Teamwork and especially women Team work is an incentive at any time. We’re always pitted against one another.

Women build each other by war and belittling each other.

What if we built communities where we’re sharing how we achieved what we did without feeling the need to harass or hate on each other.

On Gertie’S Creates on Instagram I call Tuesdays, TeamsDay because I believe working in teams, building communities together is the only way forward.

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When different people come together, different ideas fly in the house. You’re not limited on one idea or belief system which can be detrimental to progress hence success.

Avoid judging people before knowing them very well. Always be genuinely happy for others’ success so you attract your own success.

Also, be compassionate without faking till you make it.

Create an honest dialogue with your work colleagues.

Don’t compete with others, we live in a competitive society where there’s positive and negative competition. Which we will talk about one day.

In short, do yourself always and let not your environment change who you are.

Always remember to show support for your teams mates because they need it.

Let it be support that comes from your heart and not just for show off. I have been taught the true meaning of support and know what a genuine show of care can do.

And I have also lacked support and know if you’re not confident enough what that can do to you as well.

Always know that Haters are secret admirers disguised.

They’re trying to ask themselves why you? Why are you the only one being seen? Why is the whole world’s eyes on you? Why when it should be me?

Then they direct their unwarranted frustrations onto you.

DON’T use your energy for causes which don’t benefit your heart, soul and mind.

Direct your energies in showing your haters that you love them.

Learn to distinguish between positive criticism and hate and answer accordingly.

If you don’ t know how, you can always ignore. But if it bothers you, well, it’s time for a genuine answer.

Be patient with others so that they are patient with you. We don’t learn everything at the same pace, some take time for us.

Learn to listen to others because in listening you develop genuine and serious care.

IN case a similar thing happens, you’ll know how to deal with the problem.


Empathy means, wearing someone’s size 10 when you are an eight. 

You feel their pain but are able to compose yourself to offer an approach that will release the anger or sorrow in someone’s heart.

The three virtues of happiness today are: empathy, love genuinely and staying happy working in teams. 

Have a Happy TeamsDay and May your Businesses Flourish as the day wanes.





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