Classy Unique Christmas Printable Downloadable Cards to Gift your Loved Ones.

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A quick Christmas e-card with floral touch to remind your loved ones that you’re watching over them like a bird.

Birds are a symbol of beautiful Christmas presents but sometimes looking after them long term is hard.

What if you have them on a card, not like the real thing but still, a nice touch.

Have a Birdy Merry Christmas, won’t you?



A beautiful Christmas e-card to remind your loved ones of how you love them and are always watching over them.

Flowers and birds are too cute on a card, aren’t they?


These are jpeg formats saved on high resolution, so I’m certain they’ll print beautifully. I cannot ascertain that though due to the printer you’ll use or any other factor coming into play.

You buy, download, print… no shipping is required unless you want to get a physical product.

Which means, you pay more and wait more. I’ll introduce the physical shipping of products at a later date.

You’ll get a downloadable file then it’s yours you can save for a while… I open the download link for a period of 7 days and also can download it up to 30 days.


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