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There are some online jobs which Kenyan students can turn into careers or businesses.

That’s why I keep encouraging Kenyan university students who are out of school during the coronavirus to keep taking online opportunities.

Online jobs are easy to start, can be done from your smartphone or in an internet cafe and they are cost-effective.

After completing these jobs you can easily create a career or turn that job into an income online through a business or a job. There isn’t a better feeling than completing your studies and having a ready job to pay you.

Before you turn your online job into a career, you must know what your skills are, talents and abilities.

I have realised the most progress I made in my writing career was when I found my niche and stuck with it.

You cannot work only on talent, you have to have insider information about the career or business you want to pursue.

For example, I love writing. Back in 2009, I knew I’d become one of the greatest writers in Kenya. I didn’t know anything about online writing.

I learnt the ropes of online writing in 2012 when I started looking for freelance opportunities.

Only to realise very early on that everyone looking for a slice of the digital nomad lifestyle believed and do believe they’re a writer. That stumbling block made me turn to a V.A.

At the time, I ran a lot of side businesses to help me supplement my income. It became hard to stay focused.

I blogged on this blog sometime … here and there, haha. I cried daily saying, ‘Jobs weren’t for me, what should I do?’’.

Fast forward to 2018 when I decided to stop ignoring ‘NICHE’ and as I say all the time, ‘everything fell into place’’.

I find myself growing, researching, more enthusiastic about my focus as an SEO Copywriter and look forward to this blog bringing in billions.

What’s your skill? And how can you use your skill to get the job of your dreams?

You must stay focused, keep learning about yourself and what makes you get motivated every day then can you turn your job into a career! 

Best Online Jobs That Become Careers/Businesses for Kenyan University Students

The following online jobs become careers or businesses for Kenyan University Students and they include: 


You can become a tutor online right away by applying for English tutor jobs online. But if you don’t feel like teaching English, you don’t have to.

There are many disciplines in Kenya that can be taught online from Swahili, cooking, sewing, Physics, Biology … I mean, being a tutor online opens a can of tutoring opportunities.

Start freely on YouTube or create your courses through platforms like Teachable, Thinkific or Udemy. 

Social media manager 

Many Kenyans don’t know the role of social media goes beyond posting rude comments as an admin for a bank or Safaricom.

The work of social media earns some kids up to 6 figures per year or 4 or 5 figure incomes per month.

You must know a lot about social media, for example, know a lot about Pinterest and how pins work.

Then find businesses that would love to utilise Pinterest but don’t know how to. Now, pitch to them.

It is always best if you could start from a niche, so you have lots of hashtags, pin description ideas.

Starting from a niche means you identify yourself as an expert. An expert chooses to charge however much they want.

In Kenya, many businesses don’t know the power of Pinterest yet, even craft businesses. 

Social media influencer 

As a social media manager above, an influencer is social media savvy.

You have a huge following, you get brand endorsements and other deals like ad deals to place in your Instagram or Facebook account.

You can use this influence to rally for a cause or increase your income or promote others.

Afterwards, you can help businesses, create notoriety for their businesses and charge however you want. Don’t be a fake influencer – those who buy followers/viewers. 

Freelance writer 

I didn’t know what road I was heading when I first started freelancing in 2009.

I knew I could make money with Facebook but quickly found out it was a scam! Those scams exist today.

If you love writing, become a freelance writer by first knowing what you love writing about.

Make a list of all the kinds of topics you love writing about. For example, I love writing about crime, tragic romance, businesses and making money, parenting, the mindset and a myriad of other topics.

What I didn’t know was that being specific was going to be helpful to me. So I called myself a professional writer, which in itself isn’t narrowing down.

You have to dig into the book of 88 writing niches to find out what category your writing fits.

Now, to earn more start as a junior then expand. I found out that SEO Copywriting and technical writing paid a heck more.

Find niches which intrigue you and write about them.

A freelance writer must have a portfolio, which can be a website, know how to write freelance contracts and how to write bids that win you jobs.

We’ll discuss breaking into the world of freelance writing in a later article.

And your freelancing can turn into a business later on through branding and having a website or you creating an agency. 

Resume writer 

I struggled to find a job and even so I got a job because of ‘good connections’.

I talked a lot about working online and a good friend introduced me to one of his friends with a company online looking for an ‘online secretary’. Help other people get jobs by writing resumes for them.

As a business, establish a resume writing agency where you act as a career coach.

Web designer/developer 

Every online job you read, there must be a web designer/developer. The developer builds website codes while the designer designs webpages or blogs like this one.

Take advantage of turning your web design/developing passion into a business by helping the hundreds of thousands of small businesses establishing their online presence.

 A job you can do while on campus by building for business-savvy college students websites and out of campus for small businesses.

Graphic designer 

These days creating graphics for a business is as easy as jumping with the help of Canva, PicMonkey and such graphic design website.

You help design graphics/visuals for businesses or individuals like editing their Insta-worthy photos or stock photos.

You can turn your graphic design passion into a business by getting into the screen or 3D printing. 

In campus you can help design t-shirts during student campaigns then out of school, help businesses have beautiful brochures and guides about their products and services.

Video captioning 

All media, or at least a lot of media is consumed through watching than reading.

Though videos are popular, the captioners aren’t many. Start by looking for YouTubers, Instagrammers, ask to provide caption in their videos in English or even editing captions.

I have seen some pretty bad editing on some foreign videos on Netflix, and it’s such a shame! The trends for video content keep increasing and you can grow your business fast in and out of campus. 

Voice-over work 

As with video captions, so is the increase and demand for voice-over work. You can work in the movie industry as a narrator or you could narrate Amazon audiobooks.

Audio narrators up to $100 an hour. You must have a studio type microphone, a dedicated workspace and a noise-cancelling headset.

This is a great side hustle for when you’re working and as your reputation for work completion grows, you can easily train others.

I have learnt that a great voice over artist is an impersonator … simply meaning, have great accents, practice a lot. 

Video editing 

I love video editing. I learnt pretty fast how to edit my YouTube videos and even spend less time recording.

I chose to provide lots of quality content in the shortest amount of time because you don’t get paid until you become a YouTube partner.

It was crucial to know how to do video editing.

I spent nights learning the free trial of Adobe Premiere Pro only for the trial to later say it wasn’t available in my country.

I used those earlier years to teach myself how to use other videos software like Lightworks and Camtasia which I learnt pretty fast.

A lot of people want to start a YouTube business but don’t know how to edit their videos.

I admit it was pretty tough in the beginning, I didn’t know what I was doing.

You can turn to edit YouTube videos into a business where you edit videos for content creators. It’s an extremely rewarding journey. 


Do you love foreign languages? Help translate materials into other languages and earn money. You need to know the languages beyond the basic and intermediate levels. 

A great gig for when you’re in campus looking for extra money, but out of campus set up a foreign language agency teaching various foreign languages and offer translation services to tourists all year round.

Write books 

I have come to love writing books. I feel like everything in my online journey has been learning then pausing then implementing.

When you begin writing books, you become so addictive because there are people making a living writing book. And you can write books for life. Writing doesn’t choose whenever you’re on campus or not, you have to practice how to write to become a good writer.  


Photography comes from a passion to change the world of pictures with beautiful images.

I see many people pursuing photography as a side hustle business but you can do it fulltime. 

Start a niche blog 

I began writing on this blog because I felt Kenya was under-represented online and offline and is even today.

I wanted to tell Kenyan stories and criticise politicians.

A niche blog is derived from your passion. A passion which you can keep writing on for years even after making the money. 

A great niche blog to start while in campus surrounds campus life, saving and investing as a campus student, newsletter, health and wellness in campus, entertainment – as a way of marketing your campus.

Sell art 

Anything creative from writing, tailoring. You can start selling art when at uni and even build a DIY business around it. 

Start investing 

At uni, we’re a consuming society, no one tells you to save for the future. Your notion is you will get money.

Investing is at the back of the mind. Investing must begin from youth to the future. It’s a lifelong journey at bettering oneself and the others around them. 

Create and sell printables on Etsy or own website 

Printables are here to stay as they are a part of green/ecological business where waste is reduced or discouraged.

Create printables and sell them on your website or on Etsy or Amazon, there’s an Amazon for handmade. 

Sell notes 

Like writing, you can sell your notes to university students by taking the perfect notes or becoming a lifelong reader.

No matter what people say education is here to differentiate and divide society. If you love Psychology, take notes and sell them to University students over and over again.

You can create a website for students to find these materials. 

Become a VA 

I became a VA because I felt the writing was oversaturated. All industries/categories are. You can choose to do simple tasks as a VA like booking flights very easy to do while on campus.

But if you want to build a business as a VA, you have to choose your niche/area of expertise like a VA offering Social Media Marketing Services to clients.

How to Successfully Transition a Campus Side Hustle to a Career in Kenya

If you want to run a successful business, start from a young age – on the campus. There are rooms for errors, and I mean a lot.

It’s also good to begin a business when you’re on campus because when taken seriously, you can make a career out of it.

To successfully transition a campus side hustle to a career, do the following:

Have a website 

It’s so important for you to establish the credibility of your business through your website. Have a website, it has never been easier to have a website in Kenya like in 2020. 

Branding is crucial 

A website is the same as creating a brand. Branding is all about establishing yourself as a guru in your niche. To identify your niche, have a website, a logo, mission and vision. Read this article and learn how to properly brand your business. 

To make your online a business/career, ensure to establish a website for your brand, develop a marketing message and be patient.

You have to learn in the job, stay consistent and keep building to succeed.

Which of the online jobs for Kenyan students will you turn into a career or business from home? 




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