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Dyslexia makes the child’s productivity in class very low, it makes the parent angry and the teachers label the child, ”stupid”.

Photo Credit: Elijah O Donnell on Unsplash. 

Who wants to spend a day in their lives being called names like ”STOOPID”? Who relishes failure? Even a kid when learning to take the baby steps, becomes extremely angry when they keep falling, do we call the kid stupid? 

If you listen to a teacher who says your child is stupid you must have your head examined as well, because, well, you’re the …. 

It’s always good to check the underlying causes of symptoms in your child, keep yourself abreast with the happenings of your child, don’t leave your child to the school.

When the school doesn’t ”shape” your child you cry foul that your child has been in the wrong school? Who made the mistake, the child or you?

As a parent, you must also learn to look at the positive things in your child’s life not just the negative ones like the performance and his position.

In fact, I encourage you to always reward your child with gifts even when they fail. Praise them and ask them, ”Is this your best”?. ”Are you sure?” ”Do you believe you did it?”.

According to the answer they provide, you’ll actually assess the understanding of your child of the reason why they think they failed.

If they say, ”mum I have a problem” and they believe they do without being told by the teacher or laughed at by other students, then give the child the help he/she deserves.

Employ tutors and get involved, that’s a way of resolving dyslexia.

Don’t sit there calling your child a hopeless case, if you’re hopeless that doesn’t mean your child is too. 

Children have to be nurtured into adults and roles with courage self belief not with doubt because that just builds self esteem issues.

Allowing your child to express themselves is better and must be encouraged always.

Finding a school for your child to help with the formative years of his/her schooling is also very crucial. Because you know what? Dyslexia can also be environmental, meaning, it can be acquired due to the child’s surroundings.

Don’t also blame your child because it can be that you’re the sufferer of dyslexia. See what and why I always emphasise on the importance of never judging because you’re a weirdo?



There are famous people too who should inspire you that having dyslexia isn’t the end of the world.

It isn’t crippling either especially because it comes with ADHD another disorder we will be discussing soon.

ADHD and dyslexia may go hand in hand and ADHD too is generic can make someone hyper-focused, dis-organised thoughts or even house.

Too many things going on at the same time causing the dyslexic child to look like they just love to joke in school. And that’s when the parents say, ”mtoto wangu anapenda mchezo” – kid loves to play more than learn.

Your child’s learning environment must never be confined to the walls of a classroom, okay? They can be home-schooled or world-schooled as they explore their natural talents.

See, my thoughts wandered before I offered the list: Dyslexic World Leaders some examples:

  1. Richard Branson,
  2. Albert Einstein,
  3. Jim Carrey,
  4. Leonardo da Vinci,
  5. Tom Cruise,
  6. Orlando Bloom and
  7. Walt Disney.                   


Albert Einstein said, ” Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it’s stupid”. 

You can also learn how to develop a curriculum tailor-made for your child even if you’re not a teacher.

I created a program that caters for my home-schooled child which encourages her to explore her talents while learning. I’ll avail it SOONEST  so it can help you

Learn how to teach your 0 – 3 years after all, that’s how geniuses are created.

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