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Last Updated on 16 November 2014 by Gertrude

It’s very surprising that hardly before Pastor, ”Doctor” Kanyari’s public undressing there has been an undressing ceremony on a Kenyan woman. Who was going on and about her private business when some touts decided it was in their right to stop and undress a woman who innocently is confident of who she is and in her body? This has prompted even the President to talk, should he be talking or formulating a law or help his fellow incumbents in pushing a law for dress code?

Sometimes, we will just need a little crack of the ribs because seriously you would think, dress code? Yes, if some men and women out there think we are dressing badly, can’t we have a rule in the Rule of Law that stipulates even commands us and even makes for us those dresses? Like a national dress of some sort? Why are we pretending here, when I am scantily dressed, I am not naked! I am scantily dressed!

If I am confident in the way I dress I don’t require help in otherwise, like being shown how to dress. We should have a code then, one that compels us to wear very ground sweeping clothes, with very long blouses and head scarves for our heads, then we shall compel. When you undress us, we will be more rebellious, very. Keep in mind, this dress I bought it on my own, because I knew I will wear it one day.

Stop showing your superiority over my body because I am well aware what I was wearing. Take these hooligans to the streets where they belong, no wonder! Some things are too bad to be said, they may sound a little abusive or worse insulting but, don’t we undress at one point or another? Like when our ”dirty little secrets” are shared to the world knowingly or unknowingly, like I am undressing myself now, by being angry. Stripping me of my clothes means how not only shallow you are but seemingly very lethal. I am afraid to walk in the streets, soon we shall be told what husbands we should be walking along the road with,  because some hooligan somewhere doesn’t agree with my choice of husband or boyfriend or girlfriend.

Violence of these callous heartless men, tell us what we should wear then because you seem to have forgotten something very important, you dress in ”sagging clothes”, we see your butt line when you bend and even your black dirty boxers. Is that all decent you pretender, you ”lawyer” who knows better? Step up your game man, just because I am a woman, you pick on me, because you think I have no strength, I am a nobody and am a property, right? Well, I am not, I have feelings and very deadly when angered, and when I am … .

Take heed men, please should we have a dressing code? Who should enact it, and does what I wear speak volumes about me? Should Kenya have a Dressing Code, not only for women but for men?




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    stephanie · 28 December 2014 at 4:08 PM

    Thank you Ola. Will consider your suggestion.

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