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Online Jobs Paying Kenyan Students $15 an Hour or More

There are some online jobs which pay Kenyan students a lot of money. Students can do these from the comfort of their homes/hostels.

These jobs can be part-time, side hustles or even careers later on in future.

To succeed in doing these jobs as a student, you must always choose or start from an area of specialisation/niche.

When you niche out, you find a focus. Finding a focus, finding your voice and becoming a guru/expert.

We’re going to discuss these online jobs for Kenyan college students that pay $15 or more below. 

Best Online Jobs Paying $15 or More an Hour and Kenyan Students Can Do 

The best jobs paying $15 or more an hour and Kenyan students can do from the comfort of their home include the following: 

Social media manager 

A beginner social media manager makes at least $15 to $50 an hour while an advanced one makes up to $100 an hour.

A social media manager is responsible for coming up with content ideas for a business/brand.

To become a social media manager, I always insist on taking courses on social media. For example, if you want to create pins for Pinterest, learn all there’s to Pinterest Marketing.

You only get ahead when you specialise in one social media then once you become an expert, you can always move to other social media.

You can work as a part-time social media manager while in college, so your studies won’t be hindered. 


Tutors earn as much as $20 an hour working on VIPKID, an English learning website for Asians, mostly, Chinese kids.

You don’t have to limit yourself to teaching English, I insist, you can teach any subject you love.

It pays to teach what you’re learning in college.

I have seen teachers making it big or even professors and doctorate holders teaching maths and sciences (biology, physics and chemistry), challenging disciplines.

You can teach music or playing instruments and any lesson you love, there’s always a student ready to learn. 

Resume writer 

When I think of the years I couldn’t get a job, I wish I’d have employed a resume writer.

Wisdom, though, has taught me not to live in the past but to learn.

If I’m looking for a client, these days, I’d rather have my wealth of experience expressed by a resume writer.

You can earn as much as $50 an hour as a seasoned resume writer. People are looking for jobs because they’re unemployed – fresh graduates, they were fired and others are changing careers.

Because you’re in college/uni, help graduates find jobs easier by writing resumes for them. 

Search engine evaluator 

Search engine evaluators are called ‘ the eye of Google, Yahoo, Bing or Amazon’.

They make search engines get filled with relevant information.

Yes, there are robots doing the job but you cannot beat the human eye.

Your work? Sorting websites relevancy – if websites appearing on search engines offer the information they claim.

For example, if you Google on how to make money online in Kenya then the site takes you to fake information, the search evaluators in the Kenyan market aren’t working hard enough.

You will get paid $10-15 an hour as a search engine evaluator. 

Niche blogger 

Blogging in itself does pay a lot of money per hour. I have seen blogging jobs paying as much as $100 an hour.

You have to put in the work before the blog pays you though, I have learnt.


Being a freelancer afforded me a nomadic lifestyle, I live for free travels worldwide. It’s not always rosy though.

You can freelance online as a writer, photographer, blogger, social media manager, VA (where you can choose a niche, highly recommended or become a jack or jane of all trades).

Remember a successful freelancer whether working as a landscaper or writer, MUST choose a niche, set goals for what you want to achieve and be self-employed. Read more about all YOU need to know about freelancing. 


If you dislike edits, send the work to a proofreader.

Seasoned proofreaders like Caitlyn earn more and now they educate others how to become proofreaders on her website called Proofread Anywhere.

You get paid $20 an hour as a beginner or a little lower when fresh and starting out on websites like Fiverr.

Check out how Proofreading gigs are turning in thousands of dollars per month for proofreaders on Fiverr. 

Micro Freelancer 

Microfreelancing is taking small roles, or quick tasks like on Fancy Hands for VAs, Amazon Mechanical Turks or on Fiverr, the most popular micro freelancing website available worldwide.

You begin by earning at least $4 for tasks completed.

Find out more about working on Fiverr in this post I made about the most popular gigs on Fiverr.

I have also blogged a lot about making it big on Fiverr. Remember, $4 may look small but when you add it up … read this story of a woman who earned $2.4M on Fiverr, she even quit her job! 


When in college, you can work as a recruiter by helping employers find suitable employees for their companies.

You get to earn at least $20 or more an hour depending, of course, on your expertise. 

Powerpoint presentation designer 

They create professional/sleek looking design layouts for slides.

You earn at least $25 an hour according to Indeed.com, a leading website to search for careers. 

Virtual assistant 

Virtual assistants, in all honesty, earn as little as $2 an hour, I have heard, even on reputable freelancing websites like Upwork.

You can earn that little at the beginning of your freelancing career, afterwards, you MUST demand good pay.

To make $25 an hour as I do, get specialised. I work as an SEO Copywriter.

I know some VAs who charge as much as $100 an hour according to their areas of specialisation or Niches, as they’re mostly called online. Get the how-to guide of becoming a VA in Kenya, read it thoroughly. 


When I began working online, I applied for transcription roles but got none.

When you see the companies that have worldwide openings, you see transcription being number one. Why?

Because, like captioners, their work involves transcribing messages or decoding messages into easier to understand forms.

You can earn as much as $20 an hour on sites like Rev or even more.

You must have a noise-cancelling headset, a workspace, of course, and must pass your exams. You’re required to be a person who pays attention to details. 

Social media influencer 

If you love working as an influencer, you must first create content that adds value, at least, that’s what I have realised these days.

People want influencers who work or talk about real-life issues. You must have a large social media following, though, some influencers say you can begin from whatever point you’re at.

I believe the more social followings the more income. You can earn as little as $10 an hour or as much as $1000 an hour, look at influencers like Jeffrey Star.

I have realised that a lot of social media influencers who start early in a social media platform are the ones who make it, doesn’t mean you must not start because you’re not an early starter.

Strategy matters a lot for a social media influencer. 


I love fresh smelling spaces and great living spaces, but my fatal flaw? I hate organising, so I’m messy.

Organisers bring back the order in the living/craft or bedroom, they love to put everything away where they belong.

You can learn how to organise through Marie Kondo and even earn a certificate for Kon Mari.

You can earn as much as $500 an hour or $20 an hour depending on the gravity of the situation, you can always charge the client per project.

A great gig to post on social media websites like Facebook, and Instagram, show yours before and after pictures. 

Web developer/designer 

In every blog post about businesses online for Kenyans, I include web designers/developers.

They are related but different, developers write code, designers, well are responsible for the aesthetics of a website. Y

ou can earn as much as $25 an hour a designer or more and as much as $100 an hour as a developer.

All depends on your expertise.

If you want to become a designer, begin from watching these YouTube videos from the WordPress King. Start your website design business from a niche. 


A translator is on high demand more than ever online because of the increase of globalisation/work online culture.

You get to earn at least $1 per word translated, now, that depends on the company you work for.

You can set yourself up a business and begin raking in big money. 

In conclusion, if you’re a student and want to earn money online or $15 an hour, you must first identify what your talent, skills and abilities are.

After which you can choose a niche, then narrow down your specific niche to a role you want, for example, don’t call yourself a social media manager.

What role do you perform as a social media manager? It pays to allow yourself time to learn because you’re a student, so, fail, then learn.

You must also keep learning and educating yourself because the online workspace keeps changing at rapid levels.

Which of these online jobs for Kenyan college students that pay more than $15 an hour are you interested in doing?




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