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Last Updated on 11 August 2021 by Gertrude

Since the coronavirus, Kenyans opted for taxis. Matatus became as expensive as taxis and people asked, ‘Why to bother boarding a loud, ruthless matatu when I can enjoy a taxi ride?”.

Kenyans weren’t travelling a lot so they saw taxis as a way of not only convenience but social distancing because matatus never paid attention to reduce their passengers.

Taxis became the most convenient way of moving people from one place to the other.

People say the taxi business got hit hard due to the pandemic, no, it wasn’t.

The only thing affected in the taxi industry during the pandemic is the hours of work.

In fact, more Kenyans boarded the taxi more than ever and taxis became affordable. If you want to travel in comfort or get to your destination in good time, taking a taxi is your best fit. 

Kenyans are ditching the public transport system for taxis. Taxis are gaining notoriety and with notoriety comes competition.

A matatu ride from your local area to town or back will leave you irritated and annoyed. From the rowdy bus conductors, loud music and poorly maintained vehicles. The bus drivers also play loud music that makes your ears bleed.

If you want a comfortable transition from town or county to county,  a taxi is the most convenient way.

On the other hand, taxis are pricey, some taxi drivers are rude and unreasonable yet taxis remain the safest way of taking passengers from one location to another. 

 If you want to avoid noise, lateness to appointments and meetings, then getting a taxi is the travelling experience you are looking for. 

Taxi services like Uber, Maramoja, Little Cab and Taxify (Bolt) may seem like big competitors for someone starting a taxi business, but they are not.

To start a successful taxi business making 7k a day, you have to begin from a niche.

No one talks about specialisation for taxi drivers, but you have to stand out from the numerous taxi services.

For example, instead of beginning a taxi service carrying everyone, why not partner with bar owners or hotel owners and become a designated driver? 

Is a Taxi Business Profitable in Kenya?

Yes, the taxi business is profitable in Kenya and you can make 7,000 shillings a day or more depending on the service you offer.

The demand for taxis keeps getting bigger as more Kenyans become wealthier and more car owners avail themselves of their cars for taxis services.

But before counting your notes, ensure you have a clean car, your customer service is top-notch. Your reputation precedes you; you are the politest, well-known driver in your stand.

You ensure your customers reach their destination without drama. And your rates are the best.

You check what others charge then offer incentives like helping your customers carry their luggage or offer some bottled water and opening and holding car doors for your customers.

Kenyans that use taxi services, I am one of them, want refined drivers that value their clients.

And Kenyans that prefer to use taxi services keep increasing because of the taxi convenience or because they want a ‘designated driver service’.

After checking your services, now begin counting your notes.

You can make 7000 shillings a day or more depending on what your services are. For example, a designated driver charges more because clients or customers request your specific service for a set number of hours. 

How to Start a Successful Taxi Business in Kenya

1. To start a taxi business, get a car. But before getting the car, ask yourself, what kind of car do I want to drive or own?. The kind of car determines the profit. If you want to drive an old beat-up car, your customers will run away.

If you want to drive customers from the airport in your 2021 Maybach, ensure you charge customers right. The kind of car you want determines how much to price. 

There are a few ways of getting yourself a car and they include:  

a)  Drive your car or someone else’s this means cutting into the profits. 

b) Drive someone else’s car; means you work two times harder because your profits get shared

c) Have someone manage your car like fleet management services like the Matatu Saccos you see. Choose an appropriate Sacco before you feel duped. 

2. Determine your niche. No one talks about the taxi niches available like 

High-profile clients like celebs, politicians. You’d assume that some of them have their own fleet of cars but not everyone wants to travel ‘known’. 

Kids taxi services 

Designated taxi driver

Limousine services 

Commuter taxi service 

Women transport 

The elderly taxi service 

Hospital transport taxi service 

Car rental 

Students taxi services and the list goes on. 

Starting from a niche means little competition. Customers know your speciality. For example, if a celeb is coming to town ‘quietly’ and wants to hire a taxi service, they’d want the most exclusive.

Not every taxi service is exclusive. For exclusive taxi service, remember the initial capital to get the cars or you can ask your rich relatives or friends. 

3. Choose a location. Taxis don’t have a location, I can hear you say. They do and most taxi men get stuck in one location they ignore the most profitable ones. Ask yourself, where can you get the most customers away from the competition of other drivers?

We live in areas a bit far from taxis, you walk before you see life. Such areas may seem like everyone owns it all but there are some customers you miss out squeezing yourself in a particular location. 

4. Determine the pricing for your taxi services – the more unique your services, the more prices you charge. You cannot price over guesswork, you have to know the location of the customer’s drop-off points, do you offer exclusive offers. Before guessing or having a headache over prices, check what others in your niche charge. 

5. Choose a business name – you are a brand and brands need names that identify or set them apart. 

6. Network with other drivers, bar owners and hotel managers – if you network with the right people, you can never lack customers. Build a network of people driving you to lengths others aren’t. 

7. Have a good car. When you are starting your taxi business as a driver or a manager, you should have the latest car models as well as the overall good condition of the vehicle.

Good condition means cars that don’t break down after 10 seconds and waste the valuable customers time. Check your car for luggage space.

This means avoid cars with little space unless you want to buy a ‘little’. 

8. Have excellent service. Because most people buy cars, there will be an increase in taxi services.

How do you stand out from the rest of the taxi drivers? Have the best service in the market. Let customers know because of how safe you took them to their destination.

How your car smells and how you smell; take and pay attention to your hygiene. 

9. Know your taxi competitors. Knowing your competition doesn’t mean you want to get into a fight with them. If for example, you chose a little, the most common taxi car there is around, there are a million other little.

Ask yourself what are other taxi services doing and how can I stand out from them? For example, some have little cars not so little by customising them by adding space to the little.

Check the social media pages of the competition, what are they not doing? Check their websites if they have any to confirm how they beat you to competition.

And if they dedicated a social media page or have websites for their taxi services, why don’t you? Ask yourself how can I better my services for customers to get attracted to my taxi business?

Also when checking your competition, check their rates. Checking other taxi services rates helps you understand how to price premiums for your services. 

10. Research the market. Okay, people are using taxis more than ever and more Kenyans buy cars like crazy and there are matatus and motorbikes everywhere.

Who uses taxis and why? Researching the market doesn’t have to get tricky, hop on the Uber social media page and see what customers say on the page.

This is the method Uber used to start ‘Uber Eats’. Make it a mission to identify why customers prefer taxis while others don’t. Then ask yourself, how can you fill the need for the customer?

Researching comes before getting the car. Remember market researchers are stalkers; professional stalkers. 

11. Get insurance cover for your taxi cab, drivers and the passengers

12. Be qualified or hire professional drivers who meet the National Transport and Safety Authority. 

To be a professional driver must meet certain qualifications in order to be accepted into the taxi business.

13. Have an office. What? Office, Gertie, really? Yes, have a home office. In your office space, you can have sticky notes reminding you of tasks to accomplish.

Your office space doesn’t have to make you have a headache.

Can be a corner in your bedroom with a computer, a small laptop and an internet connection and a drawer that helps you keep your documents in check, for example, your insurance, revenue, taxes.

Plus, having an office makes you take everything seriously. You can design a cloffice another great way of making money when you’re not driving. 

14. Have and write a lean business plan 

Entrepreneurs hear a business plan and they run. I know because I copied and pasted everything online but later ‘hid’ my business plans.

I am not asking you to use a plan which you copied and pasted from an online blog. I am asking you to write a lean plan for your taxi that includes sections or elements like

What goals do you hope to accomplish with your taxi business/service?

What are the achievements you want to have as a taxi business owner? 

How do you intend on getting customers to your car? 

Which method of advertising is the best for you as a taxi business owner? 

What’s the market potential? Can you calculate or estimate the size or the profits you will make? 

What is your mission with your taxi service? What do you envision? 

See, when you have free-flowing questions like these ones, it becomes easier for you to understand your market, your purpose and what solutions you bring to the table. 

In the end, your taxi service business plan should have the following elements:

Marketing Strategy/Ad Strategy 

Executive Summary 

Vision, Mission, Purpose 

Business Structure/Model 

Tech Advancements – like payment methods (debit, credit, Mpesa, Paypal, Bitcoin if you have a Bitcoin wallet), GPS

Potential Threat/Competition 

Taxi Name 

15. Prepare a detailed cost analysis – determine how much money goes into modifying your car, insurance cover, buying the car, gas/fuel and how much it will cost you. Include this in your business plan. 

How to Make More Money With Your Taxi Service

Be a designated driver apart from having travel vlogs, becoming a designated driver is my most favourite one for taxi business owners.

This is where customers book your services for days some even months to drive them only. It can be movie creators or people visiting the town.

Or you can partner with hotels and bars to have their patrons ferried home and ensure safety as their drivers. Remember if you are ferrying drunks, they must pay for the service before they get drunk, you don’t want to fight with your customers.

And you get a cut between the hotel or bar and you. 

Offer premium rides – exclusive rides are a way for getting the best return on your money as a taxi driver. Drive your customers to locations and have a staycation with your customers, they pay you for following them around. 

Vlog your destinations and post on your YouTube channel or Facebook Live or Instagram Live – there’s no shortcut these days in having a YouTube channel or Instagram business showing people your job or behind the scenes of a taxi business.

You want people to appreciate the effort that goes into your work. And because you have to exciting destinations, you can film your journey. Some companies will pay for your fuel or give you money to scout for destinations. 

Customise cars for other drivers – maybe you learnt the art of ‘pimping’ rides. Bring your expertise to other car users like little car users struggling with space or Nissan matatu owners that want to make their cars comfortable for tourists.

Choose a niche or a specification, according to the car you drive. It becomes easier to convince drivers according to the car you use. Other drivers buy you and your experience and what they can see. 

Become a Driving Instructor – are you patient? Make more money with your car by offering classes to kids in your neighbourhoods that want to know how to drive. 

Advertise   You’re not making money with your taxi if you don’t advertise. Advertising doesn’t mean spending millions of shillings on FB ads. It means understanding who your customer is or your ideal customer then offering to them what they want. 

Book road trips – road trips became more popular due to the coronavirus where people don’t want to get stuck in their homes but want to move within their counties.

You have to have a big or spacious car depending so as to keep a safe distance as recommended by WHO or CDC or MOH. 

Rent your car 

Offer courier services 

Provide delivery services – you don’t have to rely on ferrying people sometimes, it’s easier to ferry goods to people to their doorstep.

You can start by getting customers from your neighbourhood before partnering with supermarkets. You shop for your customers then take the goods for them. 

Deliver packages. Use your taxi to offer courier services and deliver parcels to required destinations at a fee.

Child pickup service. Offer to pick children up from daycare centres and get paid by the guardians.

Taxi painting service. This will involve you taking up the task of painting vehicles for pay. This is usually a costly and risky business to get into.

Taxicab publication. You can give out fliers to customers for the business that needs publication and you get paid.

Medical taxis. Another business idea is to use your taxi to deliver medical equipment and services to medical institutions. 

Off-road taxis. These are becoming very popular and they include packages of a half-day or all day to stay camping in a taxi.

How Do I Become a Self-Employed Taxi Driver?

Being street smart offers you a higher chance of success as a taxi driver. But that is not enough. There are certain things you must put into consideration when you want to start your taxi business as a driver. 

  1. Take a driver test. A driver’s test will prove that you are capable of driving along the road unsupervised. 
  1. Invest in a good car. A good car is one which is of the latest model, has four doors, a small engine and is in good condition. If you are choosing a car, a sedan should be on top of your lists. They are the most common.
  1. Get the licences and registration you want to avoid fighting with traffic policemen/women

What Qualifications Do You Need to Become a Taxi Driver?

You do not need a college degree to start a taxi business as a driver. At most, all you need is a high school degree.

However, these qualifications must be met, especially if you are Kenyan.

  • Be at least 21 years of age 
  • Have a National ID
  • Have a certificate of good conduct
  • Have a driving test (pass)
  • Three years driving experience 
  • Clean driving record 

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Taxi Driver?

A taxi business is not all about taking your client from point A to B. There are many forces that come into play during this transition. 

As a taxi driver, you should not only have the skills behind the wheels but also look at how you can ensure that your client has a good ride.

Some of the skills you must master include:

  • Communication skills. You have to be a good communicator. Since you will be carrying someone at the back of your car seat, you ought to know how to engage them. I love it when I get into a taxi and the taxi driver asks how my day was. Exchanging pleasantries is one way to build an air of comfort and trust. Try and talk to your clients. Avoid compliments. They could be misinterpreted. Instead, offer a smile, crack a joke or talk about the country’s current economic or political situation. However, do not be too engaging. Some clients want their personal space. 
  • Driving skills. To be a taxi driver, you must know how to drive. Go to a driving school if you do not know how to drive. Take the training. Perfect your skills. Hand eye coordination is an important driving skill. Clients appreciate it if you know what you are doing with the car. It guarantees them safety. 
  • Geographical skills. When you want to operate a taxi business, it is important that you know the routes. You do not want to get lost or ask your clients for directions to where you want to take them. Use Google maps or the car’s GPS system.  
  • Time management skills. Respect your client’s time and they will respect your time. STOP LYING taht you’re busy or ‘’coming in ten seconds’’ then keep your client waiting for an eternity. Tell your clients where you are and they understand. Also, if you have regular clients, text and inform them of your unavailability. 
  • Math skills. You don’t need to know advanced calculus to be a taxi driver. At most, you need to know basic addition and subtraction of figures for when you want to give back cash balances to customers or when you want to calculate the time.
  • Technical skills. Technical skills dictate that you should be able to handle small mechanical problems. You do not have to reach out to a professional at the slightest glitch in your system for it to be repaired. Have the ability to do it on your own.
  • Customer service skills. Good customer service skills will give you good reviews and get you more clients in the long run. Customer service comes packaged in interpersonal skills as well as time management skills. Make sure your customers feel comfortable and you take them to their destination on time.

How Long Does It Take To Become a Taxi Driver?

Becoming a taxi driver only means that you must know how to drive. If you know how to drive, then it can take you a minute to go through the documentation and requirements to get you started. 

If you are new to driving, consider enrolling on a driving school first. Most of the training you will get will be for a short period of on the job training. This short period will last a month. 

Some popular driving schools to try out in Kenya will include Rocky Driving School and Imperial Driving School. 

Check out their offerings on the prices ( around Ksh.8000 to Ksh. 13,000) a month.

Once you pass your driving test, you can get your driver’s license and be on your way to becoming a taxi driver. Drivers like any career last a lifetime perfecting their craft. 

How Can I Become a Successful Taxi Driver?

A successful taxi driver ensures the customers arrive at their destinations feeling safe and without any glitches. Also, when your customers reach their destination with a smile, you know you are a successful taxi driver.

If you register your taxi service to a Uber or other taxi-hailing app services, get prepared to get rated by your customers.

Some customers understand how the rating or reviews work, some don’t. Tell them to share their honest opinions of your service so that you can know how to improve your taxi service. 

Contrary to popular belief, a bad review doesn’t mean you’re done for, getting a constant 1-star review shows you don’t listen or don’t want to improve. Bad reviews mean your customers want the best for you, LISTEN.

 To become a successful taxi driver, you must:

  • Practice interpersonal skills. Show interest in your customers, but not too much. Try to engage them in a conversation. Chat them up. Ask them how they like the air conditioning or dive into serious matters like politics. People skills will take you a long way in your taxi business success journey.
  • Have good driving skills. Drive with prowess and ease. A client can pick up on your doubts or fear when you are behind the wheels and this may make them feel unsafe.
  • Know your routes. Master the geographical area you are going to be in, whether it is a new place or a local place. I would personally tense up if I was going to a place I don’t know and my taxi driver doesn’t know it either.
  • Ask for feedback. To know if you have scored a successful ride, ask your customers for feedback. Do not be too insistent. Be polite. Accept what they have to say about your service. If it is something negative, work to improve on those areas they pointed out.
  • Enhance safety. Safety is key in becoming a successful taxi driver. Make sure the safety belts are in place and that the car is in good condition for your customer to feel secure. 
  • Offer passenger incentives like discounts or extras like holding car doors, taking their luggage to their doorsteps, standing outside for them. This may look extra but I remember Tyson because of his ‘extra’ services. 

How Do You Attract Taxi Customers?

Just like any business, you need to find customers to get your business going. You cannot park your car outdoors and expect people to walk up to you for your services. There are certain ways you can get customers for your taxi business.

  1. Social media. Social media allows social networking across the globe. Through social media you can reach your customers by showing them how to get started in a taxi business or behind the scenes or videos or content like day in the life of a taxi business owner. 
  1. Online promotion. Create a taxi business website and talk about your services, what your mission and vision are and what you intend to change in the taxi service industry/transport industry in Kenya. Ensure you list your business on Google’s Snack Rank and you have reviews because customers love to use Google to find the best taxi services available to them other than Uber. also, write content and utilise the power of SEO marketing where you use keywords to drive traffic to your website and help you get customers.  
  1. Partner with a taxi company. You can choose to join hands with a taxi company that is successful like Uber and get to share customers. Be ready to pay uber 25% fee for each trip.
  1. Create a driving app. A driving app will help your customers do their booking with you online to avoid any inconveniences. Research what makes a good taxi service app and have your customers tell you what works in the app and what doesn’t. Don’t fret if you’re not an app developer, hire one. Have the ideas of what you want the app to do and know having apps is a process; you win or delete some features and learn as you grow and go. 
  1. Get feedback. Ask your customers what they love about your ride and what you can do to improve your taxi service. Your customers lead you to the right way. Implement what you asked; don’t ask then ignore the changes you must effect.  
  1. Branding.  Branding can either be too complicated or simplified just as marketing or business plans. Ask yourself, what do you want to achieve with your taxi? What is your purpose with your taxi business? Who will be your customers and how will you reach to them? What’s your stroy? Defining your story or telling your story helps customers connect with you and that’s how brands get built; by their stories. 
  1. Your keenness to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction. Treat your taxi as a day one taxi service. Make your regular customers feel special by providing water for them, holding their doors or carrying luggage for them. 

How Can I Promote My Taxi Taxi Business?

When you want to make your taxi business known to people, you have to consider the following things. 

  1. Online presence. Create a taxi business website and talk about what you offer. You do not want to miss out on your customers who are available online. 
  1. Social media presence. Social media will give you a platform to connect with people and at the same time tell them about your business. Use Twitter and Facebook to promote your business. 
  1. Target advertising. Advertising is one way to keep your customers and get new ones. Use click campaigns to target the right customers to promote your business. 
  1. Offers and promotions. Give discounts and promotions to customers who are loyal to your services. 
  1. Referral marketing. When a customer refers someone to use your taxi service, you can be courteous and reward them. In this way, they will tell more people about you.
  1. Customer feedback. Good reviews will promote your business for you. Be a good taxi driver if you want positive feedback from your customers.
  1. Tax hailing apps. Create an app that is specifically for your taxi business and get people to download it.

What are the Expenses of a Taxi Driver?

There are certain expenses that you must be aware of as you start your taxi business.

  1. Fuelling costs. You will need to regularly fuel your vehicle. Fuelling costs are a mist and when you are creating your budget, they should be included.
  1. Repair and maintenance.  A taxi cab will need to go through repair and maintenance to bring it back to good condition after it has been on the road for a while.
  1. Advertising. When you are advertising your business, you will incur advertising expenses. Go for an advertising method that works within your price range. 
  1. Licensing costs. Getting your taxi business together will need registration and licensing. These two require fees to be paid.
  1. Taxes. Since your business is recognized by the government, you have to pay your monthly taxes and not default in any of them
  1. Branding. Branding is one way to make your business known to potential customers. Branding a taxi business requires money to be invested on, say, the logo design. 

What are the Best/Fuel Effective Cars for Taxi Business?

The best cars are those which:

  • Have a small engine for efficient fuel consumption. This will ensure that you do not fuel your engine frequently. Go for an engine cc of between 1000 to 1300
  • Need less maintenance to avoid all the money going to repair costs. You need to make a profit.
  • Have enough passenger space. A good taxi car must allow room for movement of the passengers without so much restriction. As a passenger, you should be able to catch a breath of fresh air as well as move your feet.
  • Have boot space, to allow car spare parts or excess customer luggage to be fitted in.
  • Have four doors, for easy boarding and lighting of passengers.
  • Have a good model, for example Sedan, Toyota Vitz, Mazda Demio, Suzuki Swift or Honda Fit 2006 model.

What are the Advantages of a Taxi Driver?

Being a taxi driver has its perks. This includes:

  1. Free time; there are times when taxi drivers are constantly working, which is usually around the time people clock in or clock out of work. The time in between is usually undisturbed and you can do things other than pick customers.
  1. Regular workflow. Once you develop a good relationship with your customers, you can rely on them to always reach out when they need to get to work. In this way, your work is not interrupted. 
  1. Good returns. An average taxi driver in Kenya can earn up to Ksh. 35,000 in a good month, or Ksh. 10,000 in a day.
  1. Accessible anywhere. All you have to do as a customer is to make a call and the taxi driver will make themselves available.
  1. Discounts and coupons. Give your customers discounts on rides especially if they are loyal customers.
  1. Growth opportunities. The taxing business keeps on growing. This will give you a new horizon to venture into with your business.

What are the Disadvantages of a Taxi Driver?

A taxi driver will face the following challenges:

  1. Expensive car insurance which you will have to be paid for before the vehicle is allowed to operate.
  1. Repair and maintenance. Taxi cabs will need to be repaired and maintained regularly to ensure they are in good condition. 
  1. Meager pay. Some taxi drivers talk about barely earning Ksh. 500 at the end of the day after working long hours. You will need to be patient and resilient during these times.
  1. Rude customers. Some customers may not want to pay or become very rude when they have had a bad day. Keep a positive mind and do not lash back at them. 

How Can I Improve my Taxi Business? [Secret Tips]

The taxi business like any business in Kenya, offline or online is competitive. The following secret tips will make your taxi service successful enabling you to edge over the competition.

The secrets to a successful taxi business service include:

  1. Branding and Why It’s Important For a Taxi Business 

You have probably seen the logo of Uber on vehicles that come to pick you up. 

Branding is a great way to reach more customers. This strategy is used by many taxi companies to get the attention of customers. 

Branding is important in the following ways:

  1. Noticeability. It is easy to spot a taxi vehicle that has a logo on it and distinguish it from the same coloured vehicles. 
  1. Brand awareness. Brand logo creates a lasting impression on customers who will remember about the company’s existence later.
  1. More customers. You will have more customers in your business as they will be attracted to your name brand or logo.
  1. Great returns. More customers means more returns as you will be transporting people regularly. 

Branding ideas for your taxi business and vehicle include incorporating;

  • A logo
  • A letter head
  • A business card; to give out to customers 
  • Receipts
  • Invoice
  • Voucher 
  • Flyers for print campaign 
  • Car wraparounds 

2. Opening a Social Media Page for Your Taxi Service

Social media brings people together from all walks of life. By opening a social media page, you are inviting more contacts and customers to seek your services offline.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been notorious for most advertisements by businesses.

By choosing to open a social media page, more people will get to know about you.

All you have to do is create a profile in your name or business name and seek followers. You can also convert your personal account into a business account in order to leverage the existing followers.

This will be a major boost to your taxi business.

3. Have Discounts and Promotions 

4. Use Facebook and Google Ads 

5. Use Word of Mouth Marketing – ask customers for referrals.

6. Mind your health 

7. Save your customer’s contacts 

8. Respect your customers – no arguing with your customers. 

Creative Ideas for a Taxi Business

The taxi business can be as innovative as any other business.  To be creative in the taxi business, we need to keep track of technology.

Advanced technology has enabled us to:

  1. Use SaaS. Through SaaS, your customers can choose a subscription based model to your services if they do not wish to pay every time. Come up with a package offer that is going to appeal to your customers and use it for profitability.
  1. Have digital payment solutions. Digital payment solutions will allow customers to pay for your services through money banking apps, to avoid inconveniences. 

Taxi Business Requirements

These are the requirements for your taxi business in Kenya. 

  1. Certificate of good conduct; get a certificate of good conduct from the CID (Criminal Investigation Department) offices. This certificate is typically valid for a year. You can login to ecitizen and register there if you want to get a certificate of good conduct. Get a printout and physically go to CID offices to be taken through the process of getting the certificate. It will take you about two weeks to get your certificate of good conduct.
  1. PSV (Public Service Vehicle) license. As a driver, you might have already had your regular driver’s licence. If you do, you will also need a PSV license which requires that you get an endorsement from NTSA (National Transport and Safety Authority)
  1. NTSA Car Inspection. Once you get the endorsement from the NTSA, you need to book for a car inspection on the NTSA site. You will be given a date on when to take your vehicle for inspection. 
  1. PSV insurance. Apart from the comprehensive insurance, you must take insurance for your vehicle as you are using it as a public vehicle.
  1. Copy of logbook. This is to prove that the vehicle is yours. If you are just signing up to be a driver, you do not need to do this.
  1. Vehicle images. Take good photos to check the type of vehicle that you have and check if it is allowed to operate or not.
  1. Copy of non- PSV driving license, ID and photo of yourself and upload the documents.

Characteristics of a Taxi Driver Earning 7k Shillings or More a Day in Kenya 

Is a good communicator 

Doesn’t have a criminal record 

Drives well 

Knows the locality 

Is punctual and reliable 

Communicates freely 


How do you deal with rude customers as a taxi driver?  Don’t bring your feelings to work. And always serve rudeness with grace.

If customers complain about your service, instead of standing in an argument, be the person that offers to listen.

Yes, you will make a loss by refunding money to your customers but they remember your gesture.

I remember my taxi driver Tyson and Amin because they not only offer the best services but are mindful, holds your door, carry your luggage and make you feel safe.

Don’t be a creepy perverted driver that wants to know or keeps peering at your kissing customers at the back seat or how they hold hands.

Be patient, taxi drivers are the most impatient jerkasses, some of them in Kenya.

You may think you are escaping matatus then you meet a mindless taxi driver, let your customers remember your great service but your politeness.

Customers don’t recommend jerkasses, they recommend businesses that make their heart spark.

Do you make your customer’s heart spark as a taxi driver?

Do you want to begin a taxi service in Kenya and make 7,000 shillings a day or more? 




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