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What is a writing niche and how do I find my writing niche as a beginner online writer/freelance writer?

If you want to work online, you will come across online writing.

Then you will hear success stories of online writers making six, seven or eight-figure incomes, then stories of freelance writers earning nothing or 2 dollars.

You will begin to wonder if you can reach the earning potential of the high-income freelance writers.

If you want to earn more money writing online like the 8-figure freelance writers, start and begin from a niche.

What is a Freelance Writing Niche?

A freelance writing niche is an area of specialisation or a topic/category or industry of focus for online writers.

You can choose an area of writing focus depending on what your passion is. 

Before choosing a writing niche, write about every topic on earth.

You will know your niche when the topic of choice ”glides” through your veins or when you cannot stop researching about the niche.

Why Choose a Writing Niche?

Before beginning writing online, you get tempted to write for everyone. Online writing is a business, we often mistake that.

I made the mistake.

You must show others what your area of specialisation is; a niche helps you prove your expertise on a subject matter.

Without a niche, we wouldn’t know of great authors like Stephen King or Agatha Christie.

You choose a freelance writing niche because you want to distinguish yourself from the noise (oversaturation).

Every new writer online says that freelance writing is oversaturated.

I remember giving up on writing to focus on virtual assistance, in fact, my earliest income earners online were from virtual assisting.

There’s nothing like oversaturation, I know, the world hasn’t heard your voice, has it?

When you choose a writing niche, for example, focusing your attention on ways to make money online or bitcoin writing, you establish yourself as a guru/an expert.

Business owners are experts and you are a business owner, so, think and do like one.  Does niche writing pay?

 Yes, of course. Niche writing does pay.

Take for instance the personal finance bloggers talking about saving, investing getting out of debt.

They make money with their blogs or as finance writers talking about ways to make money with online businesses, investing in stocks and advising people how to make money work for them.

There is a market for niche writers because we identify with experts/gurus but there’s no market for ”everything writer”.

5 Online Writing Niches You Need to Know About as a Kenyan Freelance Writer

The highest paying writing jobs are those talking about money or finance gurus and this one includes those talking about crypto, tech writers, SEO writers and bloggers.

That doesn’t mean the other niches included in the list are left out. Personal finance, SEO and blogging are the craziest ways you can earn money online as a writer.

Notice, I included blogging because in the niches included below, you can self-employ yourself in order to make money at your own will.

Remember, a blog requires total dedication and effort; a blog is a business.

SEO, on the other hand, is writing for the audience first of all then, with Google or search engines in mind.

User intent, keyword research, keywords play a key role when SEO writing.

Many businesses want to sell their products online, they want to be on Google’s page one, what a better way than to hire an SEO expert writer?

Personal finance, we want to live debt-free, like a billionaire or a rich man/woman.

How can you when your money isn’t working for you? Thus the increase of personal finance writers.

We drool over articles on saving and making money or even getting out of debt.

The other niches though valuable, fall under these three categories.

Tech writing. Because writing online is a part of technology, blogging is a part of the tech industry.

Plus in the tech industry, there are other niches like cryptocurrency/bitcoin writing which is a part of finance writing too.

There is digital marketing which includes areas like social media marketing, SEO, e-learning/courses, SaaS, newsletter/email marketing.

Tech is the central part of our lives these days and people want to know how to utilise that tech for bettering their lives. 

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Does Freelance Writing Pay Well?

Of course, freelance writing pays well.

At first, the pay is dismal for freelancers who don’t understand what their offering is.

For example, most freelancers in Kenya sign up for freelancing on spaces like Upwork or Freelancer; I started from Freelancer and Elance/Odesk and Guru.

I didn’t know what my offer was and therefore didn’t make any money.

If you know how you will solve a client’s problem you make money.

No one thinks of writing as solving a problem and this is where freelance writers fail, seasoned or beginners.

No one is self-assured, you make mistakes, fail, learn, fail, learn and fail more.

The more you fail, the more you learn and this is where most freelance writers give up and go to day jobs.

Know your offer; what skill are you selling and why?

Is there a market for this skill? Where is your client and how much are they willing to pay you?

Is your client’s audience ready for the content you are about to create?

Are you ready to create content that appeals to your client’s audience? 

By ready here I mean; are you knowledgeable in the topic your client hires you for? And can you write in an easy to understand style to help pass your clients’ message to their readers?

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How Do I Find My Freelance Writing Niche?

First of all, no one finds a writing niche without trial and error. I attest to the fact.

I did a lot of writing in beauty and fashion, gossip magazine, dating, sex and relationships, travel websites, education, ghostwriting, SEO Copywriting. Before settling on ghostwriting.

I went for what brought in the most money plus I wanted to learn how to write my non-fiction and fiction books.

You learn about your niche through trial and error.

Then ask yourself, is there a market for my articles?

If there is a client willing to buy my articles, how much are they paying?

Another way of identifying your niche is by looking at what you love reading.

If you love to read crime thrillers or romance or erotica, then you know how the stories in these books flow.

If you love to read biographies of the rich, you know there is a pattern to them. Then you found yourself a writing niche.

I asked myself, what blogs, articles, stories do I love to hear the most? Human-interest stories and that’s the reason I settled for ghostwriting romance stories and crime thrillers.

I knew I could write mind-bending stories for my clients like how Agatha Christie did. And yes, I did and that earned me lots of money. 

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Best Writing Niches for Kenyan Freelance Writers to Explore


  1. Finance 

All about money. We love to hear stories of millionaires and billionaires and wonder what makes them unique.

So, money writers make a lot of money talking about money.  


Personal finance (budgeting, saving, making money online with online businesses, investing, getting out of debt)

Topic Idea for Finance Writers

How to Save for Christmas 

Is Your Debt Out of Control? Here’s How to Manage Your Money for Dummies 

2. Travel  

 Do you love adventure? I know I do.

I may pack my bag and live the city or country for a destination of my choice; to run away from my hectic life.

I love watching travel documentaries and the hospitality industry.

No wonder I started an Airbnb business turned guesthouse. 


Make videos or documentaries about places you visit.

Remember, let your travel blog or channel tell a human-interest (purpose) story.

For example, travelling for charity like to save pandas, elephants, orangutans or the rosewood rainforest.

Or it can be for fun to run away from life or to experience what the other side has to offer. 

Topic Idea for Travel Writers

Travelling All Over Europe for a Decade and What I Learnt as a Kenyan 

How to Make Money While Travelling Full-time as  a Kenyan 

Travelling With a Toddler and a 5-Year Old as a Single Mum in Kenya 

What’s Gay Travel and How to Start a Gay Travel Agency in Kenya 

3. Cryptocurrency 

I heard of cryptocurrency in 2011; I was still an infant and fighting my way to make money online.

I thought it was another scam idea telling me to click this and that link. I didn’t know cryptocurrency would a thing in 2020 ono.

I remember telling a friend of mine, if you knew how to trade forex, we could try this crypto-thing.

She told me she would ask a friend but I disappeared. Winnie, I hope you did. 


Talk about the basics of what cryptocurrency is and the difference between crypto and bitcoin. 

Topic Idea for CryptoCurrency Writers

What is Cryptocurrency? Why is Crytpo The Rage in the 2021 Finance Industry in Kenya?

How is Bitcoin Different From Ethereum? Facts You Must Know 

What is Crypto-Scam? What to Know Before Investing in Crypto in Kenya 

4. Digital Marketing 

We live in the digital market age where businesses use the internet to reach their customers or social media to connect with their customers.

Digital marketing is a broad field encompassing search engine optimisation, email marketing, mobile phone marketing. 


Digital marketing has a few branches including search engine, email marketing, mobile phone marketing, content marketing. 

Topic Idea for Digital Marketing Writers

Did Mobile Phones Revolutionise Kenya?

What is Mobile Phone Marketing and How Can Business Owners Leverage It? 

What’s Digital Marketing? 

Sub-branches of Digital Marketing Explained for Kenyans 

5. Education 

We love taking our kids to school because school is the biggest gift to give your child.

Education got challenged last year with coronavirus, we had to adapt to virtual learning. Some did, some didn’t.

We still cannot afford to ignore the high laptop or internet prices.  

Think of a way to provide education online or virtual learning services at an affordable price for every kid in the country no matter their location.


Talk about the education industry in relation to the adoption of various learning methods including through YouTube School or digital platforms for online courses like Thinkific. 

Topic Idea for Education Writers

Did Kenya SchoolHeads Learn Anything From the CoronaVirus Pandemic?

Are We Ready for a School Digital Revolution in Kenya?

What’s Homeschooling and How Can a Kenyan Parent Get Started?

100 Ways School Teachers Can Make Money Online Selling Their Expertise (Side Hustle) 

6. Alternative Health 

Alternative health is about using essential oils or herbs like lavender, basil or ‘non-hospital ways to cure oneself of backaches, headaches or stress’.

Your definition of alternative health may be different.

You need to tell your audience that you’re not a doctor unless you are and they must seek medical attention all the time before using alternative medicines. 

Subtopic in Alternative Health Writing 

Chinese medical practices like acupuncture. 

Use of essential oils 

Talk of CBD oils 

Use of herbal medicine

Topic Ideas for Alternative Health Writers 

How to Begin a Business Selling CBD Oils in Kenya 

Debunking Cannabis: Use of Bangi to Heal in Kenya 

What are Essential Oils and How Can They Help in Relieving Stress? 

Is Professional Herbal Medicine Use Back in Kenya? 

7. NON-GMO (Keto, Intermittent, Paleo) 

Have you heard the world go crazy on the keto diet or intermittent fasting?

People want to enjoy their lives without chemicals and they want to find out the hidden truths and facts about the foods they consume.

That’s where you come in as a writer, by helping people make informed decisions about what diet is great for them.

Tell them that you’re not a medical doctor or nutritionist; always use a disclaimer. 

SubTopic in Non-GMO Writing 

Subtopic ideas include keto diet, paleo diet, meal plans, vegan, intermittent fasting. 

Topic Ideas for Non-GMO Writers 

You can combine topics samples for clients as: 

How Intermittent Fasting Interferes With Your Overall Health (A topic like this one must have scientific backing) 

How to Make Money With Keto Diet in Kenya 

Meal Plan Business for Kenyans Lovers of Food

8. Ghostwriting e.g book-writing 

People misunderstand ghostwriting; they think you won’t get paid. Some believe ghostwriters cannot have or build a writing portfolio.

Then there are a number of employers who don’t pay ghosties well.

If you want to be a millionaire ghostwriter, it’s how I made my bulk of writing money, don’t forget to read everything about ghostwriting and take notes. 

Subtopic in Ghostwriting 

Under ghostwriting, you can write blog posts, publications, magazines and books. The choice depends on you and what you prefer.

I went with books! Like freelance writers, ghostwriters need a portfolio of work ( I used samples from my books which I wrote for fun). You need to start small but think big. 

Topic Ideas for Ghost Writers

You can write for magazines, blog posts.

Before signing as a ghostie, ask if you are ready to relinquish your rights of production, in this case, writing?

If you are building a freelance portfolio and you want your clients to see what you have been up to, it’s time to reconsider. 

9. Video Script Writing 

You know the popularity of YouTube and how YouTube has made multimillionaires?

Video scripts became and are a career for writers.

Before YouTubers or drama producers create a movie, they need a script.

This is where you come in. You can become a video scriptwriter for YouTubers or Instagrammers.

Create a rapport with them on their social media page and ask if this is a service they require.

You may end up getting a gig for editing instead. 

Sub-topic for Video Script Writers 

Depends on the YouTube channel’s content, Instagram or T.V production.

Topic Ideas for Video Script Writers 

How to Make $100k or More Per Year Creating Video scripts for YouTubers as a Kenyan

How to Land Your First Video script Gig From Top YouTubers in Kenya

10. White Paper 

A white paper is an informative document. Picture an ebook detailing an issue, how that issue will get solved.

White paper writers earn up to six figures depending on their expertise. White papers are a marketing piece. 

Subtopics for White Paper Writers 

You can write a white paper in any industry from freelance work, how we eat, marketing. 

Topic Ideas for White Paper Writers

What Exactly is Keto Diet, Is It Another Fidget Spinner? 

SEO Best Practices and How Some Businesses Ruin and Misunderstand SEO 

Freelancing Work Are We Creating a Revolution in Kenya? 

11. SEO Copywriting 

I ignored SEO for a while until I took courses then work in SEO writing. Though a lot of blogs complicate what SEO is, I decided to simplify it.

Writing with the user in mind.

You must learn or take a few courses on SEO blogs like including Search Engine Journal.

TIP FOR SEO WRITERS: You don’t need to understand how Google works, it’ll tear your brain. Know what your users want first, they are the best search engine. 

Sub-topic Ideas for SEO Copywriters 

You will find marketing content, blog posts, product description writing, social media marketing content.

SEO Copywriters create good headlines not click baits and if you are going to use click baits, ensure your explanations/descriptions speaks the truth.

Users don’t want to get cheated. 

Topic Ideas for SEO Copywriters 

Creating Headlines for Your Blog Posts Simplified

Other topic ideas here vary according to the need of a business. 

12. Tech Writing e.g  (Cybersecurity, Tech News, Software Reviews)

I knew how I feared the tech industry but there’s money on tech.

So, I tried to learn about programming by taking courses on Coursera and YouTube.

Tech writing doesn’t require you to learn code; it’s interesting to understand how 01010011 works and how it helps computers work. 

Sub-topic for Tech Writers 

You will write about coding and where to learn simplifying complicated computer language into layman’s language.

You will talk about cybersecurity, the best antivirus software, software as a service (SaaS), artificial intelligence, AWS and many more.

A tech writer needs to be enthusiastic and open-minded. 

Topic Ideas for Tech Writers 

Exactly What is Tech Writing and How to Make Money in Kenya as a Tech Writer 

Cybersecurity and Its Importance in Online Businesses for Kenyans

How Did Tech Change the World and Did Kenya Fell the Impact?

13.  Parenting 

If anyone told you becoming a parent is easy, they lied. It’s not about sex.

That’s why the parenting writing niche is for psychologists at heart.

Mind you, you need a lot of patience and books to understand kids or you need to work closely with kids from 0-18 years to provide solutions for parents. 

Subtopic Ideas for Parenting Writers 

Other related topics for parenting writers include divorce, raising teens, parents sanity (no one addresses this issue), remarriage, postpartum depression. 

Topic Ideas for Parenting Writers 

This is one of those niches which seem easy but very hard because of oversaturation. You must come up with different topic ideas to stay afloat as a writer. 

Everyone Complains About Raising a Teen: Here are a Few Sane Tips to Parent Teenagers 

What If You Give Birth to a ‘’Bundle of Hate?’’ How PostPartum Affects New Mums 

Is Sex Before Marriage a Big Deal? A Look Into Abstinence for Couples 

Did Marriage Die? Why are Kenyans Divorcing After 6 Months of Marriage? 

14.  Real Estate Writing 

I love house tours and houses.

I say all the time I will buy the whole coastline of Kenya!; let’s talk about this soonest.

Real estate writers aren’t there in Kenya. Begin by looking at property agent websites and what they list.

Then give guidelines on how to create listings that sell for renters or buyers.

You can talk about investing in real estate. I mean, the ideas in real estate keep getting juicier. 

Subtopic Ideas for Real Estate Writers 

Investing in real estate, property managers in Kenya, tenants, buyers of real estate. 

Topic Ideas for Real Estate Writers in Kenya 

Is Investing in Real Estate in Kenya Safer Than Stock Buying? 

To Buy or Build? An Investor’s Look Into Real Estate in Kenya 

Do You Need a Home to Live the Kenyan Dream of Success? 

15.  Blogging 

Blogging is one of the best ways a writer becomes self-employed in Kenya.

I keep discovering how and why many bloggers don’t make money. It’s exhausting work needing a lot of dedication. 

Subtopic Ideas 

Any topic under the sun. Blogging is open. 

Topic Ideas for Bloggers in Kenya 

There are a hundred and one blogging niches not explored in Kenya. Including making money online, and the topics listed.

You can begin a blog today and become rich within a year if you stay dedicated. 

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How to Begin a Multi-Million Shilling Blog Business in Kenya (Complete Guide) 

16.  Resume Writing 

I remember like yesterday how I struggled to get a job making me sink into depression.

I also remember my hatred towards employers and how I believed they were losing out on a dedicated employee; ME.

Now that I recall these; I know I winged my resume which was a great turn off.

In fact, I had one resume on this website not many years ago. It was embarrassing.

Resume writers help polish you up, literally. They make you seem impressionable to employers and to yourself. 

Subtopics Ideas for Resume Writers 

You cannot talk resumes without talking about work/careers, interviews, getting laid off, businesses. 

Topic Ideas for Resume Writers 

How to Not Get Dressed for Your Interview 

Acing Zoom Interview for Freelancers in Kenya 

How Unemployment Promotes Lack of Self Esteem in Kenyan YouThs 

Begin a Resume Writing Business in Kenya (Make a Million in 6 Months) 

17. Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing writing is an emerging market and an exciting one.

Because you get paid to spend time on social media sites you adore, but that’s not what you do.

In fact, social media marketing writers must know how to market products or services for their clients if they want to earn more money.

You are required to know how Instagram works and the terminologies used in Instagram Marketing, for example.  

Subtopic Ideas for Social Media Marketers 

You cannot speak of social media marketing without talking about marketing. You need to tackle marketing for each platform by diving deeper. 

Topic Ideas for Social Media Marketing Writers 

How to Market on Instagram in Kenya; A Few Known Strategies 

Making Money on Instagram in Kenya 

Why Is Instagram Not Popular In Kenya: Insider Strategies for Succeeding on Instagram as a Business 

Is Social Media Marketing Worth It in Kenya? 

What You are Doing Wrong With Your Facebook Ads 

You must tackle each social media in-depth because businesses don’t understand how to utilise the power of social media in Kenya. 

More Exciting Writing Niches for Kenyan Freelance Writers

If you want to earn more money as freelance writing, don’t stick to the niches everyone talks about.

Write for niches writers fear writing about, the SaaS, for example.

You want to distinguish yourself from other freelance writers, which helps you avoid getting lost in oversaturation.   

The following are more writing niches for you to explore and they include the following:

18. Content Marketing e.g blog articles, cartoons, videos, social media, infographics, emails, webinars, apps. 

19. e-Learning Courses 

20. Case Studies 

21. Trade Publications 

22. Newsletters 

23. SaaS 

24. Long-Form for B2B 

25. Business Plan Writers 

26. Press Release 

27. Beauty and Fashion 

28. Scientific Writing 

29. Food and Dining 

30. Home Decor 

31. Dating and Relationships 

32. Sports Writing 

33. Entertainment Writing 

Further Reading for High Paying Freelance Writing Niches for Kenyans Writing Online

Freelance writing gigs with great pay: 5- Niches to Explore (makealivingwriting.com ) 

17 Freelance writing niches that still pay big bucks in 2020 (smartblogger.com) 

17 high-paying freelance writing niches for 2020 (elnacain.com) 

Top 15 Freelance writing niches (uvocorp.com) 

20 Freelance Writing Niches That Pay The Most Money ( Writetosixfigures.com) 

If you want to earn more than a CEO in Kenya freelance writing, you must identify what your niche is. A niche is an area of specialisation.

Before getting your area of online writing specialisation, attempt other writing then determine what kind of writing inspires you the most.

Which of the online writing niches would you love to attempt as a Kenyan freelance writer?




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