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Last Updated on 17 September 2020 by Gertrude

Photography is a Hobbyist Dream

A hobby is any activity done out of pleasure.

I have so many hobbies including baking pizzas, sewing and writing. Writing became a business that earns me a four-figure income.

You can easily turn your hobby into a business when you take your hobby seriously.

I had no option but to turn to write to make money because I was a jobless youth with no money.

But, if you want your hobby to be more than a money-sucker and a time-waster, you have to know what you’re aiming for/set goals.

This means, what do you envision your hobby doing for you?

If you cannot live without your hobby, it’s time to share your knowledge of the hobby with others.

I have seen people turning bird watching into a million-dollar venture or even selling bracelets.

Some have crazy ideas like selling and hunting rickets but they still make millions.

Before turning your hobby into a business, ensure you know character traits of successful entrepreneurs including resilience, perseverance, innovation.

You are going to have to adjust a bit from creating only when you want/love to do it all the time.

When a hobby turns into a headache of meeting customer’s demands no one wants it, the main reason why many hobbyists prefer to remain hobbyists.

A hobby is a project done with lots of enthusiasm/passion and no one wants to lose that.

I remember when I wanted to write for the fun of it, without needing a niche or finding a market or even marketing my writing. It felt fun.

It took several years for me to realise that I’m running a freelance business.

To turn your hobby into a business you need a goal, a time frame for achievement, a made-up mind, serious determination to make your hobby work, commitment to taking your hobby into the next level, helping you create more than a side hustle but a serious income.

Start-Ups Businesses Based on Hobbies Bringing in Millions 

The following start-ups are based on your hobbies and they turn in good money.

It doesn’t mean your hobby cannot turn in these insane profits. In fact, I’m a firm believer that anything done with passion can make someone rich.

The start-ups include the following:  


These days managing money for others or personal finance is big business.

You see multiple six and seven-figure earners helping others invest and save for rainy days or help set up retirement plans through their educational blogs.

We’re bombarded with news of how Kenyans don’t have money in the bank, which is true, but there aren’t many telling Kenyans how to save or budget their money. 

My love for making money online made me settle for the idea of educating Kenyans how legitimate income can be created online. And the focus of my blog, this blog, became to create resources about making money online.

Honestly, it’s not all soap and water – it’s the biggest challenge I have done in a decade. There’s so much to be done, I don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

I have learnt to take it easy, baby steps, and I’ll get there without knowing.


Honestly, writing is the only thing I know how to do without anyone teaching me how to.

I keep getting better and better and faster and faster the more I write.

This hobby when done well, by knowing your niche, can make you rich like Stephen King and other prolific writers.

You have to keep writing to better yourself. Want to write and get rich? Read the book.

Writing is an art and many artists get threatened of dying of hunger. When you identify your niche and there are many categories of writing (unexplored in Kenya), you can make a name for yourself.

These days it gets easier with blogging and self-publishing where anyone calls themselves a writer.

Don’t be like them, you can become an established brand. Yes, writers do need brands.

I became a freelance writer in 2009, that’s when my freelancing journey started.

Read my un-edited story as a freelance writer and follow me on YouTube, where I document everything I do as a freelance writer.

Rich writing niches include advertising and writing white apers/company reports. 

Personal training 

Not only has COVID 19 changed how we live, but it has also changed how we receive our training.

Record your videos on the phone as you train, then upload them on YouTube, for free.

Others will reach out to you asking for personal lessons, a good thing. Sell those videos.

You can post videos of various troublesome body parts like the stomach, arms and even nutrition if you are a trained nutritionist.

It pays to have your workout equipment. Don’t limit yourself, you can get a yoga certificate and become a yogi or teach dance classes. 

Always start from a niche, you’re a woman helping other women lose belly fat after pregnancy or as they age, how to keep arm tightness or leg curves or tight.

You can make money recommending products and using Amazon links as I do and get paid. The possibilities of making money as a personal trainer are endless!


I love cooking, my God!, Pizza, cookies and bread! Not so much cooking but baking.

You know, if you love to see people’s faces as they sample your meals, this hobby is for you. If you love to see people enjoying exotic meals, this is for you!

I always prefer to perfect a recipe before selling it to people – that’s how the homemade chef is made.

Check out Street Food in Asia/Latin America on Netflix to get inspired.

Being a chef takes practice even if you don’t go to culinary school, the Netflix documentaries on street food prove it.

Only years of perfection and consistent work get you there.

It’s also best to start with one food, for example, if I were to open a food store today, I’d begin with pizza because every chance I get, I love to perfect the meal.

Start from one food then diversify. You will learn a lot. 

Arts and crafts and don’t forget to teach others 

There’s nothing as rewarding as being a crafter in 2020!

From teaching your craft on YouTube amassing followers then teaching online classes on platforms like Udemy or Thinkific, Teachable.

And writing books about your craft. And you can teach about any craft you know about.

You can also recommend craft products and get compensated through affiliate marketing. 

Pet business 

You simply love animals, they’re squishy, soft, fluffy and above all, they don’t find fault with you. They love unconditionally.

Turn your love for animals into a business from your home by selling or making pet products like organic dog/cat food, or sew to sell dog leashes/collars or even sew to sell cat beds and list them on your Shopify store or Instagram.

Remember, pet owners don’t like having the same kind of product as their neighbours, kind of like fashion – you don’t want your pet to look like the next.

Feed the craze for animal love to customers by identifying your niche market, learn all there’s to learn about your market then market the product.

You can do trials for your dog/cat. Use your dog/cat/pet as a guinea pig especially if you’re going to make gourmet food.

Gardeners of organic greens and veggies 

These days people want to eat organic greens/veggies because organic doesn’t have chemicals and the process of harvesting organic veggies is limited to preserving the nutrition/value of the product.

Have you ever heard of the horror story of sukuma wiki in Meru county growing in 2 days, that’s all chemicals causing cancer.

You can sell your greens to restaurants, your neighbourhood or the farmer’s market near you.

People eat every day and want to eat healthy food, selling greens can be a million-dollar idea so fast.

I made a list of the speciality crops you can sell as a Kenyan, check out to know what crops are more profitable. 


I don’t like finding typos when reading journals, but …

Begin a business proofreading not just typos but grammatical errors in publications online and offline.

I read lots of blogs and find they consistently make mistakes – yet some blogs are renowned blogs/news sites.

When a customer /client sees typos and grammatical errors and they wanted to hire you as their writer, they get turned off.

Some, though, do understand. For me, there’s no room or margin for error.

For your passion in correcting mistakes we writers make, you could make a fortune like Caitlyn from Proofread Anywhere – she earns seven-figure income, that’s millions of shillings a year.

If you find any grammatical errors – which are many and you’re a proofreader, don’t hesitate to contact me with your rates for hiring.

I rarely re-check my blog posts, a habit I will stop because this is my business. Email me on gertrude dot akinyi atgmail dotcom


Photos, they say speak a thousand words. Truly. But taking photos that speak takes a lot of passion.

A passion you can turn into a paying business by uploading your photos to websites like Shutterstock, Fotolia and the like. Your photo gets downloaded over and over again.

Remember these are stock photos, so their rates aren’t as much, but it does add up.

Or you could begin your photo website where you teach photo-taking classes or sell cameras and tripods through an affiliate.

Photography is a hobbyist dream and many hobbyists are ready to spend the money to buy the best camera gear/gadget. 

Party organiser/ event planner 

I hate parties or maybe love them because it’s an opportunity for me to hide in the dingiest darkest corner.

Don’t worry, I don’t creepy.

If you love organising parties, hone in on that skill by helping people create memorable memories or their birthdays, Christmas, baby showers, valentines, graduation.

You must offer exclusive customer service to begin then extend the gesture by providing guests with service/equipment they haven’t seen in their lives. 

Which of these hobbies are you going to turn into your million dollar venture as a Kenyan?  




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