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On Flexjobs there’s an article called 7 Fast-Growing Remote Career Categories and the careers include those in the art and creative industry, marketing, legal.

Remote Job Categories In Kenya With the Highest Growth According to Flexjobs

Before beginning your work online, a remote job or freelancing, you must know what you’re going to offer. That means, do you know your skills, talents and expertise?

When I began working remotely in 2009, I knew I was a writer – a great one, even though I never took time to proofread my work.

I knew I’d make a lot of money working online.

What I didn’t know was that it’s not about getting an online job, it’s about a myriad of other things including knowing your niche, building credibility and building a brand – all from the comfort of the home.

If you are looking for a remote job in 2020, your vision must be different from mine, there are a lot of websites talking about remote jobs and remote workers.

There are lots of tools helping work from home individuals to manage their work, time and improve productivity and more so, the internet has become cheaper!

The remote jobs with fast-growing rates have also been mentioned in remote.co a leader in the provision of work from home opportunities. And most of the opportunities are available worldwide – a good chance for a Kenyan looking for work online to get themselves a job – if you know what you’re doing. 

Best Remote Jobs for Kenyans to do in 2020 in Lucrative Industries

The following are the best remote jobs for Kenyans to do in 2020 in lucrative industries and they include: 


The sub-categories or terms you will meet when looking for an opportunity as a translator include: business translator, bilingual writer, sign language, interpreter and document proofreader.

When searching for a job online, it’s best if you utilise the ‘’advanced search’’ or apply more filters in your search so as to get results as specific as to your need.

The translation is growing because of people learning two or more languages and increased globalisation.

Individuals from different cultures are marrying and want to understand a language.

Almost all businesses have a website and the traffic isn’t necessarily English-speaking, so that prompts for translation services in order to understand the content.

Have you seen people asking for captions/subtitles in a YouTube video?  


As the need for businesses to get visible online rises, so is the rise and growth of marketers and especially social media marketers.

If you are well conversant with Instagram for example, offer your services as an Instagram marketer.

The key is to define your role so particularly that customers know exactly what your offer is.

For example, do you help increase Instagram followers? Or do you know a lot about Instagram ads?

Because social media is here to stay the role of a social media marketer and marketer is growing at a rapid rate.

The aim of a business is to stand out, become visible by offering kick-ass content and getting engagement. 


Law is hard and confusing.

The legal transcriber’s role is to make materials/cases easier to understand for the common person without the legal jargon.

Mortgage and real estate 

Some job titles include senior loan officer, director of sales.

Mortgage and real estate are increasing because of investments or increased education on why real estate makes a great investment portfolio. 


Some job roles here include senior fundraising director, policy manager. 

Non-profit roles see an increase in remote opportunities because of the growth of websites like Kickstarter – a crowd-funding website.

On Kickstarter, you can validate your idea of a non-profit without starting from an office. 


Let’s be honest, how many of you by a show of hands have an insurance policy, not education but personal retirement funds as a freelancer or remote worker?

This is something I have always thought of having but kept it aside but education on insurance for remote workers is crucial in Kenya.

We don’t know why we need insurance policies.

Insurance workers can work from the comfort of their homes with clients all over the continent.

You can help Kenyans understand the need for insurance. 

Project management 

Often called project managers, scrum masters or business process consultants.

They are the overseer of projects and ensure projects reach their completion.

Project management is one role where you can work in the tech, medical, non-profit, pharmaceuticals or add any more job category.

You are an organised person, meet deadlines and work with management to see their projects to fruition.

It’s not a surprise that this role pays a considerable sum with earnings a little over $100,000 /10M a year according to your experience.

The competition for this remote role is often fierce. I have seen several open positions US-based but remote on Flexjobs. 


Often called software engineers, design engineering technicians. 

This is considered one of the easiest tech jobs to get into. See other easy to get into tech roles for Kenyans.

You are a designer or creator.

Software engineers can work with mobile companies, computers, laptop manufacturers, app developers.

A role that’s growing with the growth of the tech industry. 

Internet and e-commerce 

Involves web development, web design, social networking tools, SEO, SEM, and social media jobs.

The involvement of the internet means there are lots of internet jobs/remote jobs which only need an internet connection. 


Bookkeeping is recording of financial transactions according to Wiki.

Industries that need bookkeepers include non-profits, small businesses, art and creatives, accounting and finance.

As a bookkeeper, you need to be organised and a detail-oriented person. Have to love maths and must have computer skills. 

Maths and economics 

Students in high school and other advanced levels of learning always need a maths tutor. Well, maths isn’t easy.

So, math tutors, as well as English tutors, keep seeing an increase in remote opportunities. Yup says on their website that they are your child’s solution for maths problems.

Check their website if you’re a maths teacher. They hire worldwide all the time. 


The pharmaceutical industry grows because of the need for medication for ageing, cancer, and coronavirus.

It’s one of the most lucrative businesses to start in Kenya.

Most remote job openings online involve those of a pharma editor – who edits and proofreads pharmaceuticals documents. 

Graphic design 

As businesses keep coming online and so is the need for graphic designers.

You help design brochures, catalogues, logos and business cards among other business visuals for businesses. This role keeps increasing in demand every year.

You can create designs on Canva, PicMonkey or Photoshop. Other alternatives to Photoshop include Inkscape and GIMP.


Think of life sciences like Psychology.

Now there’s content writers, science teachers, science coaches, clinical research associates – due to an increase in suicide attempts and mental health awareness.

Sciences go hand with research and an increase in technology roles which can be done from the comfort of a home. 


Every time I research on what remote roles are high paying, technology never misses a beat.

Technology is required in medicine (biotechnology) or in the arts (blogging).

I also keep insisting that technology is the backbone that will steer the Kenyan economy into a second world nation, if embraced and a corridor for creating millionaires and billionaires.

Most billionaires and millionaires are in the tech industry, that’s something. 
In conclusion, the rise in the remote job categories took a deep high during the coronavirus when all companies including big companies saying it’s a long-term goal.

Remote jobs are here to stay and it’s only getting better.

Before getting a remote job, ensure you know yourself well in terms of your abilities then form a strategy for getting paid.

Otherwise, you’re going to enjoy working remotely if you know what you are doing and are in one of these fastest-growing categories/industries.

Which one of these remote fast-growing industries according to Flexjobs will you apply for a job in as a Kenyan in 2020/2021?




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