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Last Updated on 16 February 2019 by Gertrude

We have come a long way, haven’t we? Even those born into royalties, if you haven’t well . . . . I have. Giving up, brought to my knees, to nothingness, faced a few no’ s and countable yes ‘s along the treacherous online journey. All I say, is I have learnt, still learning and will keep learning. A few of you who are thinking of going away, please don’t, I would say. You will be losing a dear lot of ideas, opportunities and money. We have to make a little money right? Depending on others is quite a ruthless way of living one’s life, that money is never enough. Then I recall one man who told me, let a man give you ideas on how to fish and gives you the net and blessings. One who goes to the market and buys you the fish makes you not only crazy dependent but a very lazy person, one who basks in the glory of other’s pockets. Don’t be like this one.

When I came back, zeal, motivation, dedication and persistence and tears were ready tickling me like a river of blood. All the while crying, ”this time, I am going to make it, this time I am going to go for what I have desired. This time, I will read all the blogs I can, and this time, I won’t look back. I will share with you, you have supported me along the way”. Those who gave up and those who keep encouraging me to keep going at it until I get what I want. Allow me to beg you, to never leave, to keep supporting this journey until we get there, together. I wouldn’t want to disappoint myself and mostly you who have fought to be with me. I wouldn’t want to say, ”I give up”. Of course, I do many a time when faced with too many baby steps. The baby steps tell me, you cannot walk like a ten year old all at once, you have to fall, trip, be lifted, hurt, injure, cry and sometimes want to be buried in the sand. All you do is listen to the voice of hope, reason and quest for more.

Keep here, online, explore Kenyans, make progress. Of course we are notoriously known to have the most phones more than even developing nations, not my research. (I will remember to quote the site and place where I read that). You can imagine, the same way we embraced mobile phones, shouldn’t it be the same way we embrace the online marketplace?. Why are we apprehensive about online places yet, we resort to it for news, to hook up with pals, for college sign ups?. We are always sceptical about anything Kenyan, we must learn to promote our own things and the online world will open up when we learn to promote, accept our own efforts. Why do we let monopoly reign? Safaricom, everywhere is what we accept, yet, we cry, ”these Safaricom people are too exorbitant, day light thieves”. We allow them, we tell them, we are afraid, then they bring methods they are not afraid to explore. Buy online pay with Mpesa.

The problem is that we want to buy things everywhere, we shouldn’t, buy from merchants you have seen reviews about. Buy from people who have great customer service support, use your Nakumatt global card or visa card, those secured. A website has to have a secure lock. How will you know when it’s genuine, a friend of mine asked when I told him I buy things from Ebay. Was trying to teach him how to go about it. See, this green lock is quite safe and when you use visa, mastercards it becomes easier. Pay for your goods and everything else is wait for it. After all, you buy half or a quarter of the price. The only problem comes from the overcharge at Kenya Revenue Authority, but you can always negotiate the tax once you have known a number of people there. Not meant to mean by bribing. (Bribing is illegal). Explain yourself, ”you know sir, I didn’t buy this one online because I have the money, I have always found it’s very cheap. Above the tax charges, this one, is what I can afford, sincerely, sir”. I have been given my goods this way. Be genuine.

The tax at the KRA also keeps many away. I assure you, something you are afraid of, or don’t want to try or experiment, how will you know about it? How will you know what goes on when you keep being afraid. Didn’t you read somewhere that, taking a risk is a mind for many business people. And it’s my view that many Kenyans, will embrace many methods of payment online like PayPal, never tried this one, so cannot say much. Travel enlightening the majority of youths in Kenya and sensitising them that the online world has opportunities just like the offline world. It’s just a matter of knowing where to do this things, which site to look for. And comparing methods and ways of doing it, them. Or rather, creating a way of doing it. A different way.

Would you buy online, why or why not? Don’t stick to buying or selling on one way, embrace both. OLX Kenya has proven to be highly educative on matters encouraging Kenyans to stay abreast on online world. Very helpful. Having launched campaigns promoting Kenyans to embrace Online world, I hope they succeed in their endeavour. Before then, can you please follow my path to embracing online world?. Haven’t you got love online or friends on Facebook, who come yearly to pay a visit to their dearest friend, whom they met on Facebook?. Isn’t this like business, use these connections to make you teach another and another to embrace online world. Haven’t you heard of the MOOCS? If you haven’t, and that online course you have been studying. online? That one short course that landed you a promotion? Why are you saying then that you haven’t heard of online revolution? The same way, the MOOCS have helped improve a part of your career is the same way you can also, embrace payment, business, friendship, online. As the click of the keyboard, has proved so magical!




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