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Last Updated on 16 November 2014 by Gertrude

First things first, can humans ever stop pretending and especially some Kenyan men and women? I mean, what I dress should be none of your business. And who said that when I am scantily dressed that portrays my character? Just here in Kenya, in Kenyan soil, there are whites and people of other nationalities, when they are dressed in hot pants, we never hear of any musings or heated debate on social media. Instead, “Acha Mzungu afanye kile anataka, wamezoea hivyo”.  It’s always about white superiority and black inferiority! We just never open our mouths, do we? Because we just have to behave ”morally”, I mean moral-lily dressed.

When I step out of the house, I dress in what makes me confident as a woman, if you think I have worn like an old granny, bear with it. Comment and go, sir/ madam. If you think I am scantily dressed, I may be feeling very hot, or I am confident of not only my thighs but my body. There’s no law in Kenya which tells us or tells women or teach them ”how to dress”. We believe because there is no such law, we dress however we please whenever we want. If you cause an accident in the event of you eyeing my thighs or my butts, ”None of my business”, did you forget macho hayana pazia nani kakwambia uyafumbue?

Then again, did I tell you when I intended to cover my butts and succulent boobs, I needed help in being undressed? Now think man, think! Who are you to remove clothes from my body? A rapist? I strongly believe so. Women passing me by are nakedly dressed but they pass me by as if I have done a mistake. Aren’t we guilty of ”poor dressing” at one point or another? But who says we go removing clothes from our women? The law? We live in a liberal country, very liberal, really?

I am saddened ladies and gentlemen, very saddened. If you don’t think you agree with my ways, I am globalised, be globalised bring forth your views and virtues. Leaders don’t agree with each, church leaders, family members, but it doesn’t mean you go on to ”kill” me because you think I am a deviant! I don’t have to believe what you believe but my dressing should be none of your business, ok? How many are morally dressed and possess strange behaviour in them? Look at Pastor Businessman Kanyari, for instance.

Stop judging me too harshly controversial blogger Alai,  when you disagree with the President’s views do we kill you? You have really surprised me, how do you support indecency upon women? Do you have a sister, mother, girlfriend, not just you but all  men and women supporting such an act on a fellow human being? Please be careful with your utterances and especially someone like you, because so you may know one day, you can be ”stripped naked”. Oh how we will cry …  you, you and you.





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