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Best-selling things/products to sell this Christmas in Kenya

On Oberlo I found an article, 10 Best Dropshipping products to sell at Christmas. Christmas is a time spent on family and gift-giving. It’s a reflective time of the year with many business opportunities.

This holiday season, I want you to begin a business surrounding the Christmas celebrations.

It’s been the toughest year yet but the day keeps rolling by. Before beginning a Christmas or holiday season business, think long-term. Find a way of turning your holiday business into a full-time business.

For example, if you want to sell clothes because clothes are a popular Christmas gift item, ask yourself how can I sell clothes all year round?

I realise, businesses that are trusted by customers are always there for their customers throughout the year.

You want to be that business, to be for your customer throughout the year. Think about making your business a side-hustle or a full-time business and not a seasonal business. 

Best-Selling Products/Items to Sell During The Holiday Season in Kenya

The following items sell the best every Christmas holiday/holiday season. I want you to capitalise on the making money.

But I also want you to remember how over-saturated these niches or industries or products are.

They’re on this list because I see them recurring in every data I researched and blog post I read.

I don’t want you to limit yourself by having a tunnel vision.

I want you to begin from a niche. For example, if you choose clothes, don’t sell clothes of all kinds.

You could choose to sell red t-shirts with Santa on them, for example.

You could choose not to import or drop-ship any t-shirt but design your own t-shirt on Canva or Photoshop and sell as a print on demand.

Christmas/the holiday season is big on personalisation and personalised products.

Focus on providing to customers what they want. So, the best selling products during Christmas include the following: 

1. Personalised items 

During the holiday season, people want to receive gifts with their names on it. You want to leave a space in your products for writing names.

You want your products to be as unique as possible. 

2. Clothes 

Don’t focus on clothes of all kinds. What appeals to you in clothing? Lounge clothes? Kids clothes or women’s clothes?

I love the colourful kids clothing. If it’s kids clothing, what kind? Sleeping clothes or baby socks or shoes?

You want to narrow down your focus in order to stand out. 

3. Electronics 

I love electronics at any time of the day. Electronics are the centre of our lives these days.

With the world getting smaller through devices. Then there are new phones ‘sprouting’ in the market literally.

Surprise your loved ones with the newest and best devices, like the iPhones or Samsungs. Or other brands. 

4. Cute gifts for him or her 

If you have a ‘him’ or ‘her’ in your life, it’s time to choose gifts that appeals to them.

For example, I see men’s wallets and watches trending all the time in gift-giving.

Choose something your partner or friend isn’t expecting. You want the gift to be as unique as possible. 

5. Handmade items 

I love well thought out gifts too. I love gifts. Do you love handmade items? Handmade items could be clothing, wall arts, Christmas cards.

Don’t you love the idea of receiving a Christmas card with an amazing message?

Have people told you you’re a good punchy writer? Get into the card writing business and create a living for yourself. 

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Best-selling Handmade Items 

6. Chicken/animals like goats, sheep or cows 

Kenyans slaughter all kinds of animals during the holidays season.

Capitalise on this by buying a freezer or a big cooler to keep the animals you grow on your farm.

For example, chickens, being the best-selling animal during the holiday followed by goats.

Also, many youths and older people alike love to hold weddings and vow renewals ceremonies.

If you run out of chickens find a way to cater to the demand in animals during the holidays. 

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7. Party decorations 

I love party decorations because you can sell the products throughout the year. It doesn’t have to be Christmas or the holidays.

Parties happen all the time from birthdays, graduations, weddings and births. 

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8. Christmas decorations 

Christmas decorations from Christmas trees, Christmas banners, lights, Christmas themed pillows covers, wall stickers, wallpapers and fireworks. Christmas decor is offered on discounts.

Ensure to upsell /cross-sell. Cross-selling or upselling, simply means, what other item(s) is non-seasonal which go hand in hand with the Christmas decor you’re selling? 

9. Bags and backpacks 

I included bags and backpacks here because it’s often a week or 10 days when kids go back to school.

I want you to plan ahead. Handbags because women carry their bags all year round, spoil her with a designer bag.

That Chanel or Louis she’s been talking about? Shop for backpacks for your kids because the back to school shopping frenzy begins in early January. 

10. Toys 

Kids love toys. My kids demand toys every year and as they advance in age for more advanced toys.

Toys range from educational to playful.

I choose to buy for them toys which they can use as they age.

Toys like teddy bears, trampolines get used by kids of all ages. Sell toys which don’t get out of style. 

11. Projectors 

Do you love to go to the movies? I know I do. But since coronavirus overtook the function of the world, come with a better solution.

Turn your living room or one-bedroom into a movie theatre. Make yourself or family scream with joy.

Projectors get upsells because of selling the screens and others like movie rentals. 

12. Drinks like sodas, wines, smoothies 

No, I am not telling you to make drinks like sodas which are all over Kenya. I’m asking you to focus on healthy drinks.

You may have to invest in a food truck to run a successful business.

You may have to come up with a new mix of healthy drinks or type of soda where you can add some ice cream as a topping.

You have to think outside the box. 

13. Inspirational books and finance books 

It’s that time of the year where people look for inspiration in order to jump into the following year with gusto.

Being that 2020 came with its own uniqueness, you want to focus on books about finances and financial planning.

God’s earth is unpredictable. 

14. Planners 

I love planners. The reason I got on Instagram in 2018 was to teach how to plan for success no matter where you are. The plan for success begins with your mindset and I focused on the mind. Do you want to know how to plan for your income and actually get it? Do you want to plan your 2021 and achieve all the goals? 

READ MORE: 2021 Plan for achievement with everything to plan an effective year. 

15. Weightloss products 

Who doesn’t love losing weight? Or gaining weight for bodybuilders or anorexics? 

16. Vases for flowers 

Flowers never go out of fashion and they aren’t for valentines day only. Give flowers inside beautifully carved clay vases for the women or men who love the smell of fresh flowers in their homes. 

17. Teas and coffees 

Teas and coffees as gifts for Christmas? Yes, it’s a cold season in some nations but who wouldn’t love to cosy with a cup of hot coffee or tea and cake while watching the sunset? Or you can gift coffee machines!

18. Organic beauty products 

The skin loves to get nourished with products that don’t have chemicals. Gift your loved ones with organic beauty products – hard to find though because most products are natural or chemical-based. Don’t fear, gift your loved ones with shea, coconut, avocado oil and a mixer for them to make their own natural/organic beauty products for natural skin. I’d love this gift!

19. Create gift hampers and baskets

Any of the item in the list can get included in the gift basket. Make a one-of-a-kind gift basket to accompany the gift.  

20. Furniture 

Source for furniture your loved one doesn’t have in the house. For example, buy or make for them 

21. Houses 

I went a bit overboard but why not? If you have the funds, Christmas or the holiday season is a time to change the location and even surprise yourself or loved ones with a house! It’s always a great achievement to own a house. 

22. Air mattresses 

People travel from all over the world during the holiday season. They took a vacation or time off from busy schedules to enjoy. The space in your house may not be enough. Invest in an air mattress. 

23. Kitchen products 

Who doesn’t love a chef’s kitchen with the latest gadget and tech? Buy a kitchen gift hamper for a kitchen makeover or for the home chef. 

24. Handmade items 

If you can make it, make it. Christmas is a great time to gift handmade items. But, don’t limit yourself to Christmas only, handmade can be gifted any time. 

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I found other items for sale like 

Reusable stretchy silicone lids for keeping in leftover foods 

And 3Doodler 3D printing pens as interesting additions 

How to Come Up With Product Ideas to Sell During the Holiday Season in Kenya

Coming up with ideas to sell for the holiday season seem daunting. Because the market is saturated with all kinds of products.

I give you tips on how to choose winning products to gift or sell during the holiday season and they include: 

1. Brainstorm ideas / start from yourself to find products to sell for Christmas 

Ask yourself, what’s the product that is missing in the Kenyan market? A lot of ideas for businesses come from a personal need. If you are looking for something then someone else is and maybe a good starting point. 

2. Solve a problem 

Yes, you have to find problems needing solutions.

Don’t jump into a business because you felt it was right without conducting research.

By solving a problem, you get to analyse your competition so you penetrate the market with ease.

You want to help customers ease the burden of, for example, finding an item or shipping it for them. 

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3. Start with a passion 

Yes, if you want to follow the money, you cannot do a business for the long term. The aim of beginning a business is to make a profit.

But, the energy required to run a business isn’t a joke. There are failures, ‘turmoils’ to deal with in every business.

Are you prepared to never give up no matter what?

Are you going to stay in the business for the long haul or are you in it for the short-term fame or side money?

You have to sell what you are passionate about, then you get to love the product or service you cannot live without speaking about it. 

4. Begin from yourself and life 

Find products you want to sell for Christmas from yourself.

What do you find hard to get into the Kenyan eCommerce or offline market and you can offer it for sale during Christmas? 

5. Find low competition products – focus on unique products 

Don’t sell products that customers can easily find while searching on Google.

Do you want to stand out in the sea of the same products? Remember to find products that customers want, are competitive but unique. 

6. Research ideas

Don’t shy away from taking the time to research months before the holiday season begins.

Find out on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, go on Twitter, YouTube and read Google trends like a book.

You want to come up with a ‘solid’ lead or product idea that makes money instantly. 

7. Keep on the trends 

Yes, you don’t love trends because it’s hard to keep up with trends or it’s boring. No, don’t worry.

You are going to immerse yourself in trends by following brands, celebrities, influencers in your niche.

You want to see what people buy and why. What triggers their buying powers. 

FAQs About Selling Items/Products During the Holiday Season in Kenya

During the holiday season, what entices the buyers to a shop?

I answer some of your frequently asked questions about selling products during the holiday season and the questions include:

What Handmade products are in demand during the holiday season? 

Any type of Christmas decorations become popular during the holiday season. Handmade products in demand during the holiday season include the following 

And examples of popular products include: 

Pillows and pillow covers 

Wall arts and decor (Christmas)

Painting so think of wallpapers 

Furniture upgrades so, think of unique couches, lounge chairs, storage desks 

DIY projects like sewing, crocheting, knitting also become popular during the holiday season 

What are the most profitable products to sell online this holiday season? 

Clothes lounge clothes, decorated or rhinestones art face masks, reusable gloves, handmade sanitisers 

Inspirational books because 2020 has been a challenge and a blessing in disguise. We connected more with our family members and adapted to new ways of doing things. People want to read and connect to God more than ever. 

Planners every year people plan for success. Does it come without a plan?

Success needs a solid plan, so sell a solid doable printable planner this season.

And 2020 to some people is a ‘lost year’ so help others with your planners’ plan for a successful 2020 exit and 2021 with growth and prosperity. 

Greeting cards – Create greeting cards with messages of hope for people who lost hope, their jobs and lives. Help encourage others that when they see a new day it’s not the end of the world. 

How Can I Make Extra Money for the Christmas?

Do you want to make extra money for Christmas? The following tips will help you build a business not for the holiday season only but for all seasons. Because we need money not just for buying holiday gifts but all the time.

The following are ways to make extra income for the holidays and they include:

1. Stop thinking short-term

I see many business owners in Kenya thinking of ‘fukuza njaa’ business ideas. You want to ask yourself are you in the business for long or short? A short-term business idea doesn’t require goals.

A long-term business idea requires laying out plans and strategies for success and growth.

Thinking long-term means having money to fund your business or pay for that nice house in the neighbourhood you love.

You want to build a legacy. Yes, a business idea can sprout during the holiday season – superb, but think of making it a long-term source of income.

For example, you may invent a Christmas decor product. How can you sell this product to customers all year round?

Customers love businesses that connect with them year-round. When you reveal your face for the holidays, you will make money for survival and not living.

2. Focus on building a brand 

You may start your business during the holiday season, doesn’t mean you cannot focus on building a brand and branding.

Focus on telling a story, your why, purpose, mission and vision (brand). Then focus on creating a logo story, your website, design of a website (branding).

And the holiday season offers you the maximum time to develop a brand story.

You want customers to remember you as a business with solutions no matter the time of the year and no matter what product you sell in the shop.

3. Create a website, get your business on the globe

Kenyan business owners have websites for beauty purposes only. Use your website to reach a global audience and customer base.

Create content around your product offering. Let customers contact you through your website.

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