A Valentine’S Day Printable E-Card To Download and Print


A Valentine E-card printable downloadable greeting card. Purchase, download, print and send with a thoughtful love message.


Have you ever been in love?

Are you feeling like you don’t know what to get your loved one?

Well, there’s a collection of activities to do on Valentines, just scroll(Valentines) on the blog and also some pretty e-cards for your loved ones.

Also, a card never goes wrong when it has the right message in it.

Made with love.



1. I’d also want you to know that I don’t copy anyone’s work so you’re buying an original quote never ever been there before. Sometimes though, I use old quotes and give meaning to them.

2. Also, don’t share my quotes with people without asking them to buy from me first. Though it doesn’t take long to construct them as they come naturally to me, it’s still an art which I had undermined until recently.

3. And that’s why I encourage all my LOVELY LOVELIES to please ask for a PERSONALISED QUOTE, because nobody else will own it and there comes a lot of referrals when you’re an original.

4.  I take criticism very very seriously and improve myself always.

5. I still own the quotes even after purchasing, unless it was personalised and specified for an occasion like a birthday, wedding or business.

                             How to Use Valentine Printables

  1. Purchase, download and print( can print at home or at the local printer’s shop).
  2. Printer quality matters so if not sure, just ask me I find out or try and see the results.
  3. Always print on white cardstocks as those bring out the quality really well.
  4. I’m limiting the writing to black as I have realised it prints well.
  5. I provide my digitals in JPG format always – as I find those are easier to download and don’t require a lot of complexities( digital products huh?!)
  6. Always, always reach out to me, I write a lot and if I’m missing anything or the checkout isn’t working, contact me via my email: GERTRUDE.AKINYIatgmaildotcom
  7. If you need any customisations or personalisations, be sure to reach me asap(writing names ONLY).
  8. If you need a particular quote for any occasion, please contact me again.
  9. I’m always within responding clicks – 24 hours away!.
  10. Enjoy and share my cards with your loved ones and come back for more.



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