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Some online jobs offer flexibility in your schedule more than others. When beginning freelancing in Kenya, it’s not easy to know what companies hire worldwide.

The competition in those companies is too high but you are competition, right?

A freelancer can work from any location but some work from home jobs require for you to sign contracts with companies.

That’s why the following work online jobs are the best due to the flexible schedule and ability to set time to work and importantly, choosing your own clients. 

Best Online Jobs Offering Flexible Work Schedule for Kenyans and Companies Hiring

The following are the best online jobs offering a flexible work schedule for Kenyans and companies hiring worldwide and the jobs include: 

  1. Writing 

Writing is the most saturated field in the online freelancing world. On Upwork, writers get rejected every day due to them having a general work description as writers.

To earn more money as a writer in Kenya, get specialised. That means, find a niche, for example, the high paying niche of technical writing or SEO writing or copywriting pay well.

As a writer, you have the comfort of working from any location-independent destination worldwide. That doesn’t mean that work will come to you, in fact, you must reach out to clients.

Think like a businessman, fill in the gap. You can work for any industry including social media as a social media moderator, visual creator/artist, blogger, article writer.

The secret, have a portfolio and have a contract in place to help you cover your costs.

Remember writing isn’t a noble job, there are billionaire writers and multi-millionaire writers scattered all over the world and you can be one of them.

A portfolio can be your website or blogs like mine where clients can see your writing style or prowess.

Always charge and value your worth, don’t be a $2 freelancer even when starting out. Remain competitive to command respect.

There are so many niches to write on and this book of 88 writing niches will help open your mind.

You can also become a self-employed writer where you write your books for Kindle, so read the book authorpreneur ELITE and the blog Kindlepreneur to get more insight.

You can earn from $500 to thousands or millions of dollars as a writer. Don’t stop there, create online classes and help others hone this craft that everyone wants these days.

A great writer markets themselves, that’s as important as the writing. Don’t hide behind your computer.

Get on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancewritinggigs, Problogger, blogging pro. 

2. VA 

VA does about 150 tasks according to Gina Horkey. I believe a VA is limited the moment they choose their niche and that limitation will get you paid lots of money.

For example, ask yourself what services can I offer to businesses right now? Or what services are businesses in need of or are in demand?

Find free YouTube classes to watch, enrol on $10 courses on Udemy and other free learning universities online where you get certificates.

Set up your website and advertise this service at a reduced cost, nothing’s for free. Do the service so well that the client will have no choice but to take your offer for a permanent job or recommend you.

The VA business works well when you do a great job.

The most in-demand services businesses need right now include

social media managers and analysts to help determine what campaigns are working,

social media managers to help bring traffic to their website and therefore sales,

sales/lead generators,

SEO consultants,

video creators to help extend or promote the work of a brand with powerful video messages.

VA Hiring companies worldwide include Worldwide 101, Contemporary VA, Lifebushido.  

3. Researcher 

As a researcher, you are entitled to finding information.

They used to say that knowledge is power but the information is power and some companies are employing individuals to carry out research on human behaviour/purchasing behaviour so that they can introduce products in their e-commerce stores.

Researchers are deemed, experts. Sell your information to companies, individuals who could use trends to put them ahead of their competition.

You can work for AskWonder or Experts123, though I doubt the other one works worldwide. 

4. Tutors 

Tutors are needed to help candidates with difficulty in Mathematics, English or the Sciences tackle the subjects with ease.

There are many websites where you can offer your teaching services but mostly love teachers based in the US, UK or Canada.

One of them is VIPKID, which is ranked as the best website for tutoring and with great pay where you teach Chinese kids how to speak in English.

You can work for websites like iTalki which employs worldwide where students sign up, choose you as their teacher on any subject.

You will undergo an interview. The pay on iTalki is credited where 10 credits = $1. 

5. Online Transcription 

Transcribers need to be followers of instructions because one misstep and you could bring a calamity.

That’s why medical transcribers go to school. And that’s why accuracy is important.

There are companies which hire transcribers worldwide and they include Rev, GoTranscript, Scribie, Quicktate among others.

The secret to winning a transcribing job is to do a lot of online free tests or follow a lot of videos on YouTube and take a few courses.

Also, invest in a good microphone or a pair of headsets to cancel out noise.

The videos are paid per audio minute in most transcription websites. Some pays are so small but they add up, plus it’s a great stepping stone to better pay. 

6. Search Engine Evaluation

Search engine evaluators help companies like Google, Bing or Amazon determine how users interact with their websites.

They help test the search engines for the relevancy of articles posted, the loading speeds.

Some companies employ evaluators worldwide but you have to take a test. Companies like Appen. 

7. Website Testing 

Website testing like search evaluation helps companies, corporates and blog owners determine the speeds of their websites, how and what materials visitors of their websites engage with and how to improve performance of their content on the search engine.

They help determine whether the keywords used are the best for the targeted audience and how to improve.

The most prominent website testing websites include UserTesting which pays at least $10 for the accepted testers. 

8. Customer Service 

9. Translation Jobs 

The world gets smaller and smaller these days with globalisation so are the languages people speak.

In Kenya, we’re naturally bilingual, for some and some are multilingual. Bring your skills online to help translate materials for others in languages.

You must begin by learning a language deeply.

The most translated or needed languages include German, French, Chinese(Mandarin), Korean, Arabic.

You can work for multinationals, diplomats, translate articles online… The list of places to work is endless. 

10. Proofreading 

Proofreading is a valuable skill to have right now as businesses become more prominent on Google.

To begin proofreading, you must have polished English language that means no grammatical errors, syntax or structure errors.

That means knowing a lot about punctuation like the dictionary itself and being perfect.

You can work for bloggers, writers, authors and researchers who sometimes don’t like proofreading.

Funny, proofreading is a learned skill and Caitlyn Pyle of Proofread Anywhere teaches you how to make millions as a proofreader.

Websites employing proofreaders include Scribendi but you must have prior experience and be good with editing. 

11. Moderators 

Moderators work on social media, forums and chat rooms to help control the posters.

The control could be removing, censoring or deleting comments that may be hurting a race, a community like LGBTQ, the product of the company or any inappropriate content posted.

They can also moderate underage or check for scams or hackers.

Moderators speak on behalf of the company so they must be excellent in customer service and communicators.

They say, moderators, must have a way with words because they’re the PR of the company.

Companies employing moderators include Live world, ModSquad, ICUC. 

Tips for Getting Hired for Online Jobs by Companies Hiring Worldwide as a Kenyan

These jobs listed are easy for beginners looking for work online and can be done anywhere in Kenya or from any chosen location. 

Get your experience with the website or the job you want to apply for

1 Be competitive to get hired

Have a variety of a combination of highly competitive skills, for example, an SEO copywriter and sales rep. 

2. Know how to charge and value your worth 

When starting out as a freelancer, you don’t know how much you’re required to charge.

In fact, spend time knowing how much you are worth. In the end, you have bills to pay and a life to live.

You don’t want to waste time earning anything and wishing for a second job unless an online job is just a side hustle. Even so, you want a side hustle that replaces your income, right?  

3. Just because it’s called an Anywhere or Freelance job doesn’t mean you take it for granted

In fact, due to competition, many Kenyans don’t find themselves getting hired online because they don’t know about their skills or what makes them competitive.

You also don’t have a designated working area because you were lied to. It’s an online job and you don’t need a desk.

You thought you’d work in your pyjamas without taking a shower, or jump from bed to work without a care in the world.

It takes a lot of work, sacrifices to get it right working online. Read my freelance ups and downs articles to find out the good and bad side of freelancing.

In the early days of freelancing, you will spend time knowing about yourself, your skills, talents. 

4. Most freelancers forget to market themselves

I was in this boat in 2012, I had to be forced to market what I do. It takes a lot of guts. I was looking for the wrong social media or my perception of marketing was whopped.

I thought marketing took a lot of work, in fact, you have to spend your time telling people the same thing over and over in different words.

You have to know what the employer wants for them to employ you.

I mean, spend time talking and networking with people offline and online.

Put your best work in front using portfolios, websites so that potential clients can see what you’re doing. Don’t forget to polish up your LinkedIn profile. 

Which of these online jobs paying well including hiring companies will you as a Kenyan apply for?




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