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Last Updated on 16 February 2019 by Gertrude

Excitement flooded me when I heard there was going to be a new programme early this year on Citizen Television. I don’t know which month exactly, so pardon me there. Starting with zeal, power and strength I have never seen of any comedy production in Kenya than Churchill Show. Or the Redykyulass, that made Tony Njuguna and John Kiarie. Kajairo too with his, music mix, or can I call it, mchuzi mix? Well, we have come a long way, we always have to. Then lots of other groups came up, let’s not forget the veterans, Mzee Ojwang’ and Mama Kayai. Of course, entered a new face, Anne Kansiime, maybe in April, I guess. Correct me. Her main shows are about general lifestyles of the Ugandans, maybe, what happens in our lives in general. In the office, neighbourhood, at home, between husband and wife, teachers and students, policemen and women and lawbreaker drivers.

Such a new concept to what we are used to, stand up comedy. A method Churchill embraces. The traffic woman or man will stand somewhere on the road, stop a passing car. The traffic police would think she has nailed the ‘suspect’, the suspect had everything that is not needed. Driving at high speed, talking on the phone. When she tells the suspect to step down, the officer is met by one rude comment about how her round face looks unappealing, one fire after another is creatively thrown her way. Until what she does is remain like a grounded child, looking on at the mercy of the ‘assailant’. Wow, it was getting so good am telling you.

Three weeks, four weeks later, the programme became the one I anticipated to watch at seven thirty enduring the long commercial breaks on citizen television. As critical as I get, I realised Kansiime revolved almost revolved around and about the same subjects. Husband and wife, neighbours. Maybe, they have a censorship on political ridicule in Uganda or there are no other approaches to her comedy, pretty harsh you may think. I got bored with it as there was no dynamics to it, we kept laughing at it. One day a friend said to me, ”I love how Kansiime looks at life, don’t you think she is very hilarious?”. ”Of course, of course”, reserving my comments which I knew wouldn’t be met in good faith.

I believe though Kansiime brought with her and avoided the monotony of what Churchill was and is doing and remained with a few actors to her game. Those who believe in her. There is soo much we would love for her to introduce like her blasting a supermarket man or woman or the Managers of those places. There is so much interracial love going on, blast that. Be wild Kansiime we would want to see competitors of Churchill, give him a run for his money. Imagine, he is running pretty much everything to do with comedy in Kenya!

Then again, we cannot all be in the same place right? I would love to tell you that you brought change, you brought something very fresh, new and exciting and some like Shaniqua became intrigued and aped you just a little, in my opinion. And she is going at it really hard! Go Kansiime, I am one of your fans. Talk to your fans, ask them what they would love to see on your programme and you will be amazed at how many suggestions they would give. Do surveys and ask them on Twitter or Facebook, what new approaches you can bring them in 2015.

Otherwise, you are a ladies inspiration especially those who would want to be comedians. Unto us, you inspire us to go hard at it that we would want to achieve.




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