are speaking about your products/services.

The needs for excellent video producers keep increasing and so is the increase of video editors, video software creators to enhance the quality of the videos.

You will need a powerful phone to get started like an iPhone, Huawei, Oppo, Samsung.

You also need to get acquainted with the various video editing software like for example Adobe Premiere Pro/ Final Cut Pro, Camtasia and Camtasia Pro or LightWorks and MovieMaker among others.

You also need a high-speed computer to help edit the videos plus don’t forget about the storage of the before and after video.

You can choose cloud storage like Google Drive or any other cloud storage. You can take courses like Foundations of Video: The Art of Editing, Video Foundation, from Udemy or YouTube schools.  

Game Development 

Gaming made PieDiePie rich on YuTube and everyone now wants to run a gaming channel on YouTube.

You can take courses in Games Development to learn how to create engaging games.

Right now the focus grows on virtual reality gaming, maybe take gamers to the next level by creating glasses which make them feel like they’re closer to the games. 

Social Media Marketing 

You have to be an excellent marketer to succeed as a social media manager/consultant. You have businesses plan their content.

A social media marketing also helps in developing engaging materials using visuals so they’re a great graphic designer.

Pictures and videos on social media speak highly of a business as the content.

You know about data analysis of traffic, so your customer knows when the time is right for posting and what to post to help customers/ followers engage with the content.

You can take courses in marketing online from Udemy or Coursera, social media marketing, marketing on Insta. 

People Management 

People need to be led in online businesses with many people shifting to work from home due to the coronavirus. A people leader needs to 

Customer Service 

Handling abusive customers, building rapport with customers. As businesses come online more, there’s a need for providing excellent customer service.

The basic characteristics of customer service are you must be a great listener and empath.

If you cannot put yourself in another person’s shoes, don’t bother. Have you ever wondered why businesses in Kenya fail all the time?

I created a comprehensive article dealing with the customer service situation in Kenya, read it here.

There are also technical skills needed for a customer service expert including sales and lead generation.

Everyone is a customer service expert having a combination of great skills like sales is crucial. You can take a course in Business Studies or Development to get started. 

Mobile App Development 

We are on our mobiles or smartphones each day that mobiles have become a central way of our lives and businesses. Mobile apps are becoming a way people do businesses.

Think of apps like Wish, which is a billion-dollar app, for shopping directly from China. Then there are apps for tracking time for freelancers and there are apps for exercising.

The need for mobile apps keeps increasing. To start a mobile apps business, get to know coding/programming languages like Java, Python and any other complicated languages.

Then develop free apps like games, then find ways to monetise your apps. 

Corporate Communications 

Crisis communications, writing a press release

During the coronavirus pandemic, we need someone skilled in writing press releases which aren’t panic-inducing causing panic buying or killing ourselves.

You can take a course in Law and Journalism because the two are a cross-section, you have to know what lines not to cross and also remain impartial to the situation.

There aren’t many corporate communicators in the country, this is a high demand job. 


Study UX Foundations, UX Design 

When you visit a website like Apple or Amazon, how does it feel when you are on there? That’s what UX/UI is all about.

Making communicative websites, which are free-flowing and offer information about the products and services you want/are looking for.

UX designers need to be good in programming or coding, skills you can acquire for free on YouTube before heading onto sites like CodeAcademy or Khan University. 

Competitive Strategy 

Develop a competitive strategy, research market and customer needs 

In Kenya, we don’t know what is needed in the market that’s where a competitive strategist comes in. To help conduct research and bring new ideas or help fill in the gap.

You must be curious and a great researcher. Researchers also need to be great organisers and carry their notebooks all the time. 

Software Testing 

With software getting developed all the time for mobile apps or for making life easier, testers of this software are needed to help detect defects in the software and how to improve the software. You can take courses in programming and coding. 


The world is slowly embracing blockchain or cryptocurrency. Before, it was viewed with a bit of scepticism.

Nowadays, it’s not weird to pay fr goods or services with bitcoins.

Everyone wants to know how to make money with bitcoin so the skills of blockchain pay a great deal.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers are business owners without a store. You earn money by recommending products to your social media followers or blog subscribers.

For example, if you are in the kitchen or food industry, you may create information or blog posts surrounding a kitchen product you fancy like a portable kitchen blender.

When you add a link and someone purchases the portable blender via your link you get paid by the merchant. In this case, it can be Amazon or Alibaba.

There are many affiliate partners to choose from some work in Kenya others don’t.

The best way to earn money with affiliate marketing is to promote trustworthy that means, recommend products changing lives and also the ones adding value.

In affiliate marketing like everything online, the more numbers you have, that means, followers, the more you earn.

Always begin with and from a niche. Gear to provide value or important information before people trust you and use your links.

If you want to succeed or lead a happy career life as a Kenyan, follow the hard skills according to LinkedIn. These skills are mostly in the tech field, goes to show that the tech industry is getting bigger and wider and a must in our day to day lives. 

It’s easier to acquire a hard skill these days because of free YouTube school, instead of wasting time posting hate comments, learn a new hard skill and help employ others in your company. After all, tech is what will improve the Kenyan economy. 

Which of these most on-demand hard or tech skills according to LinkedIn will you acquire as a Kenyan? Remember, the future of Kenya is in technology. 




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