Pillows are my absolute favourite sewing item of all time but they can get quite boring if repeatedly using the same fabric and style.

I go for versatility all the time which means including different colour, texture, material here meaning fabric, and a bit of mix and match.

I started making my own pillows when I was sewing for our new home which needed some pillows and curtains.

I  had made some pillows but just basic ones made from flannel fabric and I adored at the time.

I even have one pillowcase that I ripped and made a pillow with!

I learnt that sewing pillows wasn’t hard at all but yet pillows were quite expensive even when bought in plain white fabric without covers.

Now, I have a policy in my life which states:

”If I know how to do something, why pay for it when I can do it better and more creatively to express who I am?”

I gathered my sewing supplies which were flannel, coding and some pillow forms. At the time, I was also a bit frustrated because I didn’t know where to buy the polyester filling.

So, I imported some from the USA at JOANN’s and when I run out, I’d buy some big pillows at Nakumatt, 26 by 26 inches cut them up and reproduce pillows.

That’s how I started.

After sitting down and analysing my sewing needs, I decided to open a sewing shop, which I have since closed because it wasn’t offering me the flexibility I needed in my time.

I even neglected my online business which is quite ironical because this is where businesses are rushing to and I’d love a slice of my own pie!

Want to hear about the sewing shop story, how to start one and become successful? And what I learnt? 


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Funny, when I started my shop, the need wasn’t to fulfill any pillow orders but to sell bags, I’m a big fan of bags and don’t feel like there is enough bags in my style in the Kenyan market.

Or if there’s it doesn’t match with my taste or style or I’m in fact too picky and would love to make things my own way, ALL THE TIME.

I one day made two pillows from the left over pillow forms from the Nakumatt haul( I miss those Nakumatt hauls – Revive Giant Retailer)!

And that’s barely two months into the business and I made about 300 dollars in profit and over a 100 pillow orders, in a Month! .

 It was a good month, I knelt down and prayed to God daily over the blessing. 

Unfortunately, I hadn’t prepared for orders to take a toll or burn out or monotony as people wanted me to make the same thing over, over and over again.

I find it hard to repeat myself and found it hard to keep up.

The job became boring but I went on.  Until the day I realised that wasn’t my true calling, mine lies with work flexibility and freedom. And if I don’t have that, then I have lost everything”. 




1 . How to get started in pillow business, these ideas will actually be extended to other businesses you have in mind but with a tweak here and there to accommodate the niche at hand.

 2.  The supplies you’ll need and how to get them. 

3.  How to price your products. 

4.  Do you really  need a team?

5.  How to sell and remain relevant as the month drags on. 

6.  How to keep in trend( knowing what sells and what doesn’t). Pillow styles to emulate.

7.  How to find customers online. 

8.  Exactly how much is the profit? And how to calculate your profits. 

9.  Finding distributors. 

10.  Travelling into the retail business world and what you need. 

11.  Networking with other home decor businesses. 

12.  Custom making orders. 

13.  How to price your products so that they are fast moving without facing a loss. 

14.   Why adding other home decor sewing related ideas is the best. 

15.  Why short cut isn’t the best and how to get repeat customers. 

16.  Dealing with unhappy and rude customers. 

17.  Do you need to be a designer to have a pillow business?

18.  Why you must go online and how to find success. 

19.  Keeping up with monotony. 

20.  Having fun, learning, patience and perseverance are the key to building success. 

21.  Know what your customers want, research and provide it back to them. 

22.  Managing profits and tips for business expansion. 


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