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Last Updated on 30 August 2014 by Gertrude


  • Refuse

  • Decline

  • Spurning

  • Repudiation

  • Rebuff

  • Abandon

  • Desert … name it.

I fear this word, at least, that was the way it was. Afraid of rejection. There are a number of rejections. Social, spousal, writing, organ, to name but a few. Which category are you in? Which category do you look at and feel like running, is it the whole word – REJECTION, or is it a part of it like social?

Have you come here looking for solace, belonging or want? Are you ready for what you want to hear and see and learn? Or, are you here for fun? We shall tackle rejection in all ways possible and at the end of this, hopefully you will have learnt something.

How to overcome rejection, how to deal with rejection and what to do when rejection comes knocking – it does in all aspects of life. Academics could come as a rejection because of lack of money, you have to find the money, without it … no education. You cannot be accepted in a college without money. Then, we shall look into personal stories as guidelines to demonstrate that you are not alone in dealing with rejection, you can never be alone and how rejection is a stepping stone to something great.

Are you ready? Start by discussing and brainstorming, bring stories and ideas into this weblog to create exciting series in a world never experienced. All suggestions are welcome …





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