Questions regarding how to get started working online in Kenya have been rampant.

Though I have made a series of ways on how to get started working online in Kenya, it seems like there’s a sharp misunderstanding on how the online working space works.

I decided to create a massive guide which I’ll update until I feel it’s filled with information on how you can get started working online.


How what and why I got started working online: My intriguing beginner tale.

How much you’ll need as a Kenyan online worker.

The skills required to work online.

What are the various types of Work at Home Jobs?

How to begin a work at home job search.

Understanding scams and How to Avoid Getting Scammed.

How to find your niche when working at home.

How to transition from a job seeker to a business as an online freelancer.

Types of work at home Business Ideas you can start as a Kenyan Entrepreneur

What personalities best suit an Online Worker.

Tips for getting hired online as a newbie Kenyan.

What are Micro-job sites?

Benefits of Working from Home as a Kenyan

Cons of Working from Home as a Kenyan.

An infographic insight into understanding how to get started online as a Kenyan.


How, what and why I got started working online: My intriguing beginner tale

In Kenya, graduates sleep under the bushes I mean those graduates with great graduation credits like an A. 

It’s not a surprise to see those ones having or toiling for a job all their life. I think the education system teaches us to rely on employment.

In 2010, after having the all too familiar story of searching for a job or not being too sure what I wanted to do with my life, I wanted to be a cabin crew but dad saw no future to this industry which he thought is for people with low IQ.

I did teaching the most populated career yet the most underrated and annoying of all time.

Don’t get me wrong making another person understand what I’m saying isn’t easy, I hope you’re understanding what I’m saying though.

Teaching is a service industry but my passion wasn’t there.

I got rejected from school to school then I pursued the hospitality industry where I got my first ever gig( a volunteer) gig that ended so bitterly.

It was to be a paying job! But I received no dime!!!.

I decided to follow into dad’s dreams for me to apply for a job to become a teacher.

I found one start-up school with classrooms from form one to three and thought I’d build my experience of teaching there.

It turned out to be another nightmare because I taught for two terms without pay yet the other teachers got paid.

I was later told that the owner said because I had a ”weird” surname I don’t need money. Tribalism is a thing, a bad Kenyan thing!

When I went to claim my money, she changed her mind and realised that every human needs money!

That took a lot of convincing and my sister calling me this word I abhor, ‘‘stupid”, she meant it in a good way but it touched a nerve.

What I did next was insane (a story for another day).

From the money I was given, I decided it was time for me to change careers and to never beg anyone instead they’d be begging me.

I know I know I was bitter but it truly happened.

I bought my first ever laptop and on a journey, I went to first learn how to find online jobs.

The idea came about after my sister insisted on teaching me how to use Facebook, at the time, I was still resistant to this world of communication that was changing humans.

I was even resistant to Mpesa because I thought they’d collapse with my money in the end.

I’m very archaic that way.

After that introduction on Facebook, I felt the Eureka moment hitting me so hard.

I started asking myself as an enterprising entrepreneur, what and how I could utilise all these moments I’m wasting chatting with strangers by making money with Facebook.

After I told my sister the craziest idea she had ever heard and had her laugh so loud I saw her ribs move, I decided it was a good idea for me to start anyway.

”Get a real office job”, she said to me over and over and over. But I didn’t.

I googled on Facebook how to make money with Facebook, get paid to make money with Facebook.

Those first few days were the most daunting tasking google searches I had ever done.

I was broke yet optimistic. I refused to be tortured searching for a job ever because my pride went too far.

Within two months with lack of support from my sister, I had sold the laptop, had no place to live and resorted to begging and borrowing money for survival.

I would use my small push phone, I still couldn’t afford a capacitative touchscreen phone when people had moved on.

I’d google to find more information because I couldn’t give up, it was the most daunting google search I had ever done in my life.

I’d google till eyesores until one day I found the word FREELANCER!!!

I had never heard of that word and didn’t know what it was but I can remember reading about it as if my life depended on it.

Until I found out there was a site called FREELANCER.COM where I could be hired for online jobs. I called the whole neighbourhood to come to see my success.

This time, unfortunately, I wasn’t with my sister to see my greatest achievement in months, don’t even ask because those were the most gruelling times in my life.

I speak about them mostly in my MINDSET COURSES AND TOPICS.

I stayed on until I started working my famous Mandazi business figuring out how to work online actually worked.

Before I do something, I love for it to be perfect. I understand perfection isn’t a word in English but I use it anyway. It derails me and is never easy.

So I sold mandazis and baked very delicious cookies which turned me into a neighbourhood celebrity, ”Msichana Mandazi”.

This time while still searching for work online( one and a half years later!).

I’d write in books, pieces of paper until I was afforded a laptop by a friend.

I felt so energetic. It was a used laptop, very small but it did the job.

I pitched companies, I pitched until I couldn’t pitch anymore while still educating myself this is now in 2012.

I felt sick because no one and I mean absolutely no one employed me.

The only money I earned in a span of one and a half years was 10 dollars. But the excitement in my bones was too much to bear.

Back then, we changed dollars for 74 shillings 1 dollar unlike nowadays where the dollar keeps climbing.

I even looked into the possibility of forex trading online. I asked a friend how it’s done but she assured me she’d give me a good guy who’d help me.

I gave up on that when I felt like it was too much work and I wasn’t ready to get into the finance world.

I got a Eureka moment when a friend of a friend was hiring.

The friend of a friend already knew I was a writer but asked me something I had been seeing floating around, virtual assistant an online secretary if you’d love.

I refused the job because how does that even work. The employer insisted because it’d be like a normal office job only I won’t be there. 

I stopped wasting time bidding.

But that was the day my life changed forever because this job offered me money I had last smelt after the school’s ordeal only this time it was the best ever money, the one I’d earned online!.

I recalled how ruthless I wanted to get at that iWriter employer who called my writing, ”simplistic tone” how I curled up in my chair.

And even created an article about rejection because rejections were following me everywhere.

But I decided from that day on,

No Kenyan searching for a job would suffer the way I did, I’ll create for them an opportunity to work and better themselves I started employing others to write articles for my blog.

I actually wanted a political blog but I got a message that sent chills down my spine and decided against it.

I read it’s so hard to monetise a political blog, mine would be political education and wise voting and an open forum.

My blog took a backseat after that but I’d write on it a few months apart.

I never understood the importance of regular or consistent.

It was about this time that I gave up writing online ever and strictly remained a customer service virtual assistant a position I hold to this day and do with gusto.

Then I started educating myself on getting my blog from a hobby to a business and this journey began in 2017 when I fully got the hang of monetising a blog.

I still don’t understand affiliate marketing, I mean, not how to use it on my blog but knows how it works.

Through my years working online, I have had to have a consistent supply of electricity. 

I bought a back-up plan, a headset bought some cool ones on Amazon for 50 dollars with a Bluetooth connection(got destroyed by kids then stepped on them), a landline phone(from Telkom, Orange at the time, which ended up being a useless phone for 70 dollars). 

I have had to upgrade my laptops but nothing major with them.

And consistent effort and time. I focused more on being an employee rather than a freelancer because I felt comfortable having regular paychecks.

It took a while to get employers but referrals worked excellently.

And I also learnt a lot about work schedules and have done several works unrelated to customer service including translation services, proofreading, writer, bookkeeper, consultant.

And I have learnt a million skills because a virtual assistant has to be as diverse as possible.

I hope this journey piques your interest shows you the struggles, ups and downs of freelancing but still motivates you to stay on top of the game because, in the end, this job is rewarding.

How much money do you need as a Kenyan online worker?

It depends on what you are working on.

If you intend on doing some transcription work, well, you have to buy some speciality headphones like the ones I bought on Amazon.

I may add some links below or the shop links for you to see and maybe purchase them.

A laptop is very essential which costs as much as you have a laptop to thousands of shillings or if buying an apple, hundreds of thousands of shillings.

If you plan on not taking the freelancer route but the business route, then you have to invest even more money.

Think web designers, graphic designers, online paid advertisements.

But you need a computer with solid internet connection to even consider working online and never give unresponsible answers about meeting deadlines due to power outages, no one will listen to excuses.

Plus when starting make sure you’re very reliable, meaning you communicate with your clients promptly and in case of material needing editing, working on it urgently.

I mean all clients’ work is urgent always. Be confident as well.

The amount of money doesn’t matter.

Unlike when I was starting out with internet bundles which wouldn’t help me or would be diminished before finishing the google world, nowadays there’s affordable wifis or even portable wifi, free wifi but to be taken seriously have your own wifi.

Let nothing limit you, remember you’re your own limitation!.

What are the skills required for a Kenyan online worker to work online?

When starting out online, you actually don’t need a lot of skills. You go with your passion or interests.

If you want to specialise in Medical Transcription, for example, you have to pay a lot of money to take a course with Careerstep who assures you a job.

Hence you have to consider how much you’re willing to invest, your time and money as well.

But there are some sellable or lucrative skills which you must have in 2019 as a willing Kenyan to work online and they include:



Computer Scientist/Specialist/


Search Engine Evaluator

Data Analysis.

I’ll go into depth in another blog post which you must check out for called:

 Most Profitable Skills to Have as a Kenyan Freelancer in 2019: Resources, Tools, Education, Experience Needed, Equipment

What are the various types of work at home jobs?

If you started working online back in 2006 – 2012/13 in Kenya, you know there wasn’t a whole lot of information about working online, even now.

This scarcity of information made anyone who mentioned working online seem like a scam.

Like they don’t know what they’re doing.

I have fallen victim, back then I was even shy to admit what I was busy typing away on my laptop.

When a lot of information online or in books is given by maybe an American, you don’t feel so close to that brand but when it’s localised for local consumption then it opens doors.

Unfortunately, we’re still struggling to get there.

You know I advocate to diversify your income not only online but offline but did you know online there are soo many varying jobs you’d lose count?

I’ll list jobs you can do online with a lot of content for it: links and resources, courses to take and the nitty gritty for the jobs. I’ll be doing this per each job I’ll write about.

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Some of the jobs are:

Social Media Marketer

Digital Marketer



Content Writer

Content Marketing Strategist





Customer Service


Data Entry

Virtual Assistant

Search Engine Evaluator among many other positions.

How to do a Work at Home Job Search.

There are a lot of places to search for work at home jobs online.

But some aren’t as reputable as others.

Some of the reputable ones are the same ones I use for updating the jobs board I use on the email list which is actively growing by the day.

Subscribe to our email newsletter to get the latest juice on getting a job online as a Kenyan, tips on getting hired, businesses to start online as a Kenyan plus mindset change plans plus shop for digital products.

Some of the sites I love for searching for work at home jobs are:

Work at Home Mom Revolution

Real Ways to Earn Money Online


LinkedIn Job Search, yes get busy on Linkedin and leave Instagram and Facebook pages of celebrities alone.


How to Conduct Due Diligence as a Kenyan Online Worker.

This is something that will rattle your brains whether you’ll be conned online as a beginner.

I can assure you, con game is rampant online so perform a lot of previous research on a company after applying for a job.

There’s no relenting, no stopping.

This is how to go about it:

  1. When the deal is too good to be true.

For example, if and when you see an advert saying make $10,000 working online today or earn money while you sleep, please know that isn’t true.

I wrote my true life story as an online worker so that you see there are true blood and tears then joy. No getting rich quick scams.

Even if I do my due diligence before posting jobs for you, always conduct another thorough research because sometimes, I’m in a hurry to scan through materials to post or I might misinterpret or misread.

Do this by re-researching a company on:

Glassdoor where there are opinions on the true insider knowledge from previous workers.

Google the name of the company then add scam to it. It should bring to your attention whether it has been listed in the ”badass” group.

Visit work at home forums like the among other forums to enlighten yourself or ask questions about a company’s insider knowledge.

Glassdoor is so good because you also get to see the rate of pay of the online company and it’s affording its workers’ good conducive work environment plus pay on time, management.

If you’re a writer you know the importance of a sample.

                                       Take Keen Note:


If you get gigs where they tell you to write a sample for them, know you’re being scammed and you won’t be paid.

I have been scammed severally as a writer when I was told to write samples with a specific topic only to never hear from the ”employer” again or to hear that they trashed my writing because it didn’t match their style.

Before I knew it was a scam, I always crossed my fingers until I educated myself on online writing scams.

Having a no-clear channel or model of payment.

Once I got a job offer where the employer just started a site and wanted me to write for him or her 1200 word articles about three per week and I’d earn 100 dollars per month!!!

First I felt pissed off I even asked if there was an error on the zeros!

On further questioning, I realised that that website had been created to hoodwink a newbie that they’re getting a job in a trusted site while there was no content or even style to show a writing style guide.

In the end, I stopped negotiating for a deal and the employer never persisted.

Always know your worth.

If you know you cannot spend time researching for 1200 word article for a measly 8 dollars which cannot sustain my weekly grocery shopping which goes to 50 dollars a week!

Don’t burn yourself!

I felt so pissed even when the man kept insisting on the pay deal.

I told him I’d be bringing very quality well-researched material but he wouldn’t listen.

He just said, ”it was company policy”.

I think the company policy is to frustrate workers.

Don’t work for subpar employers, move on.

Trust your instinct.

If I hadn’t listened to my instincts and instead flown away with 8 dollars, I’d have been angry and frustrated, stopped doing the job or simply quit before starting.

Your gut never lies, there’s something true in it, listen again.

If you feel uncertain, always don’t regret move on.

Remember there’s no shame in dropping a somewhat lucrative deal which you feel it isn’t good or won’t jive with your schedule.

How to find your niche when working at home

What is a niche?

In almost every article I write online, I have to talk about a niche.

It’s because everyone talks about it.

It’s because I couldn’t find a specific niche for myself, I’m multi-interested and passionated.

It can become daunting to specialise. So a niche is an area of specialisation required to work online.

You’re going to find your niche by jumping into it and doing or following these simple steps or questions I asked myself.

What are your strengths?

What are your aspirations?

What are your weaknesses?

What do you feel you cannot stop talking about?

What do you feel makes you going even when money is a concern?

What is it that you love reading?

What are your hobbies?

Who do you hang out with and where?

What creates a spark in you?

How can I use my strengths to create a profitable niche?

What are the possible failures or mistakes in my niche?

What remains unexplored in my niche?

How can I already explore a saturated market?

How do I realise my target audience and cater to that crowd?

DO I have time to create for six months value-adding posts?

Is my audience ready for my niche?

How do I plan on capitalising on this audience?

When do I monetise my niche audience?

How much does my audience earn that they can part with to buy my products?

Am I connecting with my audience?

Is my brand creating an impact?

How do I reach out to a wider audience?

You have to understand:

  1. You don’t have to get it right.

  2. There’s no need for perfection, just start. Like I started my blog not knowing exactly what I wanted.

  3. The more action you take, the more your goals become clear. My goals for this blog became clear when I decided it’s time to branch out and stop seeking jobs. It’s time to use what I have to get what I want.

  4. Remember when you niche out, you get a clearer perspective of your direction but when you cater to a wider audience as I do with this lifestyle blog, the more headache you have.

  5. A niche isn’t supposed to help confuse you but can be used to bring all your ideas together. For example, I used video making to create an audience of lonely people, slowly I made a video on how to make money with shaggy rugs. I realised how people love to know how to make money especially those stay at home mums and the youth. So I started coming up with ideas of making money online in Kenya and everything about my blog changed. It’ll always change.

  6. A niche can make you realise your: strengths, interests, hobbies, weaknesses, help you come up with solutions of industries you love working for.

  7. A niche can help you create consistency once you realise the direction your product or business is going to.

  8. Niches help a business get its message across and help position a brand plus its credibility.


Tips for finding a niche hassle-free.


Don’t get overwhelmed trying to find a niche.

Just pick one or two interests and run with it. Changes and I mean a lot of changes will happen and that’s good that’s how to grow a product online and even offline.

Exploring with your niche is very crucial.

When I started it was a place to talk about Kenya because, at the time, no one talked about the good things we have.

As time went by I created a lot of unsuccessful blogs because how can they succeed when this one isn’t moving forward. When there’s no direction.

I never gave up on this one.

Because even though I wasn’t blogging enough, I believe I did a good job on the search engine because I took a course and implementing it meant I’m a good student.

Never be afraid to fail, dust, fail and dust.

How to transition from a job seeker to a business as an online freelancer.

Starting out as a freelancer, the only aim in the mind is to make money while staying at home while travelling.

As time goes by, bidding freelancing sites become a bore and a serious burn-out then one starts to wonder why they even started working online.

You begin to long for a different challenge that of starting a business or an e-commerce store online.

From the beginning, you must identify what you want to do online. Freelancing is divided into three categories which can help you understand which you are:

A freelancer

One who is self-employed seeks your own jobs, chooses whether the jobs are long term or short term commitments.

This is the one we know most about.

Many freelancers begin on freelancing sites then start their own businesses which can be consulting, accounting, virtual assisting or customer service.

To become a freelance business owner means the ball is in your court meaning, you find clients, bring them to your door and ensure they pay you.

It’s the hardest freelancer yet the most rewarding.

Independent Contractor.

You’re a freelancer employed by a contracting company here you’re responsible for paying your own taxes but the company is responsible for finding for your jobs.

Think of, tutoring jobs.

They determine your pay, your working schedule, in a way you’re regarded as their employee.

Some of them require for you to sign legal working permits even though it’s a virtual position.

An employee.

You’re working for a company who has decided to downsize their office management by allowing its employees to work from home but the pay won’t be higher because of the lack of daily commute.

The company pays your insurance, taxes and everything legal.

Sometimes, you find work like this with companies advertising on the paid jobs board site).

Choose carefully which freelancer you’d love to be.

Because each of them comes with pros and cons.

For example, when working for yourself as a full-fledged freelancer you find bidding sites, you are a solopreneur, have some side jobs or financial support.

When working for a company as an independent contractor sometimes jobs may suffer low season what did the contract say, can you work beyond their company or did they require maximum concentration from you?

Meaning a 40 hour work week, no ”nosing” around for other jobs because your attention won’t be focused?

Read contracts thoroughly before legal implications.

Whichever route you choose to start from, keep learning and going.

Types of work at home Business Ideas you can start as a 
                  Kenyan Entrepreneur
When starting out online in 2010, I was scared that the only working field was that of writers because I faced so much rejection, I felt writing wasn’t for me.

I know the writing field is over-saturated and every writer believes they are the best the world has ever seen. But only if you get out there.

This over-saturation made me go on the quest.

I knew what to search for, which keywords to use while wanting to work online and that landed me on virtual assisting.
Nowadays, the field is over-saturated too.
When I started giving my services to companies, I could barely find info on how to work as a virtual assistant.
While I kept learning, I documented every step of the way. 
Being shy to share my experiences on social media, I kept myself under the box but wrote a few articles here and there which became google’s friend in ranking. I learnt one thing:

always know how and where to search for information online.

I cannot limit myself to only one job.

I can never be afraid or quit because of competition, I just have to drive and keep moving while providing the best quality of my work.

Since then, I document every possible way of what business you can start as a Kenyan and some of them are funny even a farmer online!.

The most popular businesses you can start online as a Kenyan include and aren’t limited to are:

  1. Consulting. If you’re a farmer, for example, who knows so much about aquaponics or permaculture you can provide guidance to other farmers at a fee. Or visit their farms. Don’t limit to online. Or start a blog and monetise your information.
  2. Writing. Is so saturated but I assure you when you learn where to look for info, everything falls into place. For example, I own a book which speaks of 88 ways of making a living as a writer. You don’t have to think of books as a writer, think copy-writing, writing for businesses, online advertisements, online publications, romance and thrillers. Or if you know so much about writing start a writer’s blog and help nurture other Kenya’s talents. I know a lot of youth who can write very well. Direct them to high paying quality jobs or clients. We all need a point in the right direction I believe because none of us wants to stay in the situation or place.
  3. Tutor. As a teacher, there’s a way you organise your lessons that some of us won’t even succeed. That’s why online tutoring is so popular. Don’t just think of English think of other languages or areas of study like Chemistry or Biology. Think of teaching people around the world how to carve on wood, that’s being a tutor. Just have a lesson plan with clear learning outcomes, a nice recording studio and share away.

As I insist, don’t limit yourself, there’s a lot to take from the online space and a lot of audience for every palette. Run with it.

What personalities best suit an Online Worker.

Working online requires a lot of lone times, that’s why a personality is important.

If you’re those people who function well around people and cannot withstand long hours of lone times, I believe your work environment may make you very unproductive.

You also have to be a highly focused and organised individual who receives minimal interruptions from maybe the urges of using social media or poking your nose around your emails.

How I keep sane working online as a mother of two homeschooled kids.

It’s not easy to have a sane environment when having kids around you all the time and homeschooled children at that.

Though my eldest is preparing a transition to regular school hours, it hasn’t been easy.

I chose a dedicated workspace which I don’t use but keep into good use sometimes.

She has her own schedules which I help create every Sunday and goals which she’s supposed to meet. This ensures that I have minimal interruptions time when working during the day.

My youngest enjoys or splits time between cartoon times on Netflix or YouTube and playing with her many many toys which I have helped her build.

I can say, it’s never easy because kids aren’t predictable.

Also, I let my children ”free-range” the eldest one (9) plays with her sis (3) during those times, I’m left alone to work and work.

I don’t use a cleaning service my house is never spotless but I live a minimal lifestyle except for my sewing place being a disruptive measure in our ”perfect” routine.

When writing, I don’t limit myself to my chair which though ergonomic I never feel comfortable sitting on it for long hours.

I have also come to appreciate the power of working very late into the night.

I wake up very late in the mornings, but it’s all about finding balance.

I function very well in an environment where I can control my schedule and focus on my goals.

I love to be my own boss.

I cannot say I don’t suffer from temptations of social media mine being watching luxury YouTubers and true crime shows which I’m an addict of.

Sometimes, I suffer from so much burn-out I never want to do anything than sleep.

I don’t stress over cleaning as long as I’m happy with what I’m doing. 

Take home:

  1. Have a nice work chair where you sit with your shoulders relaxed. Learn proper posture, if you cannot there’s a posture fabric to help you with that.

Find your best working times. Schedule around that, especially with kids there, can never be balance.

2. Limit social media use.

3. Check emails for just ten minutes(use an alarm).

4. Live minimally to avoid cluttering your house, clutter is unavoidable when one has kids.

5. Involve your kids in cleaning and tidying their rooms, even small children can help fold their children. Want to know how I tidy up?

I use the KonMari Method.

6. Don’t stress over burn-out allow your body to rest.

7. You’re working from home for a reason.

8. Working from home doesn’t mean not looking good or smelling good. There’s no working in pyjamas here, sorry darlings.

9. Look professional always, you never know when an interview can come calling.

10. Have a dedicated workspace even if you don’t use it regularly.

Use the space for video recordings. It doesn’t have to be fancy use a table and a chair. Plus office essentials.

11. Don’t force yourself to work from home if you’re an extrovert or find how to balance between you having fun times so you avoid getting bored or quitting. You can change though.

12. Have fun and keep learning. Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you isolate yourself

Have a set time when you go out for two hours, step out of your office.

13. Learn serious time management. You have to know how to never waste a second and that minutes are precious so are seconds. When you find alone time, use it. Meditate a lot.

14. Exercise and eat lots of healthy foods. Most work online involves a lot of sitting and typing away. Ensure you don’t feed junk to yourself. Remember you need your energy always. And keep hydrating.

15. Go for holidays as often as possible. Doesn’t have to be exotic locations, but holidays around your areas can be a good way to take your mind off of work and help you be exposed to new ideas.

What are Micro-job sites?

These are websites you can use to explore freelancing skills employers are looking for.

You can use these sites to test whether the online working space is best suited for your personality as we have talked about above.

These sites can also be used to build your confidence around a service or product you want to create.

Though the pay on these micro-job sites is as measly as freelancing websites, I believe you can make good of them by for example:

  1. Learn How to Upsell.

2. Learn the value of your product then create product categories for it. Basics, Middle Tier with more than basic info and the Complex Tier with a lot of Basic and Middle plus more info.

3. Offer services which can be done for four dollars. If you’re a writer, for example, offer a writing niche which can be done for 4 dollars.

4. Don’t look at the money.

Sometimes, not looking at the money makes one see the value of their service more and appreciate their effort.

I can assure you that is one of the main reasons I failed to monetise my blog, I failed to create valuable for-free info, so I provided half-hazard info ”hiding” the meaty info.

That kills a business.

If what you provide as free is bad, how do you expect others to buy the best of your products?

5. Be quick.

Micro-job sites don’t care for you to take your time, employers are looking for individuals who can offer them the very quickest service but the best also.

They chose you or you chose them for a reason.

Know how to search for content that is specific to your target audience according to the buyer.

The buyers are the employers and you’re the seller, according to Fiverr, at least.

Learn a valuable skill like SEO because those are the skills on high demand on most of these micro-job sites.

They include:




Gig Bucks

Keep in mind, some aren’t available for Kenyans but Fiverr is.

You can get your feet wet with a micro-job site learning the ins and outs of freelancing while making an income.

It’s also a way to help raise money for your future expansion dreams from a side-hustle while gaining experience.

Want to know more about how to make a killer living while earning 4 dollars as a Fiverr worker, the pros and cons?


                  Benefits of Working from Home as a Kenyan

There’re a lot of benefits working from home as a Kenyan some of them, we have outlined them as we went.

The reasons for working online are so varied according to each individual but the benefits are so many too.

  1. You’re your own boss. You command your work space ship, set your schedules and work according to your daily hourly requirements or when is quiet or you feel comfortable.

  2. You set your own pay range. No one dedicates to you how much you’ll earn than you. The more you work, the more you earn.

  3. You decide which client you want to work with or for.

No one is forcing you to choose a client you don’t want to work for or whose company’s ethics don’t match with yours.

  1. You learn time management.

There’s no balancing work at home, it’s about time and time management. You’re going to learn the value of managing.

  1. You meet clients from all over the world.

Imagine, communicating with people who you’d never meet until you take a plane.

Working online allows you to feel like you have travelled away and back and you learn a lot.

  1. You can travel to exotic locations and still make money.

If you operate a blog, you can change it to a lifestyle blog as you include your travel routine or schedule. And make money or you can share your travel bucket list on YouTube for the whole world to see and monetise your channel.

                              Cons of Working from Home as a Kenyan.

There cannot be advantages without disadvantages and applies online too.

1. It can get boring and I mean very boring.

2. The schedule and keeping up can be too overwhelmingly boring. You need to create or have a social life away from work where you meet and connect with others.

3. If you are just starting out, sometimes, it can be very confusing.

It’s better to stick to a forum or ask other experts like me if you’re unsure of what or where your freelancing is going.

Questions arise all the time and the more you ask, the more I update this content with more content.

4. It’s a lifestyle for the nomadic at heart.

I love to travel and I cannot say how many travel destinations I have on my bucket list for 2019.

Living a nomadic lifestyle enables me to achieve that but some people prefer a stable lifestyle where they travel once or twice a year.

This is an adventurer lifestyle and it may not be for you but don’t be scared.

An infographic insight into understanding how to get started online as a Kenyan.

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