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Last Updated on 7 April 2020 by Gertrude

Some businesses take a long time to incorporate because of the paperwork involved.

Some businesses are profitable and need minimal paperwork.

You can start them from the comfort of your home.

You promised yourself to jump into a business in 2020, it’s already March?.

Do you have a business idea you can explore which will not only yield high profits for you but has a high return on investments? 

What are the Most Profitable Businesses in Kenya to Start Quickly with High ROI? 

The following are the most profitable businesses in Kenya to start quickly with a high return on investment and the businesses include:

Child businesses 

Children are born in Kenya every second, statistics back it up. Starting a kid-focused business seems like a no-brainer, right? Parents want the best for their kids. The following are some ideas for a kid-focused business in Kenya and they include: starting a daycare business, selling kids products like cribs, pacifiers, toys, even having a pharmacy store for kids only. Have you seen a pharmacy store dedicated for kids only in Kenya? The key to starting a kid-focused business in Kenya is to, first of all, be a kid at heart. If you don’t love the colour or the vigour and intelligence kids have or their persistence, don’t waste your time. It’s important to conduct serious market research. When you know your target market it gets easier to know where your target market hangs out, is it on Facebook, Instagram? Keep in mind though, Facebook is a space where many Kenyans love to hang out. Instagram is still a new kid on the block, at least for many Kenyans. Facebook groups help in conducting market research, join as many groups as possible in your niche.  Remember, parents want to buy the best for their kids and they will come to your store when you have the best products. 

Online courses 

I have talked so much about creating an online course. This is one way Kenyans aren’t using for marketing their businesses or increasing their net worth. Online courses create a living for some people in Western nations, why not you?. The best part of creating an online course, imagine shooting a YouTube video!. It’s a camera, you and the power of your content. An online course creator must pay attention to their content. For example, like any business, it’s important to know whether there’s a market for what you want to teach. You don’t want to create a course with no students. Proper market research is crucial. What courses are people buying a lot? Technology, self-development courses attract a lot of course takers. That doesn’t mean you can’t teach another course, for example, what craft do you know very well? Is it crochet, knitting or sewing? Sewing is my favourite. Choose a platform to host your course. The platform can be Udemy, Thinkific, Skillshare or CreativeLive. Each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, on Skillshare, it’s an invitation-based teaching platform. That means you have to be the best at what you do. You can self-host on Thinkific, Teachable or another platform then post on Udemy. Always check a platform’s terms of use. Don’t forget to market your course by offering incentives like free intro courses. Providing a course tier helps in increasing your revenue. 

Real estate 

Kenyans are getting more aware of the kind of houses they need to live in, so becoming a real estate agent becomes a profitable business. By the way, choose a niche first. Who are your clients and why? Is it college/university graduates looking for affordable housing?. I realised that to succeed don’t be too broad as a beginner real estate agent. After selecting a niche, now market to your client according to where they hang out. Is it on Facebook? Provide a reason why they must choose your real estate agent over another, your niche makes it easy to find a marketing message. When you niche out, you stand out. 

Travel agency 

Kenyans travel these days within their country. So, starting a travelling agency becomes very profitable very fast. To run a successful travel agency, start from the comfort of your home. Many Kenyans wanting to start a travel agency feel the weight by trying to ape more established brands. To stand out in an extremely over-saturated market, ask yourself who is my ideal travel customer. Draw them out in a book. What does my ideal customer like? How can I improve their travel experience so that they don’t book with that travel agency? Is it great customer excellence? Is it sticking to the promise of the trip/tour? Now, choose your niche and if possible their nationality. Travel agencies become too blindsided with foreign customers, they forget the money is at home with the Kenyans. 

Business consulting 

If you have set-up a successful business in Kenya, no need to wonder how to keep increasing your revenue. Get into consulting. What business do you know its ins and outs that others aren’t talking about? A consultant is an expert through research or doing the business themselves. You only need a laptop and internet connection when setting up a business consulting firm. 


What idea do you have and you could share in a book? For example, I have written unpublished romantic books since I started working online. I am reviewing them now. Do you know how to earn five or more figures working as a writer? I was once told that writing is for the poor and I will be poor as a writer. I believed and abandoned writing for years only stepping back and forth when I needed an income. If you base your beliefs like these, you won’t succeed. Writers are consistently honing their craft. Then writers choose a niche that they enjoy and is profitable. Then you work on it until you become an expert. There are other side-hustles for writers and you can check the article here. Don’t die a poor author when others make five-figure incomes via Kindle Publishing. Read my best eye-opener book on Kindle publishing here.  

Website design 

Businesses rush online for the slice of the online platform due to the popularity of social media and globalisation. This is where you come in as a web designer. Help these businesses create stunning websites with your website creation knowledge. The best way to begin is to have a portfolio of the niche you are interested in creating websites for. For example, is it travel websites that make you happy? Have as many travel websites you created. List your expertise on Upwork, Facebook or where your customers hang out. Remember your customers are global, don’t limit your reach to Kenyans. 

Logo design 

As businesses realise the importance of proper branding, logo creation becomes an important creative process. Do you know how to design logos? Create animated to simple logo designs. You can begin from Canva. Logo designing is for the creatives. Build a portfolio of logos then advertise on your website. To best start, get a niche and you can choose from travel, parenting, e-commerce. 


Parties gain popularity these days due to the age of competitive and comparative living on social media. Who doesn’t want to have the best party and show off? A coming of age party (sweet sixteen parties) turned a teenager into an internet celebrity. Do you know how to create memorable parties? Show your organising and creative process or behind the scenes to launch yourself into the party business. 

Health chef/cook 

As the world comes to the realisation of healthy eating, so are the services for healthy chefs/cooks needed. Many rich Kenyan families employ chefs because cooking isn’t a priority and to help minimise junk-food eating. To start off cooking for people in their homes, show your photos on either Facebook or Instagram. Then under the caption, write about your services. Take as many beautiful or mouth-watering healthy foods as you can. Shoot videos on Instagram or YouTube showing you doing the mix in the kitchen. Within no time, you will get requests to help share your prowess. 

Food truck/catering services 

A food truck like the healthy chef is for those in love with food. A food truck business requires one to cook fast-food like hot dogs, chips and fish or ice cream. Choose what you mix well with your customers, for example, hot dogs, ice cream, smoothies, lemonades are a favourite for many. Perfect your recipe from home, then purchase a truck from Alibaba or convert a Nissan or a lorry. Check on YouTube to find the designs you may love. People love munching on truck food when coming from work, plus it’s not always expensive. You can make daily profits of up to 5000 shillings depending on your location or more, choose your location wisely. 


Kenyans keep acquiring millionaires each tax year. The economy is on a steady rise. This means the number of cars on the Kenyan roads increase all the time. Nowadays, small towns which were considered rural suffer from traffic congestion/jam. When you start an auto-mechanic business, you cannot go wrong because cars are on the rise in the nation. Plus, you don’t have to sit at a location, become a mobile mechanic. Also, get into the spare parts business or read this article about side hustles for people with cars. 

Social media consultant 

Being a social media consultant means you know a lot about increasing traffic for a business and how to use Facebook ads for sales. A social media consultant knows how to take appealing and engaging photos that tell a story. Start from the social media you know best then advance from there. When working as a social media consultant, choose a social media platform to become an expert on it then go from there. An example of a social media consultant, the six-figure chick knows a lot about Instagram Marketing, she makes six-figures from her knowledge. You can consult for firms or corporations to help them have a better reach with their customers. 


Freelancing is a profitable business because most freelancing businesses get started for free. For example, if you have a smartphone, it’s easy to start a photography or video business. If you want to become a professional, then that’s where the expenses come from. You can provide your services as a freelancer in any field online or offline. I love freelancing because it’s not limited. The most popular freelancing businesses/services you can provide online include photography, writing, graphic design. What skill do you have and can use to enable you to earn more money as a freelancer online? 

Marketing, branding and PR services 

Every business these days strives to have the best brand. Every brand and I say this very strongly wants to be the next Apple. The importance of establishing a brand is so important that marketing, branding and PR services have become one of the most profitable businesses online. When you want to create a marketing, branding or PR service, ensure you have a social media presence and create popular hashtags like Gina Kariuki, the most popular PR service provider in Kenya. Also, brand business or service thrives on networking and word of mouth marketing, ensuring you provide the best customer service to get more recommendations. 


I heard about copywriting from a Facebook group for mums. When I researched more about it, they talked about advertising. Copywriting is also one of the highest paying jobs online and featured in the book, 88 ways to make money writing. I told myself I don’t do that kind of writing, but then I dived deeper. When you know how to write converting/sales messages, it can create an income for you beyond your belief. If you’re a writer, copywriting is worth checking out. Neville Medhora of Kopywriting Kourse teaches the art of perfect copy in a simple easy to understand way. I took several courses but he was the best eye-opener. You need to have an interest in Psychology, Sales, Marketing because sales is about reaching and appealing to people’s emotions and values. 


People need clean houses, clean offices and classrooms. The niche unexplored in cleaning is that of cleaning hospitals, houses. Time to gather your supplies starts a cleaning agency. Start by providing your services to customers around you, in their home comforts. Do the best job and get more customers from homeowners, banks, clinics needing professional cleaning. Make or dropship eco-green cleaning products to sell to your customers to do simple DIY cleaning. 

Delivery services 

These days, life has become so busy that delivery is increasingly becoming a popular and profitable business in Kenya. Don’t focus on food delivery only, you deliver groceries or heavy equipment that your customers buy. Partner with supermarkets and furniture stores or companies selling heavy equipment or machinery. You have to package your brand exquisitely and sometimes you are required to have extra lifting equipment like forklifts to make life easier. Run errands for elders where you deliver their medical supplies or take elders to hospitals. 


When I was relocating from my place of residence, there were some things which I never wanted to sell and would do well in a storage facility. After all, storage is one of the recession-proof businesses and highly profitable. Provide safety deposit boxes for people with valuables who travel a lot then charge a premium. 

Dash Cam

Dash Cameras have become popular for car vloggers, travel vloggers and also they are convenient for checking what babies do behind. Plus, it’s important to record the happenings on the road in case there’s a viral story. You know, the world is interconnected these days.  And car owners increase every day in Kenya due to loan facilities giving car loans or letting those who can afford have cars on hire purchase. Capitalise on these hungry car buyers by ensuring your customers have the best dash cameras. And because this niche is becoming a little oversaturated too fast, add other incentives like phone car accessories. Always ensure to have the most knowledge about the best dash camera plus include great customer service.  

Airbnbs/ vacation rentals 

Since jumping into the world of Airbnb rentals, I knew my dream of owning a hotel came true. I was so pumped, I created my home listing from 11 am to 11 pm in the night with my child. The funny thing, the house got booked in 3 days. 3 days! I was nervous all the time because I wanted the best for my customers but after the nervousness went, I started looking for ways to create the best rental facility my guests have seen in Kenya. I can’t say I have reached there yet, but … working on it. I have since branched out of Airbnb because it’s more important to create a platform for myself than relying on a platform. I have published a book about my Airbnb journey and how I make a coveted 4-figure income, close to 1M shillings a month renting my house. You can get the book on Airbnb here. And if you want to read about my Airbnb success story, I publish it on my YouTube. I have never deleted my Airbnb photos nor updated them because I love those first days. I am recording a course to show you how you can earn money with Airbnb and become a success story. This is the most profitable business because you are using your house to host people. You must love people, be a people person and get intrigued to hear stories from around the world. No matter how difficult some guests can be, they always tell me, ‘I felt at home when I saw your pretty face and smile’. The most awesome compliment I get. 

If you want to run one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya, learn.

 Get a lot of knowledge about the business before jumping in it. 

Then, strive to have the best customer service. 

All niches are competitive no matter how untapped/unexplored they are. 

So, take it seriously to ensure your customers leave your stall or house with a smile. 

Be true to your customers and to yourself. 

Make your customers feel at home and happy for visiting your business. 

Don’t exaggerate anything because customers feel and know. 

To make more profit, learn how to brand and create a brand movement for your business. Become an Apple where the world follows your products/services like a cult.

Which of these profitable businesses in Kenyan in 2020 will you do and why? Which one would you love help with? 




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