Mental Health Fitness: A Printable Workbook to Track Your Thoughts Like a Pro


Mental Health Fitness: A Printable Workbook to Track Your Thoughts Like a ProMental-Health-Fitness-Workbook-to-Help-Track-Thoughts-Like-a-Pro


Mental-Health-Fitness-Workbook-to-Help-Track-Thoughts-Like-a-ProYou long to be in control of your Mental Health.

But you’re stuck because you feel like mental health is a battle you lost.

What if I told you, there’s a way to conquer what you’re feeling with a printable mental health workbook where you can track your thoughts like a pro?

A Mental Health Fitness Printable Workbook!

What you’ll need for the Mental Health Fitness Workbook

A Pen


Mental Health Fitness Workbook.

Your thoughts.

What you’ll get inside the Mental Health Fitness Workbook:

Declare – Write an affirmation for the month.

Write your monthly quote that lines with your affirmation.

You’ll get questions like:

Mental Health Exercise 1:

What is my mind saying today?

  1. Is your mind saying you’re silly?
  2. Is the mind saying you cannot?
  3. Write every thought down that your mind is telling you.

Mental Health Exercise 2:

List your feelings.

  1. How did I wake up feeling today?
  2. What am I feeling?

In the Mental Health Fitness Workbook, you’ll be challenged to simply confront your feelings and track your thoughts.

After which you’ll write what to say to your mind every day.

And every day you’re going to live up to the promise you make to your mind.

Then, you’ll make a list of your goals according to what you have uncovered while exercising with the Mental Health Fitness Workbook plan.


I highly recommend using a pen and book because when you write something down you keep it in your mind forever – don’t type the Mental Health Fitness Workbook.

How to place an order:

You’ll click the shop page on the blog.

Then the page will direct you to the check-out page.

The check-out process uses Paypal so you have to sign-up.

If I have a coupon, use that but otherwise pay for the Premium Product because you’re getting a Mental Health Fitness cheat-sheet. 

Pay and you’ll be re-directed to a page where you download.

It’s a printable for a reason.


                                           Shop Policies.

Because this is a digital product, there’s no way to refund. 

It’s a downloadable and printable meaning you pay, download and print. 

The Mental Health Fitness Workbook comes in PDF format. 

I’ll also include a writable PDF file – a bonus for those who are confident that they don’t need to write with a pen and on a book. 

Don’t ever share, copy or distribute my work to others or email subscribers or pretend to own the production. 

If you need to use my products for others, please contact me so we discuss the terms for affiliate marketing. 

If you find any difficulty in understanding how to use a printable or any digital product you buy from me, make sure to email me within 24 hours. I’m here for you. 

Always enjoy my products and share the love. 

I price my products competitively because I want everyone to afford knowledge. 

At $15, this printable workbook for Mental Health is a price you cannot beat.

I’ll include a calendar-like place for you to track your thoughts if you don’t want to dirty your printable.







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