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What’s a remote job? A remote job is a job which you can do from anywhere in the world, otherwise called a location independent job.

Most Kenyans when they hear about working online/remote jobs believe the only jobs doable are data entry and writing.

They know nothing about customer service or high paying tech jobs like digital marketing.

Remote jobs require you to have a reliable internet connection in case of meetings. It’s called a remote job because it’s a virtual job which can be done from home, a coffee shop or at an office, the choice depends or at a co-working space.

There are some jobs which are so popular even on job boards like Real ways to earn money online or the Penny Hoarder blog.

Some of the jobs include customer service, blogging. 

How to Get Hired Quickly for a Remote Job Less Known By Kenyans

  1. Have experience or chase experience 

Most Kenyans don’t realise that an online job is an offline job, the only difference, an online job requires the use of a laptop and the internet.

Bring your offline expertise online, your offline experience counts online.

A sure way of having more experience is to focus, work on the same job for more than 10k hours.

Some attest to the fact that 10k hours qualify you as an expert. 

2. Get a niche asap

When I started working online up until 2018, I never wanted to hear the word, ‘NICHE’. I’d always go like, what the hell is wrong with this person talking about niche all the time?

A niche is a specific area in your broad industry. For example, I cannot just call myself a writer, am I a romance writer? Do I write contemporary or historical romance?

So, you define yourself as a contemporary romance writer!. When you get recognition in your chosen niche, that’s when you soar, that’s when to think about expansion/broadening your scope.

Ensure that your chosen niche has a market, a hungry market who is ready to buy from you.

Don’t narrow too much that you have no market. It’s important to conduct market research before choosing a niche. 

3. Have a ready portfolio with samples of your work 

There’s nothing as painful as not having samples of work you have done before.

Your work portfolio is to show the would-be employers that you are a serious worker who knows what they are doing.

When I started working online, I used to get intimidated wit writers with a portfolio as long as River Nile. What can your portfolio offer? 

4. Know how to sell your skills 

I didn’t know how to sell my skills and it was the most painful time period of my life. I knew myself as a writer who could write as many words.

I also knew I’m a great researcher, I learn fast.

But how do these skills come together in a resume? It took almost three years to figure it out. And even now, I keep educating myself on my skills and what they can do for an employer.

Do you know how to write an impressive resume expressing your skills and how they’re beneficial to the employer?

If not, take your time to learn more about yourself and how your skills can be of help. 

5. There’s nothing like oversaturation 

I learnt very later on, in 2018, that there’s nothing like oversaturation. When you fail to choose your niche, the market is already flooded with writers, web designers, graphic designers and VAs.

Oversaturation only happens when your market is as broad as an ocean. 

Remote Jobs Less Known By Kenyans and Paying Good Money Include: 

  1. Customer Service 

Businesses realise the importance of great customer service and especially online where there are no humans. Even with chatbots invention, customers would rather visit an e-commerce store with human interaction in case they have a question. Great customer service has empathy and is a great listener. In addition, you must be patient in order to help answer customer’s questions or walk them through the product or service they have purchased from you. Businesses forget the importance of after-sale services which also require excellent customer service. Fortune 100 or 500 companies like Google, Apple, Starbucks hire customer service online. Customer service attendants who earn more online know a thing or two about tech and offer their services as tech support staff, a position requiring a lot of patience. 

2. Digital Marketer 

Do you know anything about SEO marketing, email marketing, content marketing, video production or social media marketing? These are branches or babies falling under digital marketing. As businesses grow online, they want to be visible and understand about their traffic and conversions. That’s where you come in as a digital marketer. You help businesses calm a bit by offering your services as an SEO copywriter for example. Where you write content with targeted keywords about a business’ products and services and the contents rank on Google for organic traffic. Organic traffic is a headache a lot of online businesses or businesses want online visibility to grapple with. If you master organic traffic, it becomes easier to convert paid traffic because you know what customers want. If you want to begin working online, becoming a digital marketer is one of the most lucrative skills to have because businesses are looking for the service NOW. It’s easy to learn the skill with classes free on many YouTube channels. 

3. Software Engineer 

You must have programming knowledge. An engineer is a master of a project. 

4. Blogging 

If you want to earn big bucks and stop working or looking for clients, start a blog. It sounds easy these days because of companies like Bluehost, Dreamhost, Wix, Squarespace, Hostgator. Where you buy your domain name, for example, www.kenyareview.net,  and WordPress comes with it, fully installed, no coding needed. Then you can choose not to buy a domain on WordPress and go for Wix, Squarespace or Weebly in which you can design your website overnight. Then you purchase your domain name on Hostgator and import to Wix. or simply buy a domain name from your website provider like Bluehost. You have to check for website speed, mobile optimisation and search optimisation before committing to buying a website. The hard work comes when it comes to content strategy. You have to ask, who are your customers and what do you want to achieve with your customers? Why do they matter? Then ask, how am I going to reach my customers? The other important question to ask is what do you want to achieve with your blog? Remember, you can choose to write for others and get paid or you can choose to begin your blog and dedicate time, energy and effort into it to earn from it. Either way, bloggers are in demand because companies believe they know a thing or two about SEO and will be an asset to their company. 

5. Medical/Legal Transcription

Another on-demand job is that of a legal or medical transcriptionist, because of the growth of video and audio recording software and channels. A forensic scientist would need notes he spoke to his recorder transcribed. You need to get trained in order to earn lots of money as medical or legal transcription. The training happens in CareerStep, for medical transcription. 

6. Graphic Designer 

Every business coming online wants to stand out with their social media posts. That’s why graphic designers are in high demand. You create social media visuals for businesses, business cards, catalogues, logos and any other branding item businesses want. You must have some knowledge of Photoshop, GIMP, Inkscape or nowadays, Canva. On Canva, the templates are already provided, so the work is coming up with the design. 

7. Software Developer 

Software developers must help create software for mobile, apps and computers. Think of software like click funnels, Kartra, Shopify. You must have good communication and leadership skills as you have to provide guidance on the developing process. Your experience and thorough knowledge of computer/programming languages is essential and recommended. You will also be in charge of researching, testing and the design of the new software. As businesses realise the importance of apps, your services as an app developer are ended. Plus online businesses want to have shopping portals which are easy for the customer to use or integrate with their websites, think of Woocommerce, so the services of a software developer keep getting thicker and they are going nowhere. 

8. Social Media Consultant 

A social media marketer has to be a great marketer and have a great knowledge of social media developments.

You have to come up with ideas that resonate with your customers, this comes from knowing about your target market and what that market wants.

You’re growing to run campaigns either through posts or blogs which help promote the growth of your client’s business.

As businesses come online, some don’t realise the potential of free marketing that social media provides and that’s where you come in. 

9. VA 

VA jobs include office admin work, email management, social media scheduling, content creation, proofreading, sales calls.

If you want to earn $30 an hour as a VA, ensure you find your specialisation in a field that’s highly marketable like digital skills. Be clear on how much you charge and what your role is. 

10. Travel Agent 

I read somewhere that the work of a travel agent is dead, funny, no. in fact, many people want to see the world right now due to the increase of digital nomads.

A travel agent needs to have a good understanding of the destination that they are advertising or booking their clients to go.

Travel agents need to find deals on flights, tours within the country and accommodation.

You must possess excellent customer service skills which include a great listener, a fast learner and easy to adapt to the changing situations in the travel industry. 

11. Translator 

If you are a Kenyan you are either bilingual or multi-lingual. I mean we speak English and Swahili already and a foreign language which we learn after high school or in school.

Use your knowledge of various languages to help translate materials into other languages.

You can begin your search on Upwork. You must know at least one of the popular languages including German, French, Arabic, Korean, Mandarin to get started.

The materials you’ll translate vary from technical to easy materials. You must have mastery of the chosen language. 

12. Transcription 

A transcriber listens and follows instructions without deviating from the content. You have to have a noise-cancelling microphone to begin working as a transcriber.

There are various international companies who employ transcribers worldwide including Rev, GoTranscript.

You have to take a test to get started. The increase in the demand for a transcriber is enhanced due to the increase in video production and needing to write captions for the deaf audience for translation purposes. 

13. Systems Admin 

As a system admin consider yourself as a human solution for the physical hardware so you are going to help resolve help desk issues, monitor daily performance and usability issues, checking databases and updating software.

A background in engineering and experience in computer operating systems is desirable. 

14. ESL Tutor 

People all around the world want to have mastery of the English language in order to sell their products. That’s why there’s an influx in the need for teachers who teach English as a Second Language.

A great gig for Kenyans because we learn English as a Second  Language so you’re aware of the pains of trying to learn a new language.

You need to pass some TOEFL/TEFL tests to get started or certified. Which are quite easy to pass and in Kenya the exams can be taken in British council at selected dates. 

As a teacher, you need to break down information into an easy to understand format for your students.

Being organised is very crucial. You can make more money by selling printable learning cards for your students to use them as practice. 

15. Writer 

Writers are on-demand as online businesses increase because we need to keep our customers/followers engaged on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Also, the increase in the need for engaging content has led to an increase in blogs.

You can write for publications like Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur. When you establish yourself as a writer in a particular niche, it’s easy to make four or five or more figures a month.

That means millions of shillings per month for stringing words together. You need to be a great researcher to soar ahead. You can find work on ProBlogger or BloggingPro, to begin with. 

In conclusion, to win an on-demand remote job as a Kenyan you must begin by identifying your niche. Your niche meaning, your area of specialisation.

What are you great at? Capitalise on that. For example, Iknow there’s a need for knowledge in Kenya about making money online, I capitalised on blogging about that.

First to break the misconceptions and second to show Kenyans that with consistent effort, there’s great money to be made on a blog and therefore online.

So, I decided to keep my focus on working from home on my YouTube channel and on this blog as well.

After identifying your niche ask yourself is the market for my product big enough to allow me to make enough money?

If the market is too narrow, the money to be made will be too less and if the market is too broad, you will suffer competition from more established brands. You have to identify your skills, talents and passion.

What do you love doing and why? What can you do without getting paid for a whole year and still keep doing it?

You have to be realistic, it’s an upheaval task to begin any business, so if you don’t enjoy doing the work how can you succeed?

If you keep thinking about the millions you can make, then be prepared to do the work at hand. 

These jobs may be on-demand, but there’s fierce competition in the online market and extreme oversaturation.

You have to narrow down your focus and become an expert/guru before getting any recognition. 

Which of these on-demand remote jobs less known by Kenyans are you saddling up to do? 




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