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Ever since my divorce from my husband, I felt like the ‘damn-dest’ failure on planets earth and Mars, a little exaggeration but that’s what I felt. Sara, a 49 year old woman from Runda says. Her life crumbled – the marriage she had taken pain to build. She saw her husband marry a much younger and prettier woman while she, as pretty as she is, felt stupid, disgusted and angry. She thought the world should swallow them; a bomb would be great. She spent time wallowing and complaining and bitterly accusing herself. ”I wish I did this and that, my husband could have remained home. I wish I was a better wife, my politician husband could still come home to me”.

I cried, I punched, I cursed and I became withdrawn then I realised there was a solution – the bottle. Drinking and merrying was my way out. I smoked and applied lethal amounts of make up to make me look young and bouncy. I looked myself on the mirror, saw a beautiful woman, I went out and partied with young boys and got a toy boy under my arms. We spent times in hotels and the huge mansion that was left for me after the bitter divorce. Wild sex, wild partying, I did drugs, I became a sniffer and most of the time I was stoned – stoned to the extent I knew not my name. My characteristics became that of the wealthy woman gone rogue and dirty. I was proud.

I fell ill. STD. For days, I stayed in the vast house with no friend not even the young man and women I was entertaining in my house. The big realisation set in. I sort advise from a man of the cloth and for days I underewent what was called, spiritual cleansing. I felt anew and safe to tell God my troubles, she says. She prayed and glorified the living God. Her life changed, registered herself in the church and its organistaions doing volunteer work, helping the church on its mission for abandoned children. Slowly by slowly Sara accpeted her hubby left and would never come back. She adopted one of the children a baby girl she named Ruth. Ruth to give her hope after the death of her former life, like the Ruth in the Bible. Ruth is her new hope and for her she became the woman she should have been three years ago. A student by evening and a fashion designer by day, Sara is striving to bring her life to normalcy and she has got placement in one Fashion college in New York to further her dreams. Her kids have embraced their new mum. Sara looks back with tears welling in her brown eyes but in those tears, I can see fight, fight and fight.




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