Time Management During the Christmas Season Printable Quote as an Instant Download.

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Responsible time management is critical Christmas printable quote for instant download reminding you that time is precious and never to be wasted.



An owl Christmas printable quote reminding about the importance of time keeping.

Wasting time isn’t acceptable even during the Christmas celebrations.

Christmas is a demanding time because guests, family and friends are coming from all over the place to visit.

Place this quote in a strategic place so all of the guests, family and friends can remember that time is a valuable resource.

How and where to display Christmas Quotes Ideas. 

1. Door entrance, make a wooden(something like scrap wood) can scavenge the neighbourhood for a great find. Then print and stick this prints on the wood.

2. Print, cut out the shapes or letters, use them for your bullet journal.

3. Kids Christmas wall decor, hanging.

4. Any wall in the house to show off your decoration creativity.

5. I know you can find other ideas, please tell me one when you purchase and I’ll give you a bonus card.

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1. I’d also want you to know that I don’t copy anyone’s work so you’re buying an original quote never ever been there before. Sometimes though, I use old quotes and give meaning to them.

2. Also, don’t share my quotes with people without asking them to buy from me first. Though it doesn’t take long to construct them as they come naturally to me, it’s still an art which I had undermined until recently.

3. And that’s why I encourage all my LOVELY LOVELIES to please ask for a PERSONALISED QUOTE, because nobody else will own it and there comes a lot of referrals when you’re an original.

4.  I take criticism very very seriously and improve myself always.

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I have made these quotes on a 8 by 10 inch page, so if you print in a US Letter sized the shape may be distorted.

While I have made sure to save my images in high resolution Jpeg format, I cannot guarantee how they print because printer specs differ.

Same as printer paper quality.

Goods once sold cannot be returned policy – this is a digital file and cannot be refunded, resold whatsoever.

By the way, using my work or recycling it for sale is strictly prohibited.

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Kindly contact me asap if you have problems printing the jpeg format as I have heard sometimes, the format may not properly print.

I’m always available to answer your questions asap because I value your input in my work, if it were not for you, I doubt I’d even create.

I ONLY and ONLY use my quotes and take great pride in that but I do use free high quality images(commercial licensed use ONLY) and buy a lot of clip-art and fonts too.

I’m learning how to use a graphics tablet so I can create my own fonts( I love handwriting and sometimes feel I need to add my touch), as I said, I’m no graphic designer.

I’m a writer who loves creating, writing quotes for all seasons.

I have a collection of over 10,000 quotes about every situation and even business tags.

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So, if you want changes made to a design, you’ll pay for it depending on what you want changed and make it in black and white otherwise, ”colour and colourful is spice of life”, isn’t it?

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