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Alaigne is a 20 year old lady. Life is starting for her; looking for a job – a source of independence. She walks from office to office dropping her resume and putting the best face forward. It’s the field of hospitality. She says, ”every time I wake up and prepare myself for the day’s ‘job’. I am a graduate from the University of Nairobi, first class. I was enthusiastic since my graduation and thought the world will have me at its tip like it was during the ceremony.

I have walked and travelled and exhausted all my funds in the name of job hunt, job search and job ‘tarmacking’, as we call it. I have decided to sit down here and re-think my strategy of operation. I have to work smarter than my peers. On the day I was graduating, I wasn’t alone with a first honours – there were many graduands from various universities in Kenya and we’re in the job hunt together. I finally get a call from Sarova but its a position as an Intern. I take it with gusto. Wait, how will I get the money? How will I pay my bus fare? How will I progress? Its not a promise for a job? And most importantly, what will I eat over the year I am interning at the big hotel?

I let my guard down, my worries and fears and know, after every rejections after every down fall, I wake up try, again and again. I am like the spider, no matter how often you brush me from your wall corner, I still spin my web in a more strategic position away from your reach. I have cried, I have been laughed at by students who scored next to no grade in the ceremony, not because I was a stupid head, because I was smarter and now … . I don’t mind. I am my own self, I no longer compare myself with others. My time at the Sarova has been eye opening, two years later here I am, the Operations Manager of this big hotel corporation. No, I am satisfied that’s not what Alaigne is about, I am studying for a more advanced degree. The world needs diversities and I am adding one, a Masters in Business Administration. I won’t stop here, I will scale up the ladders and get as much as working experience from Sarova and in time, will establish my own travel agency or better yet a world class hotel or villa.

I never gave up, I shed tears, I talked and accepted and I stopped dwelling on the rejections and laughters from my peers. I started looking at me as special Alaigne, I worked towards my own goals, I may not be there, but I am happy with the place I am now. I am thankful.





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